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FocalFocal Flip 11

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1975-1978. 110 cartridges, pocket camera. Sold by K-Mart.

Focal: Focal Flip 11 camera

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by bill339 » Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:18 pm

Kmart is a chain of discount stores based in the United States and founded in 1962. They are known to use the brand name Focal for their photographic products. The cameras and accessories are typically rebranded products from major manufactures like Haking and Cosina. There was also a house brand Focal and cine films, which was early on and often manufactured by Ansco GAF but later changed to 3M Ferrania films. The Focal branding slowly disappeared in the 1990's, it was last seen on 35mm film. The Sears Holdings Corporation now owns the Kmart chain as of 2005 and have over 249,000 employees.
The focal flip II was introduced in 1975 when the 110 cartridge format had 3 years under its belt and discontinued in 1978. The frame size is 13 mm × 17 mm (0.51 in × 0.67 in), with one registration hole. The film is fully housed in a plastic cartridge, which also registers the image when the film is advanced. There is a continuous backing paper, and the frame number and film type are visible through a window at the rear of the cartridge. The flip 11 also has a window that takes advantage of that film cartridge window. Kodak introduced 110 film cartridges in 1972 and Kodak also produced Kodachrome 110 slide film until 1982 the same year they discontinued the film. In 2012 Lomography re-introduced slide film for 110 and Black and White Orca film at 100 ISO speed. The slide film however, is ASA 200 so a ND filter has to be used over the lens or the exposure compensation dial has to be used where available. The Focal flip II is one of the smallest fully enclosed 110 cameras ever made and was named for the Flip Flash Bar that it employed. These also are still available from new old stock. The camera pictured here is in fine condition and worth $10.00 in 2015.

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