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ClosterCloster II a

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c1950-1959. 35mm film, viewfinder camera.

Closter: Closter II a camera

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by mauro.corneo » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:31 am

CLOSTER - Costruzioni Fotografiche Srl. Rome
Founded by some former employees of the company, especially in the early years of life, very well matched the price-quality ratio: intended.
In 1949 the "Closter I" was defined as the "cheaper luxury device" priced at 15,000 lire, Zelter optic 1: 6.3 f = 50.
In 1950 at the XXVIII Milan Fair appeared the very compact Closter II with a central Closter shutter with the time from 1/25 to 1/200 on a re-entrant tube.
In 1952 were presented the "Closter IIa", the "Closter Princess", at the same time the "Princess Junior" came out without a range.
In 1953 the "Closter IIb", then followed in 1957 by the
"Princess S"-"ClosterSport"-"Closter IIa"-"Closter Ib"-"Closter Ic".-"Closter Princess 2"-"Closter Record"-
"Closter Olimpic" 3x4 format on roll 127
"Closter Standard" always 3x4 format on roll 127
Then at the beginning of the 60s the models were produced:
"Closter C60" - "C61" - "C62" -C63 ", all cheap appliances.
Subsequently, as NUOVA CLOSTER, the production of these cameras was transferred to Milan for some time, where the new models were also presented:
"Closter Sprint"
"Closter Derby"
On the models produced in Milan, in a company located in the neighborhood of LAMBRATE,
the target was marked "Lambron".

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