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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
Canon: Canon A-1 camera  Canon: Canon A-11978  April, 1981Purchased new, with 50 1.4, 100-300 zoom, and MA motor drive.
  Ricoh: Ricoh XR-S1981 68116836 August, 2012Purchased with 50mm 2.0 lens, and case.
Kodak Eastman: Retina Automatic III (Type 039) camera  Kodak Eastman: Retina Automatic III (Type 039)1961-1963 170058 August, 2012Purchased along with ever ready case.
Voigtländer: Bessa camera  Voigtländer: Bessa1929-1949 J676065 July, 2012Needs CLA
Universal Camera: Mercury II (Mod CX) camera  Universal Camera: Mercury II (Mod CX)c1945 123190 August, 2012Focus stuck, needs CLA, minor fungus in lens.
Kodak Eastman: Tourist (Anastar) camera  Kodak Eastman: Tourist (Anastar)1948-1951 104980-A1 December, 2011
Kodak Eastman: Kodak Six 20 camera  Kodak Eastman: Kodak Six 201932-1934  1985
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