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OlympusAZ-330 SuperZoom (Infinity SuperZoom 330 / IZM330)

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1990. 35mm film, autofocus camera.

Olympus: AZ-330 SuperZoom (Infinity SuperZoom 330 / IZM330) camera

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by bill339 » Mon Dec 19, 2016 2:06 pm

Released in 1990 in Japan, two years after the award winning IZM300, the 330 is a lesser known product: it does appear on Olympus' global site and shows up on the US website (with all but one of the links/images for its page orphaned). This camera is identical to the AZ330 Superzoom released in Europe and the Infinity Super Zoom 330 released in the US. The 330 has a range of in-built features that are usually only found on higher-end SLR cameras (such as double exposure mode); in terms of Olympus' product line, it would sit below the otherwise similarly featured 'L' Series as it is not an SLR. With a 38-105mm zoom lens, the 330 follows on from the 300 with a viewfinder that is coupled to the lens zoom - while it is not an SLR, the viewfinder zooms to represent the lens's view (the 300 was reportedly the first camera to feature this functionality). Perhaps the most notable feature of this camera is the lens cap - it doubles as an IR shutter remote. The camera also has DX film coding ISO 25-3200, automatic film load, automatic rewind, Self-timer, ± 1.5EV exposure compensation (in 1/2 steps), Center-weighted average or spot metering, focusing range from 0.8 m to infinity (at 38 mm), aperture range from F4.5 to F6, auto flash, red-eye reduction plus fill-in, Single shot, continuous drive (at 1.3 frames per second) or double exposure modes, Passive or continuous subject-tracking auto-focus, User-controlled or continuous subject-tracking zoom, LCD display, and IR Remote Control (on lens cap) with 1 or 3 second setting. The price for the IZM330 in 1990 was 62,000 yen (including the case) or $560.00 (US) for the Infinity Super Zoom 330 or 450.00 BP for the AZ330 Superzoom.

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