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Manufacturer logos:

Logo A Adams Co
Logo AGFA Ansco
Logo Adox
Logo Aires
Logo Albini Alba
Logo Alpa Pignons
Logo Alsaphot
Logo American Camera
Logo American Optical
Logo Angelo Pettazzi
Logo Ansco
Logo Argus
Logo Asahi Pentax AOCO
Logo Asahi Pentax AP
Logo Atoms
Logo Balda
Logo Beier Eagle
Logo Beier WBF
Logo Beier
Logo Bell Howell
Logo Belomo 1
Logo Belomo 2
Logo Bencini
Logo Bentzin
Logo Bilora
Logo Birnbaum
Logo Blair
Logo Bolex Paillard
Logo Bolsey
Logo Bruckner
Logo Bulter Stammer
Logo Burke   James new
Logo Burke   James
Logo C.F.Foth CFFCO
Logo C.F.Foth
Logo C.P.Goerz
Logo Cadot
Logo Canon
Logo Carl Braun
Logo Century Camera
Logo Certo
Logo Chinon.gif
Logo Ciro
Logo City Sale Exchange
Logo Conley
Logo Contessa Nettel
Logo Corfield
Logo Cornu
Logo Coronet
Logo Cosina
Logo Dacora
Logo Dallmeyer
Logo DeJUR Amsco
Logo Debrie
Logo Domenico Chinaglia
Logo Ducati
Logo Durst
Logo Eastman Kodak Company
Logo Eclair
Logo Edward Anthony
Logo Eho Altissa
Logo Emil Busch 1
Logo Emil Busch 2
Logo Emil Wunsche
Logo Emilio Resti
Logo Ernemann 1
Logo Ernemann 2
Logo Ernemann
Logo Ernst Herbst Firl Globus schutzmarke
Logo Ernst Herbst Firl
Logo FED old
Logo FED
Logo FEX
Logo Fairchild
Logo Fallowfield
Logo Federal of Brooklyn
Logo Ferrania
Logo Finetta
Logo Fischl
Logo Foto Quelle
Logo Fotofex
Logo Frama
Logo Franka Werk FW
Logo Franka Werk
Logo Fuji Film
Logo Fuji Kogaku Seiki
Logo Fuji Old
Logo FujiFilm New
Logo FujiFilm
Logo GAF
Logo Gallus
Logo Gaumont
Logo Gennert
Logo Gevaert
Logo Graflex
Logo Gundlach
Logo Haking
Logo Halina
Logo Hama
Logo Harbers
Logo Hare
Logo Hasselblad
Logo Herbert George
Logo Herold
Logo Hesekiel
Logo Honeywell Pentax H
Logo Houghton Ensign
Logo Huttig
Logo ICA
Logo Ihagee.gif
Logo Ilford
Logo Imperial Camera
Logo Jonte Deloye
Logo Julius Laack
Logo KMZ
Logo KW Kamera Werkstatten
Logo Kafta
Logo Kenngott newer
Logo Kenngott older
Logo Kern
Logo Keystone Shield
Logo Keystone
Logo Kiev Arsenal
Logo Kigawa
Logo Kilfitt
Logo Kinax
Logo King Regula
Logo Kochman
Logo Kodak
Logo Konica Minolta
Logo Konica
Logo Konishiroku
Logo Kowa new
Logo Kowa old
Logo Krugener
Logo Kuribayashi
Logo Kwanon
Logo L.F.G Franceville
Logo Lamperti Garbagnati
Logo Lancaster
Logo LeCoultre
Logo Leica
Logo Leidolf Wetzlar
Logo Leonar
Logo Linhof
Logo Lipca
Logo Liuzzi
Logo Loman
Logo Lumiere
Logo Mackenstein
Logo Mamiya.gif
Logo Manhattan Optical
Logo Marion
Logo Mentor Goltz Breutmann
Logo Mentor Kameras
Logo Meopta
Logo Minolta Chiyoko
Logo Minolta old
Logo Minolta
Logo Minox
Logo Miranda
Logo Mono Werk
Logo Montanus
Logo Murer Duroni
Logo Nagel
Logo Neoca
Logo Nettel
Logo Neue Gorlitzer
Logo Newman & Guardia
Logo Newman Sinclair
Logo Nicca
Logo Nikon
Logo Olympus.gif
Logo Orionwerk
Logo Pal Ko
Logo Panon
Logo Pentacon
Logo Pentax
Logo Petri
Logo Photo Materials
Logo Photo Porst.gif
Logo Photo Sport
Logo Plaubel new
Logo Plaubel old
Logo Polaroid.gif
Logo Pontiac Paris
Logo Precides
Logo R Konishi
Logo Ray Camera
Logo Revere
Logo Ricoh
Logo Rietzschel
Logo Riken Original
Logo Robot.gif
Logo Rochester Optical
Logo Rodenstock
Logo Rollei
Logo Rolls Camera
Logo Ross Ensign
Logo Royer
Logo SEM
Logo Sanderson
Logo Sands Hunter
Logo Sanei
Logo Schaap
Logo Schultze Photo Equipment
Logo Scovill Adams
Logo Seagull
Logo Sears Roebuck
Logo Sears Tower
Logo Seneca
Logo Showa Kogaku Optical Works
Logo Sinclair
Logo Spartus
Logo Spirotechnique
Logo Stubiger
Logo Suddeutsches Camerawerk Korner Mayer Sontheim
Logo Taron
Logo Thornton Pickard
Logo Tokyo Kogaku Beseler
Logo Tokyo Kogaku Topcon
Logo Tokyo Kogaku
Logo Tougodo
Logo Trusite
Logo Universal Camera
Logo Utility Manufacturing
Logo Verhaegen
Logo Vivitar
Logo Voigtlander
Logo Vredeborch
Logo Wanaus
Logo Welta
Logo Wirgin
Logo Wollensak
Logo Yamato Koki
Logo Yashica
Logo Zeiss Ikon
Logo Zenza

Logos usage policy:
  • Most of these logos were manually restored by me from the prints (usually these are the logos of companies that no longer exist); you are welcome to use these logos.
  • Some logos that appear here were redrawn from scratch using vector imaging; in particular, this is the case for companies that have not existed for 70 or more years. You may use those logos without restriction, as they are part of the public domain.
  • A few logos, such as Contessa-Nettel, were taken from other on-line resources, and since they are also in the public domain, you may use them as well.
  • For certain logos (Canon, Nikon, Agfa, etc.) which were taken from public resources such as Wikipedia, since these have registered their trademarks, please refer to trademark laws dealing with "fair use" and "nominative use".
  • Collectiblend is the only registered trademark of, all other trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.

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