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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
Polaroid: Spectra camera  Polaroid: Spectra1998-c2000s  10/5/14
Polaroid: Silver Express camera  Polaroid: Silver Expressc2000s  10/5/14
Polaroid: Polaroid 600 "Tasmanian Devil" camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 600 "Tasmanian Devil"1999  
Polaroid: Polaroid 1500 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 1500c1977  
Polaroid: Polaroid 2000 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 2000c1976  
Polaroid: i-zone camera  Polaroid: i-zone1998-2001  
Nikon: Nikon N2020 camera  Nikon: Nikon N20201986  2/10/14
Nikon: Nikon N65 camera  Nikon: Nikon N652001  2/10/14
Kalimar: Kalimar A camera  Kalimar: Kalimar Ac1955-1964  2/15/14
Mamiya: Mamiya Sekor 1000 DTL camera  Mamiya: Mamiya Sekor 1000 DTL1968  3/16/14
Kodak Eastman: Duaflex III camera  Kodak Eastman: Duaflex III1954-1957  3/3/14Full outfit with box
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 404 camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 4041965-1969  3/3/14Full outfit with box
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 104 camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 1041965-1968  6/10/13Full outfit with box
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 100 camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 1001963-1966  6/10/13Full outfit with box
Kodak Eastman: Pocket Instamatic 20 camera  Kodak Eastman: Pocket Instamatic 201972-1976  6/14/13Full outfit with box
Kodak Eastman: Hawk-Eye Instamatic R4 camera  Kodak Eastman: Hawk-Eye Instamatic R41965-1971  5/24/13
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Holiday Flash camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Holiday Flash1954-1962  3/18/14
Kodak Eastman: Signet 35 camera  Kodak Eastman: Signet 351951-1958  3/18/14
Kodak Eastman: Bantam Colorsnap camera  Kodak Eastman: Bantam Colorsnapc1958-1960  3/18/14
Kodak Eastman: Pleaser Trimprint camera  Kodak Eastman: Pleaser Trimprint1984-1986  3/22/14
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Starmite camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Starmite1960-1963  3/22/14
GAF: GAF SC/102 camera  GAF: GAF SC/102c1972  3/22/14
Kodak Eastman: Ektralite 500 camera  Kodak Eastman: Ektralite 5001980  3/27/14Full outfit with box
Kodak Eastman: Partyflash camera  Kodak Eastman: Partyflash1981-1982  3/27/14Full kit with old newspaper clippings about the camera recall also a letter from kodak
Kodak Eastman: Handle camera  Kodak Eastman: Handle1977-1979  3/28/14Full outfit with box
Polaroid: Polaroid J 66 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid J 661961-1963  3/20/14
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Hawkeye camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Hawkeye1949-1951  11/12/13
Polaroid: Polaroid 900 Electric Eye camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 900 Electric Eye1960-1963  2/12/14Camera with carrying case
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic X-90 camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic X-901970-1973  2/29/14
Kodak Eastman: Mickey-Matic camera  Kodak Eastman: Mickey-Matic1988  1/12/14We have both pink and blue!
Kodak Eastman: Pocket Instamatic 10 camera  Kodak Eastman: Pocket Instamatic 101972  4/1/14Full outfit with box
Kodak Eastman: Advantix C400 camera  Kodak Eastman: Advantix C400c2000  2/4/14
Polaroid: Polaroid 100 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 1001963-1966  4/12/14
Polaroid: One Step Closeup camera  Polaroid: One Step Closeup1993  4/12/14
Kodak Eastman: Champ Kodamatic camera  Kodak Eastman: Champ Kodamatic1982-1984  4/12/14
Polaroid: Polaroid 104 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 1041965-1967  
Polaroid: Pronto b camera  Polaroid: Pronto b  
Polaroid: One600 Classic camera  Polaroid: One600 Classic2004  4/13/14
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Fiesta camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Fiesta1962-1966  4/13/14
Polaroid: Colorpack II camera  Polaroid: Colorpack II1969-1972  4/19/14
Polaroid: Square Shooter 2 camera  Polaroid: Square Shooter 21972-1975  4/19/14
Polaroid: Super Shooter Plus camera  Polaroid: Super Shooter Plus1975-1977  4/19/14
Kodak Eastman: Colorburst 250 camera  Kodak Eastman: Colorburst 2501979  2/10/14
Polaroid: Polaroid 210 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 2101967-1969  4/19/14
Polaroid: Polaroid 215 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 2151968-1970  4/19/14
Polaroid: Polaroid 315 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 3151969-1971  4/19/14
Polaroid: Spectra 2 camera  Polaroid: Spectra 21997  4/27/14
Polaroid: SUN 600 SE camera  Polaroid: SUN 600 SE1982-1986  4/27/14
Polaroid: One Step Time-Zero camera  Polaroid: One Step Time-Zeroc1980s  4/27/14
Kodak Eastman: Colorburst 200 camera  Kodak Eastman: Colorburst 200  4/27/14
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model1950-1961  2/19/13
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 124 camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 1241968-1971  4/27/14
Nikon: Nikon N8008 camera  Nikon: Nikon N80081988  2/10/14
Minolta: Minolta Disc-7 camera  Minolta: Minolta Disc-71983  4/4/14
Polaroid: Polaroid 660 Autofocus SE camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 660 Autofocus SE1986  4/6/14
Polaroid: One Step BC camera  Polaroid: One Step BC1976  4/6/14
Polaroid: Polaroid 330 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 3301969-1971  4/6/14Came with case and flash
Polaroid: Polaroid 220 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 2201967-1969  Came with case and flash
Polaroid: Polaroid 420 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 4201971  Came with case and flash
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 233-x camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 233-x  4/6/14Camera came with case
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic X-15 camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic X-151970-1976  4/7/14
Polaroid: Polaroid 600 "Business Edition" camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 600 "Business Edition"  5/11/14
Polaroid: Polaroid 600 (2000) camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 600 (2000)c2000s  5/11/14
Polaroid: One Step Express camera  Polaroid: One Step Express1998  5/11/14
Polaroid: Electric Zip camera  Polaroid: Electric Zip1975-1978  5/11/14
Polaroid: Amigo 620 camera  Polaroid: Amigo 620c1982  5/18/14
Polaroid: i-zone camera  Polaroid: i-zone1998-2001  5/17/14
Kodak Eastman: EK4 camera  Kodak Eastman: EK41976-1978  5/19/14
Polaroid: Spectra AF camera  Polaroid: Spectra AF1997  5/23/14
Polaroid: One Step Flash camera  Polaroid: One Step Flash1993  5/25/14
Polaroid: One Step AF (new) camera  Polaroid: One Step AF (new)1998  5/25/14
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 130 camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 130  5/27/14Came with plastic case and cardboard sleeve.
Polaroid: Cool Cam camera  Polaroid: Cool Camc1988-1999  5/2/14
Polaroid: One Step 600 camera  Polaroid: One Step 600c1983  5/3/14With box
Polaroid: One Step camera  Polaroid: One Step1993  5/4/14
Polaroid: One Step Talking camera  Polaroid: One Step Talking1995  6/10/14
Polaroid: Barbie Instant Camera camera  Polaroid: Barbie Instant Camerac1999  6/26/14
Polaroid: Polaroid Joy Cam camera  Polaroid: Polaroid Joy Cam1999  6/29/14
Polaroid: One Step AF camera  Polaroid: One Step AF1993  7/21/14
Polaroid: Polaroid 80A (Highlander) camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 80A (Highlander)1957-1959  8/10/14
Polaroid: ProPack camera  Polaroid: ProPack1993  8/21/14
Polaroid: Job Pro camera  Polaroid: Job Pro1985  8/1/14
Polaroid: Polaroid PopShots camera  Polaroid: Polaroid PopShots1999-2001  8/29/14No film
Polaroid: Impulse Portrait camera  Polaroid: Impulse Portrait1988-1992  
Polaroid: Colorpack (The) camera  Polaroid: Colorpack (The)1973-1975  8/4/14
Polaroid: State Farm camera  Polaroid: State Farm  8/5/14
Polaroid: The Button camera  Polaroid: The Buttonc1981  9/8/14
Polaroid: Job Pro 2 camera  Polaroid: Job Pro 21999  9/3/14
Polaroid: Spice Cam camera  Polaroid: Spice Camc1997  9/5/14
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