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Fuji OpticalFuji TW-300 (Tandem)

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c1985. 35mm film, compact camera. Wide angle (38 mm) and tele (65 mm) lenses.

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Fuji Optical: Fuji TW-300 (Tandem) camera

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by bill339 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:09 pm

The TW-300 (Tele & Wide 300) (or Fuji Tandem in Japan) is a 1985 twin focal length autofocus camera from Fuji. A switch on the front changes between the wide angle (38 mm) and tele (65 mm) modes. It is one of the first cameras to employ Fuji's "drop-in loading" system, with pre-winding. When a film cartridge is inserted, the entire film is loaded into the camera and then wound backwards into the cartridge to protect exposed frames in case the camera back is opened by accident. Early models had to have their batteries replaced at a camera shop, this is abated in the TW-300 II model released in 1986. The cameras wide angle lens is a 38 mm f/3.5 (3 elements, 3 groups) and the tele lenses amount to a 65 mm f/6 (6 elements, 6 groups). When in the 38mm position a lens is slid in front of the viewfinder and the 65mm position has a lens slide in front of the film inside plus the lens slides away from the viewfinder. The exposure range is EV 6—17 (wide angle) and EV 7.5—18.5 (tele) at ISO 100. The camera can focus up to 1 meter and has shutter speeds of 1/6 of a second to 1/500 of a second. Other features are a built-in lens cover that is also the on/off switch, a built-in pop-up flash (flashmatic) that can be used as daylight fill flash, a flash range of 1 to 5 m with wide angle at ISO 100, reads DX-coded film at speeds from 50 to 1600 ISO (Non-DX film is exposed as ISO 100), a ¼” 20 thread tripod mount, Flash ready light, 5/16” by ¾” LCD screen, self-timer, film view window in the back cover, and a handy carry strap. The camera is powered by one 6V CR-P2/BR-P2/DL-223 lithium battery and the dimensions plus weight are 136x71x54 mm, 400 g.

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