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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
Kodak Eastman: Autographic No.1A camera  Kodak Eastman: Autographic No.1A1914-1924  Local Classifieds
Kodak Eastman: Folding Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2 Model B camera  Kodak Eastman: Folding Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2 Model B1930-1934  Friend
Gevaert: Geva Box (waist level) camera  Gevaert: Geva Box (waist level)c1951-1954  Antique Shop
Ansco: Shur Flash camera  Ansco: Shur Flash1953  Antique Shop
  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Target Six-16  Flea Market
Kodak Eastman: Brownie No.2A Model B (Canada) camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie No.2A Model B (Canada)1920-1924  Passed Down
Kodak Eastman: Brownie No.2A Model C (Canada) camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie No.2A Model C (Canada)1907-1933  Antique Shop
Kodak Eastman: Six-20 Hawk-Eye Special camera  Kodak Eastman: Six-20 Hawk-Eye Special1932  Antique Shop
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model1950-1961  Garage Sale
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Starflex camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Starflex1957-1964  Antique Shop
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Holiday Flash camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Holiday Flash1954-1962  Garage Sale
Kodak Eastman: Hawk-Eye Instamatic R4 camera  Kodak Eastman: Hawk-Eye Instamatic R41965-1971  Flea Market
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 154 camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 1541965-1969  Thrift store
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 500 camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 5001964-1966  Ebay
Yashica: Yashica 44LM camera  Yashica: Yashica 44LM1959  Passed down
With Case
Yashica: Yashica Autofocus Motor camera  Yashica: Yashica Autofocus Motor1982  Thrift Store
Yashica: Yashica MF-2 camera  Yashica: Yashica MF-21979-1987  Thrift Store
Kodak Eastman: Colorburst 300 camera  Kodak Eastman: Colorburst 3001978-1980  Thrift Store
Argus: Argus C2 camera  Argus: Argus C21938-1942  Ebay
Polaroid: One Step Special camera  Polaroid: One Step Specialc1977  Thrift Store
Krasnogorsk: Zenit EM Olympic 80 camera  Krasnogorsk: Zenit EM Olympic 801972-1984  Flea Market
Nikon: Nikon FE camera  Nikon: Nikon FE1978  Passed Down
KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica LTL 3 camera  KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica LTL 31975-1978  Friend
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 134 camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 1341968-1971  Thrift store
box, manual
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic X-35 camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic X-351970-1976  Thrift store
Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 155X camera  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 155X1971-1976  Thrift store
Voigtländer: Bessy AK camera  Voigtländer: Bessy AK1965  Thrift Store
Nikon: Nikon F3 camera  Nikon: Nikon F31980  Garage Sale
Bag, Manual, Sb-15 Flash, 50mm Nikon lens, 28-200mm Magnicon lens
Yashica: Yashica YK camera  Yashica: Yashica YK1959  Garage Sale
Manual, Bag, Minolta Flash, Weston Light Meter
Krasnogorsk: Zenit 11 camera  Krasnogorsk: Zenit 111981-1990  
Kodak Eastman: Disc 4100 camera  Kodak Eastman: Disc 41001984-1987  
Minolta: Minolta 16 (chrome) camera  Minolta: Minolta 16 (chrome)1957-1960  
Argus: Argoflex Seventy-Five camera  Argus: Argoflex Seventy-Five1949-1953  
Olympus: Olympus Pen FT camera  Olympus: Olympus Pen FT1966-1972  
Rollei: Rollei 35 Classic camera  Rollei: Rollei 35 Classic1990-1998  
Rollei: Rolleiflex SL 26 camera  Rollei: Rolleiflex SL 261968-1973  
Zeiss Ikon: Contaflex I 861/24 camera  Zeiss Ikon: Contaflex I 861/241953-1958  
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