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Nagel Dr. AugustVollenda No.70 (6x9)

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c1929-1932. 6x9cm exposures on rollfilm, folding camera. With (70/1) or without (70/0) frame finder.

Nagel Dr. August: Vollenda No.70 (6x9) camera

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by Madd10 » Tue May 29, 2012 3:02 pm

Sold on Ebay 29 May 2012 for 11 GBP -- Good deal
A Nagel Vollenda 70/0 c.1929-32.
A self-erecting, folding camera fitted with a f4.4 10.5cm Nagel lens.
This camera is in excellent cosmetic condition and appears to be fully working, however, the bellows have become partially unstuck at the rear end. This can be seen in the photographs. I suspect, an easy repair.
Sold on Ebay 29 May 2012 for 11 GBP
Sold on Ebay 29 May 2012 for 11 GBP

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by Sinselmeijer » Thu Aug 29, 2019 4:01 am

Just bought a 70/0, serialnumber 109068. Excellent condition. For €60,00 I hink a good deal.
To find the type you have to look on the strap. Imprinted is 70/0.
Serialnumber you can find after opening the back. On the rim you will find it.
Lens: Nagel- Anastigmat 105 mm f4,5. Nr 430655.
Gautier - Pronto shutter, 25,50,100,B, T.
Aperture 4,5-32

More information (
The Vollenda was made 1929 to 1937 by Nagel Werk
(later KODAK) in Stuttgart (Germany)
All of its versions were famous for being compact and excellently equipped.

Versions with 50/.. had 4 x 6,5 format(Export)
52/.. 4 x 6,5
60/.. 5 x 7,5
68/.. 5 x 7,5
70/.. 6 x 9
72/.. 6 x 9
80/.. 6,5 x 11

Variations (Roman number behind slash):
0 : simple version with brilliant finder
Nagel Anastigmat or Schneider Radionar 4,5-90/105/120
& Nagel shutter
Nagel Anastigmat 6,3-90/105/120 & Pronto

I : better leather, brilliant- and frame finder
Nagel Laudar 4,5-90/105/120 & Ibsor or Compur shutter
Schneider Xenar 4,5-90/105/120 & Compur shutter

II: Brown Luxury versions (Modell 60,70,80)
Nagel Laudar 4,5-90/105/120 & Compur shutter
Schneider Xenar 4,5-90/105/120 & Compur shutter

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by Coll.phot » Mon Nov 25, 2019 8:45 am

Here is a video of my Vollenda 70/1 with Elmar 105

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