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The Pignons S.A. company was established in 1918, and produced cameras between 1933 and 1990. Most of 'Pignons' cameras were designed by Jacques Bogopolsky (Bolsky) and were hand-made, and relatively expensive – as they still are. In 1996, following bankruptcy proceedings, 'Pignons SA' became 'ALPA of Switzerland' and re- established their manufacturing process.

Pignons cameras:
Alpa 10d  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Alpa 10d (red)  PhotoInfo
Alpa 10d Gold  PhotoInfoCollection
Alpa 10d Half-Frame (halbformat)  PhotoInfo
Alpa 10f  PhotoInfo
Alpa 10f (w/Alpado)  PhotoInfo
Alpa 10s  PhotoInfo
Alpa 10s Grey  PhotoInfo
Alpa 10s Half-Frame (halbformat)  PhotoInfo
Alpa 11a  PhotoInfoCollection
Alpa 11e (black)  PhotoInfoManual
Alpa 11e (chrome)  PhotoInfo
Alpa 11el  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Alpa 11el gold  PhotoInfo
Alpa 11el Half-Frame (halbformat)  PhotoInfoCollection
Alpa 11es  Info
Alpa 11f  Info
Alpa 11fs  Info
Alpa 11m  PhotoInfo
Alpa 11mE  PhotoCollection
Alpa 11p  Info
Alpa 11r  PhotoInfo
Alpa 11s  Info
Alpa 11si  PhotoInfochartComments
Alpa 11si 'Swiss Army'  PhotoInfo
Alpa 11si gold  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Alpa 11si gold (crocodile)  PhotoInfo
Alpa 11si PIN black  PhotoInfo
Alpa 11si red leather  PhotoInfo
Alpa 11z  Info
Alpa 12 SWA  PhotoInfo
Alpa 12 WA  Info
Alpa 4  PhotoInfo
Alpa 4a  PhotoInfo
Alpa 4b  Comments
Alpa 4b Omega 
Alpa 5  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Alpa 5a  PhotoInfo
Alpa 5b 
Alpa 6  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Alpa 6b  PhotoInfochartManual
Alpa 6b (black)  PhotoInfo
Alpa 6c  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Alpa 6c (black)  PhotoCollection
Alpa 7  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Alpa 7 (display)  Photo
Alpa 7b  PhotoInfoManual
Alpa 7s  Info
Alpa 8  PhotoInfoCollection
Alpa 81 surgical  PhotoInfo
Alpa 8b  PhotoInfo
Alpa 8b (blue)  Photo
Alpa 9d  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Alpa 9d (black)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Alpa 9d Half-Frame (halbformat)  Photo
Alpa 9f  PhotoInfoManual
Alpa 9f (black)  PhotoInfoManual
Alpa Master 
Alpa Mercure Satellite Microfilm Camera  PhotoInfo
Alpa Pinhole  Photo
Alpa Prototype 
Alpa Reflex I  PhotoInfoCollection
Alpa Reflex I (with instruction leaflet)  PhotoInfo
Alpa Reflex I Blue  PhotoInfo
Alpa Reflex II  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Alpa Reflex II 'De Luxe'  PhotoInfo
Alpa Reflex II Blue  PhotoInfo
Alpa Reflex III (Prisma)  PhotoInfochartComments
Alpa Roto-Camera  PhotoManual
Alpa Si 2000  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Alpa Si 3000  PhotoInfoCollection
Alpa Si 3000 S  InfoCollection
Alpa Standard  PhotoInfochart
Bolca (Standard)  Info
Bolca I  Info
Bolsey 35 Reflex  PhotoInfo
Bolsey A  Info

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