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GaumontStereo (Spido, wooden)

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c1906-1931. 6x13, 9x12, 8x16, 8.5x17 or 13x18cm plates, jumelle-type, stereo/panoramic camera. Wooden body. Also known as Stereo Spido Ordinaire. Usually with Decaux shutter.
"Protar" Zeiss f6.3, "Protar" Zeiss f8, "Protar" Zeiss f9
"Tessar" Zeiss f3.5, "Tessar" Zeiss f4.5, "Tessar" Zeiss f6.3
Goerz Anastigmat f6.8
"Flor" Berthiot f4.5, "Olor" Berthiot f5.7 (non-panoramic models), "Perigraphe" Berthiot f6.8, Berthiot Anastigmat f6
"Stylor" Roussel f6.3

Gaumont: Stereo (Spido, wooden) camera

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