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IhageeKine Exakta I (round viewfinder) (before war edition)

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1936. 35mm SLR camera. The world's first "production" version of 35mm SLR, first system SLR, first interchangeable lens camera with bayonet lens mount. Rare.

Ihagee: Kine Exakta I (round viewfinder) (before war edition) camera

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by Madd10 » Mon Apr 23, 2012 2:31 pm

Kine Exakta 1 round viewfinder. condition Cosmetically, it’s in good condition, – signs of normal ageing wear apparent mainly around the chrome parts - at the top and trims – but the black area and leatherette covering is clean and intact. The camera functions appear to be in working order, but 1/50th and 1/25th shutter speeds are sticky. Serial No.483967. Sold March 22 2012 on Ebay for GBP 742,50
kine 1.jpg
Exakta Kine Serial No.483967

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by Madd10 » Tue May 29, 2012 8:14 am

From Ebay - Superb Kine Exakta 1 round viewfinder sold May 22 for USD 2,500 (really exceptional) SN 484996

"This is a historically important Kine Exakta, the worlds first 35mm SLR from 1936 in near mint condition with original boxes for the camera and vacublitz flash outfit. The only things that keep the camera from being mint are a slight impression in the leather on the back above the Ihagee logo from where the snap of the cameras case has pressed on it over time and the mirror which the silver is slightly tarnished from age (but still very good and usable). Otherwise it's hard to tell the camera from new (most people would say it is mint but I hate to use that word for a 76 year old camera even if it does look new). The 50mm Zeiss Tessar lens is also in matching condition with a very mint original Zeiss Jena lens cap. The original Ihagee box for the camera is in very good condition and has the matching serial number on the bottom. The original Kine braided black leather strap appears unused. The original round magnifier Kine instruction book in English is included as well as a very rare original round magnifier 8 page fold out brochure in English. The leather case is in excellent + condition with some wear to the strap.

The vacublitz flash outfit is also in near mint condition and appears unused with no burn marks on the silvered cardboard reflector. The flash outfit comes with its near mint box and original instructions in English. A period flash bulb is included.

Also included in the outfit are +1 and +2 Ihagee close up lenses in original cases (one with original). Also, a yellow and a green filter in original Ihagee cases (one with original Ihagee embossed box). Close up lenses and filters are all in near mint condition as well. There is also a 32mm press on lens hood in mint condition in original Ihagee embossed box, a pre-war style body cap and a rare helical (focusing) extension tube."
Eaxacta 3.jpg
close up lenses in original cases
Eaxacta 2.jpg
vacublitz flash
exacta 1.jpg
sold May 22 for USD 2,500

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by Madd10 » Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:31 pm

Kine Exakta I (type 1) No.484730 sold by auction April 2012 for 9500 SEK (+20%) 1440 USD condition BA
Ihagee, Germany 1936. SLR 24x36mm, with Ihagee Primotar 3.5/5.4cm No.763043. With case and front cap. The first 35mm SLR camera. First version with round magnifying finder. Rare and desirable collectors item in very clean condition. Working well, apart from slow shutter speeds.
exacta 1.jpg
Kine Exakta I (type 1) No.484730

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by diser » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:24 am

Thanks, Mad10! The lpfoto auction have been added to the list already, check this entry: "2012-04-28 B+ $1704".

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by Madd10 » Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:58 am

Exakta Kine Prototype condition B- sold by Westlicht Camera Auction 15 - May 2009 for 4,800 Euro includes costs

LOT 470
(Exakta) Prototype
handmade 35mm SLR prototype similar to Kine Exakta, historically very interesting, M40 screw mount with 2 lenses (Victar 2.9/5cm no.607166, Ihagee-Anastigmat 4.5/10.5cm no.10087), on rear of the camera small metall plate 'Ihagee'

Condition: B-
Year: c.1935

EUR 4.000 (Start price)
EUR 4.800 (Hammer price incl. premium)
Prototype Kine exakta 9.jpg
Prototype Kine exakta 3.jpg
Prototype Kine exakta 1.jpg
Exakta Kine Prototype 1935 with 2 lenses

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by Madd10 » Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:33 pm

The camera with SN 484996 is up for sale again -- but the new owner is now trying to sell the camera as Mint for US 5,0000 after some cleaning. Interesting: ... 500wt_1180
Kine 1.JPG
Kine 2.JPG
kine 3.JPG

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by Madd10 » Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:53 am

A very nice example was sold on Ebay on August 19 2015 for 1,580 US$. The camera came with a superb Meyer Gorlitz Primoplan 1:1.9 5.8 cm lens with SN 881655 as well as a tele lens also from Meyer Gorlitz 1:5.5 = 15 cm. The camera had SN 482658. I posted some pictures below (not too sharp). Below is the original description.

"This Camera was purchased in Holland NEW, one owner and has the extremely rare "External flash control". I will ship with care anywhere with tracking and insurance.

1936. 35mm SLR camera. The world's first "production" version of 35mm SLR, first system SLR, first interchangeable lens camera with bayonet lens mount. Rare.This Camera comes with the VERY Rare Exterior Flash connector (right hand side of the camera looking at it from the front)

I would consider this item to be in B- B+ condition.

Included are the original case, and telephoto lens.

Both len's are Meyer Gorlitz
nr.881655 Primoplan 1:1.9 5.8 cm
nr.901790 Tele 1:5.5 = 15 cm"
Exacta 1.JPG
Exacta 2.JPG
Exacta 3.JPG

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