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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
Nikon: Nikon FM2N camera  Nikon: Nikon FM2N1985  
Yashica: Yashica T4 camera  Yashica: Yashica T41994  
AGFA ANSCO: Viking camera  AGFA ANSCO: Vikingc1940  40
  Riken: Ricoh KR-10 Super  
Polaroid: SX-70 camera  Polaroid: SX-701972-1977  35
Polaroid: Polaroid 103 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 1031965-1967  
Polaroid: Polaroid 320 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 3201969-1971  
Polaroid: Polaroid 335 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 3351969-1971  
Polaroid: SUN 600 LMS camera  Polaroid: SUN 600 LMS1982-1986  4Two of these.
Polaroid: One Step Express camera  Polaroid: One Step Express1998  4
Canon: Sure Shot WP-1 camera  Canon: Sure Shot WP-11993  
Nikon: Pronea 6i camera  Nikon: Pronea 6i1996  
Yashica: Yashica D camera  Yashica: Yashica D1958-1974  
Polaroid: SX-70 Model 3 camera  Polaroid: SX-70 Model 31975-1978  
Olympus: Olympus OM-10 camera  Olympus: Olympus OM-101979  
Olympus: Olympus Pen EES-2 camera  Olympus: Olympus Pen EES-21968-1971  
FED: FED 5 camera  FED: FED 51977-1990  
Nikon: Nikon N2020 camera  Nikon: Nikon N20201986  
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