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WhiteRealist 35 (B)

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1954. 35mm film, rangefinder camera. Prontor-SVS shutter. Same as Iloca Rapid-B.

White: Realist 35 (B) camera

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by bill339 » Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:32 pm

The David White Company made architectural tools, but as a sideline they also created a stereo camera called the Realist. That launched the stereo fad of the 1950s. But the fad crested in the early 50s and White decided to test the waters with a non-stereo camera. They already had a relationship with a Hamburg company called Wilhelm Witt, which put out the Iloca line of cameras. White imported their Iloca Rapid plus the Rapid B and named them Realist 35 (A) and (B). The difference between the models A and B is the following. The model B had a Prontor-SVS shutter with speeds of 1 second to 1/300 of a second plus B. The model B also is a true combined view rangefinder with a larger viewfinder. The model A has a Vero shutter with speeds of 1/25 of a second to 1/200 of a second with B and you had to focus with judgment. The cameras were priced accordingly with the model A costing $42.50 and the model B costing $73.50 in 1954. Both cameras used the Steinheil ƒ2.8 55mm lens. They also had a left handed single action film advance lever, synchronized flash port, frame counter, utility holder on top, and a ¼ inch 20 thread tripod mount on the bottom. To open the back film compartment you have to pull the film winder knob up located behind the film advance lever about ¾ inch, and then give it a little counter-clockwise twist. That twist opens the spring loaded latch on the side and the whole back will pop off and out of the other side. To put the back on you need to hold the spring loaded far side and insert that side of the back then turn the winder knob again to complete the install.

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