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1996. 35mm film, viewfinder, stereo camera. Built-in flash.

3D TECHNOLOGY: ImageTech 3D FX camera

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by bill339 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:49 pm

This is a 35 mm viewfinder lenticular stereo camera manufactured by 3D Image Technology, Inc., P.O. Box 4300, Norcross, Georgia 30091-4300, USA. The camera was introduced in 1996 and used the 135 film cartridge. The separation between each lens is 18.5mm and the Plastic lenses are 1:9.5/27 mm with diaphragms Fixed at f/9.5. These are fixed focus from 1.2 m to infinity with a mechanical guillotine type shutter behind the lenses. The shutter is cocked with film transport and the one shutter speed is 1/100 of a second. The camera has a thumb wheel film advance and a Newton viewfinder. The film is loaded and rewound manually after pressing a release button located on the bottom of the camera. The camera also has a built in flash unit, frame counter S to 24, ΒΌ inch by 20 thread tripod socket, fold down rewind crank, double exposure prevention, "flash ready" LED, and has a handy built in carry strap. The camera on two AA batteries and the instructions recommend you use 400 ASA film for best results. The ImageTech 3Dfx is one of several lenticular 3D cameras sold under the ImageTech brand. The Kalimar 3D was a clone of this camera. Other, more well-known lenticular 3D cameras are the Nimslo and the Nishika. All lenticular 3D cameras incorporate multiple lenses to produce multiple images taken simultaneously from slightly different angles. Producing the final lenticular print requires special processing whereby the individual images are sliced up into very thin vertical strips which are then interlaced and covered with a sheet of plastic that has long vertical lenses in it. These lenses focus on different images depending on the viewing angle. When you tilt the lenticular picture back and forth, left and right, you see the original images one at a time which causes the illusion of 3D

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