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CollectiBlend Rarity Index

Rarity index is set by CollectiBlend members. Everyone is welcome to improve the accuracy. Here are several guidelines.

Rarity of a camera does not mean the camera is valuable. For example, there are many scarce toy cameras which values are low. On the other hand, there are many generally available (i.e. Hasselblad) models with high values.

Then, there is a selling price consideration. If a scarce camera was listed in a store or auction with way too high price, and it stays on sale for months, these cameras are still rare. Important factor is how often new items appear on the market.

The index scale:
Generally available in many classic camera stores
New listings are posted several times a month (once or more often)
New listings are posted several times a year (once or more often)
Very scarce item, new items come up for sale once in several years
Almost non-existent item, only few are known worldwide