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1951-1962. 35mm SLR camera. Several modifications during the lifetime:

  • type 1: 1951. V/E on the front plate. 1/250 top shutter speed;
  • type 1.1: 1951-1952. V/E on the front plate. 1/150 top shutter speed;
  • type 1.2: 1952. M/X on the front plate. 1/150 top shutter speed;
  • type 1.3: 1952-1953. M/X on the front plate. Chrome bayonet ring;
  • type 2: 1953-1956. M/X on the front plate. Shutter release guard. Plastic flash contacts;
  • type 3: 1954-1955. Marked as "Rheinmetall, Sömmerda";
  • type 4: 1956-1959. F/X on the front plate. "Exa" engraved (see photo);
  • type 5: 1959-1960. F/X on the front plate. "Exa" embossed;
  • type 6: 1960-1962. Different look, "Exa" on a black background.

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    Ihagee: Exa camera

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    by sbucy1 » Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:26 pm

    I just bought one of these little beauties for my collection off of eBay this week. Got it for only $18.50 plus shipping. It's near mint, with the original leather case (unstitched but reparable) and the original box it came in and some warranty paperwork. Was purchased in the USA originally. Quite a find, I think.

    Mine has a non-spectacular f2.9 E.Ludwig 50mm Meritar. The camera is apparently an original model (SN 206658) with ribbed leatherette and two bipolar synch connections on the front (X and M). I've cleaned it and tried to mildly lubricate the stiff aluminum bayonette lens mount (cheap aluminum lens mounts tend to gall and jam up). But everything seems to work.

    What an odd shutter! It uses the backside of the SLR mirror as the shutter (not a focal plane shutter) - I've never seen anything like that. No instant return mirror, either. Have to cock the shutter/wind the film to get the mirror back in place.The shutter speed is set with a little "stick shift" sticking out the top of the frame (1/150 to B). The shutter lock coupled to the waist-level view-finder is really imaginative. Have to have the hood open or the shutter won't work.

    What a cute and odd camera. I remember these things for sale in the Wall Street Camera ads in Popular Photography in the 60's. My Pentax-owning friends laughed at the pitiful little oddball East German Exa - nobody wanted one. But now, with 40 years of hindsight - I'm really impressed with the designers' imagination and the builders' execution of this little oddity. Well done, guys! I bet my Canon D10 isn't still working in 40 years!!

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    by diser » Wed Jul 22, 2009 3:01 pm

    Sbucy1, nice deal! Congratulations!

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    by h.s. » Tue Nov 03, 2009 4:19 pm

    You have bought a quite early model. Congratulations!

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