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AsahiPentax Auto 110

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1979-1983. 110 cartridge SLR camera. Usually comes as an outfit, but this listing is for the camera only.

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Asahi: Pentax Auto 110 camera

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by bill339 » Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:27 pm

The Pentax Auto 110 is a single-lens reflex camera made by Asahi Pentax that use Kodak's 110 film cartridge. The Auto 110 was introduced with three interchangeable lenses in 1978. Three more lenses were introduced in 1981, and then the Super model was released in 1982. The camera system was sold until 1985. The complete system is sometimes known as the Pentax System 10, apparently for its official Pentax name, although most Pentax advertising only uses the camera name or Pentax-110. This model represented the only complete ultraminiature SLR system manufactured for the 110 film format, although several fixed-lens 110 SLRs were sold. The camera system also claims to be the smallest interchangeable-lens SLR system ever created. The cameras and lenses were very small (the camera fits in the palm of a hand easily) and were made to professional SLR standards of quality. The camera was offered in a special edition "Safari" model, identical to the Auto 110 except for the brown-and-tan color scheme. The Pentax Auto 110 featured fully automatic exposure, with no user-settable exposure compensation or adjustments. Metering was TTL (through-the-lens) and center-weighted. Unlike 35 mm SLRs, the system's lenses did not have a built-in iris to control the aperture. Instead, an iris was mounted inside the camera body, and functioned as both an aperture control and a shutter. This mechanism was capable of programmed exposures between 1/750 of a second at f/13.5; and 1 second at F/2.8. Information found on Wikipedia.

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