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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
Minolta: Minolta XG-7 camera  Minolta: Minolta XG-71977 13627** 2013I am the second owner of this camera. It originally belonged to my step-father who purchesed it in 1979. Bummer that it has a light leak putting stripes on the film.
{Also come to find out that the Light Meter has died}
Canon: Canon A-1 camera  Canon: Canon A-11978 15317** 
Polaroid: Countdown 90 Land Camera camera  Polaroid: Countdown 90 Land Camera1971-1973  
Rolls Camera: Rolls camera  Rolls Camera: Rollsc1939  
Kodak Eastman: Duaflex II camera  Kodak Eastman: Duaflex II1950-1960  
Kodak Eastman: Duaflex III camera  Kodak Eastman: Duaflex III1954-1957  
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model1950-1961  
Kodak Eastman: Anniversary Kodak camera  Kodak Eastman: Anniversary Kodak1930  2004
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Starflex camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Starflex1957-1964  
Light Ind Prod: Seagull 4A camera  Light Ind Prod: Seagull 4Ac1970  2004
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