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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
  Petri: F1.9 Color Corrected Super  
  agfa: agfa karat 36  
Rollei: Rolleicord V camera  Rollei: Rolleicord V1954-1957 1534287 December 2009Excellent cosmetic and mechanical shape. Came with brown leather case which is in fairly good shape. Case shows signs of being removed and put back on but camera itself is excellent. Very minor wear on back edge. Leatherette on knows shows wear.
Argus: Argus C4 R camera  Argus: Argus C4 R1958 1608414520 January 2013This camera in in nearly mint condition with only three minuscule scratches near the hot shoe from mounting a flash. Everything works; the film advance is smooth and the shutter release is clean. The aluminum body is lustrous with no pitting or corrosion whatsoever.
There is a descrepancy between my camera and the image supplied by the site in that my 50mm f2.8 Cintar lens is the old style version with two knurled rings on the lens, one for aperture and the other for focus.
The camera came with only its bottom half of the leather case but that is also in excellend condition.
The C4 R looks like a B&H Foton wannabe when I put them side by side. They occupied different price points with the Foton at the extreme highend of all rangefinders and the C4 R at a much lower price point albeit still higher price than the ubiquitous C3 which was still going strong.
The next step is to conduct a shootout between the C4 R and the Foton with some field photography!
Konishiroku (Konica): Konica IIIA camera  Konishiroku (Konica): Konica IIIAc1958-1961 326595 October 2015This is the version with the Hexanon f1.8 lens. The camera is in nearly mint condition and came in a leather case which protected it from incidental wear and tear over the years. A bonus was Konihood lens hood that fits over the lens and is held on by a thumbscrew. Both camera and lens hood are extremely well made of high quality materials. The lens is reputed to be one of the sharpest lenses of its day.
Ihagee: Exakta VX 500 camera  Ihagee: Exakta VX 5001969 356478 March 2008This camera appears absolutely mint and works flawlessly. The leather case is made from thick cowhide that is totally unblemished and still reeks of the tannery.
Oh, the joys of living in the workers' paradise where one could aspire to get one of these fine cameras for a mere 6 months work. After 30 years of work one could even get a car!
I doubt that this camera was ever used. After all, what scenery worth shooting wasn't off limits, and as for people as subjects, the guards frowned on photo bombing fellow gulag inmates.
Nikon: Nikon FE camera  Nikon: Nikon FE1978 3744192 July 2010This is the black version not chrome as shown. It is in pristine condition. Used with both B&W and color shooting for the summer.
Zeiss Ikon: Contessa LKE (10.0638) camera  Zeiss Ikon: Contessa LKE (10.0638)1963-1968 4263577 2002Excellent condition. Shutter cocks and fires. Focus operates smoothly. Has black case in very good condition which has kept camera safe from nicks and scratches.
Canon: Canon IIIA camera  Canon: Canon IIIA1951-1953 71098 September 2013This was a premium price paid for a very collectible camera in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition. I would say a 9 out of 10 conservatively. There are no nicks or scratches only a few surface scuffs on bottom plate. Leatherette is intact with no blemishes. The lens is completely clean and fungus free. All lettering is complete and very legible. The metal lens cap shows an indent. Film take up spool is in the camera body.
Bell & Howell: Foton camera  Bell & Howell: Foton1948 721123 August 2012The camera came in a leather case specifically designed for it. Opening the case was like opening a time capsule. The camera was in excellent condition and even included a Kodak series VI filter in the B&H sunshade like the picture.There was even a roll of Ektachrome X film dated May 1971 in the camera. Also included was a light meter which was apparently the model of choice for this camera since the chain strap fit into a special compartment in the lid of the case. Finally, there were two lens caps which were not particularly good fits for either the lens or the sunshade.
There were as little as 500 Foton's sold in the late '40's not only because of it's high intro price of $700 but also because the launch of Polaroid lured early adopters into instant photography who otherwise might have bought this motor drive camera.

The aluminum body is lustrous and high tech looking in an art deco way. The lens is spotless. I will take photos of the camera to post.
Yashica: Yashica A camera  Yashica: Yashica A1959 A2071742 May 2012This is in very good to excellent condition with only slight wearing of paint from metal edges.
Voigtländer: Bessamatic camera  Voigtländer: Bessamatic1959-1962 g34578 August 2006This is a very fine example of German technology. The only blemish is a dink on the front barrel of the lens which I'm going to press out with the appropriate tool.


Manufacturer:Model Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
Nikon: Bessamatic camera  Nikon: 50mm f1.8 Nikkor (AI)2102049 July 2010Excellent condition! No marks on lens or barrel. Glass is free of dust and fungus.
Canon: Bessamatic camera  Canon: 50mm f1.8 Serenar (SM, chrome)61429 September 2013 The lens is completely clean and fungus free.
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