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AsahiAsahiflex IIB

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Body only$140-160$180-200$340-360
With lens$220-240$300-320$520-540
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1954. 35mm SLR camera. Also sold as the "Tower 23" by Sears. Based on IIA. Self-timer cap.

Asahi: Asahiflex IIB camera

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(body only) $81
(body only) $68
(body only) $147
(body only) $233
(body only) $303
(body only) $139
(body only) $103
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by minitw » Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:18 pm

Note the sale on October 6th is unique. This is classified as a IIB, but one minor difference is the shutter markings are denominated by arrows instead of the usual triangle.

The sales on October 12th and 20th and November 27th, 2013 are also unique. They are both Asahiflex IIB with arrow markings found on Asahiflex I and IA instead of the triangle markings for the shutter.

The sales April 22nd, 2014 also has arrows instead of triangles on the shutter markings.

Sale on July 11, 2014 for $355 has a circular cap where there would be a slow speed shutter adjustment. Could have been a IIA.

The sale on July 11, 2014 $183 has arrow markings on the shutter dial.

Sale on August 14th, 2014 for $390 has arrows on the shutter dial.

The sale of August 23rd, 2014 for $80 was very unique. It was a Asahiflex IIB, but it had arrow markings and Asahi Opt Co embossed on the back. These are very rare and the sale does not reflect the true value. It's likely people did not know what they were looking at.

Sale on September 23, 2014 for $435 had a cap on the the slow speed shutter dial. Asahiflex IIB's are not supposed to have a slow speed shutter dial so this was likely a transition model between Asahiflex IIB and and IIA.

Sale on September 26, 2014 for $343 was sold with a extension tube. This camera had arrows on the shutter dial. It possibly could have had Asahi Opt Co embossed (couldn't tell because there was no picture of the back door.) It was marketed as "Asahiflex IA" and the instruction manual that was being offered was also Asahiflex IA

Buyer's of these cameras should take note of these differences as it could make a difference in value (in the future that is.)

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