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ErnemannHEAG VI (two shutters)

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1903-1925. Long-lived series of folding cameras with lens and focal-plane shutters. 8x10.5, 9x12, 9x14, 9x18, 10x15, 13x18 plate sizes, some sizes were made during all years, others during few. Cameras are of approximately the same value (earlier the better). Also known as "Double Shutter Camera", or "Zwei-Verschluss-Camera".

Ernemann: HEAG VI (two shutters) camera

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by Madd10 » Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:36 am

Here are some pictures from a very early version sold on Catawiki 0n May 5 2016 (for a low 175 Euro + 9%). The camera still has the original shutter curtains with Erneman logo and speed table (see pictures below)

"Neat and original Ernemann Heag VI 9x12 plate camera. The camera has an Ernemann Detectiv Aplanat f6.8 no. 209094. The camera is from approx. 1905.
The Zweiverschluss cameras had two shutters: a central shutter for the slower speeds of 1 sec- 1/100 sec and a focal-plane shutter for fast speeds. This is the rare first version with focal-plane speeds up to 1/2500 sec (!) Later versions have a limited shutter speed to 1/1000 sec.

The camera is in original condition. Special is that the original shutter curtain from 1905 is still present. On the first curtain the Ernemann logo and on the second curtain the shutter speed register. The lens is clear and free of fungus. The ground glass is complete and unbroken.
The bellows are neat and light-tight. The central shutter and diaphragm work. The focal-plane shutter has the original curtain, which is crackled. This shutter also works, but the speeds can't be checked and the curtain is fragile. The set-up viewfinder is good, the spirit level does not have a function any more. The exterior is still neat after over 100 years. The camera includes a double cassette and a film pack cassette with a couple of exposures remaining...... Nice and very special historical camera."
HEAG 1.jpg
HEAG 2.jpg
HEAG 3.jpg

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