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Keystone Camera Company was established in c1919 in Boston, Massachussets. It was acquired by Berkey Photo Inc in 1966, and then sold again in 1978. During that timeframe the company was known as Berkey Keystone. It manufactured cine and photo cameras until 1991 when it filed for bankruptcy. In the same year Keystone was sold to the Concord Camera Company.

Keystone cameras:
200 (Auto Zoom)  Info
211-SL (Synchro Sound)  Info
409 Pocket (Twin Lens)  Info
445X  Info
60 Second Everflash (800/801/850)  PhotoInfoCollection
725 EF  InfoCollection
725 EFL  PhotoInfoCollection
750 Rapid Shot  PhotoInfo
770  PhotoInfo
812 TLX  Info
814 TLX  Info
825 EF  Info
A  Info
A-12  Info
A-12 Criterion  PhotoInfoCollection
A-15 Newport  Info
A-3  Info
A-7  PhotoInfoCollection
A-9  PhotoInfoCollection
A-9 Criterion  PhotoInfo
Aircraft F-8  PhotoInfo
Auto-Instant 115 X  PhotoInfoCollection
Auto-Instant 125 X  Info
Auto-Instant 145 X  Info
B-1  PhotoInfoCollection
B-8  InfoCollection
Dual-Pack XR-10 'Atlas-Rand'  PhotoInfo
Dual-Pack XR-7  PhotoInfoCollection
Easy Shot  PhotoInfo
Easy Shot 1  Info
Easy Shot 2  PhotoInfoCollection
Easy Shot 400  Info
Easy Shot 400 'Le Clic'  Info
Easy Shot 455 PN  Info
Easy Shot 500  Info
Easy Shot 700  Info
Easy Shot 700x  Info
Easy Shot 770  Info
Easy Shot ES 10  Info
Easy Shot ES-P  Info
EverFlash 10  PhotoInfoCollection
EverFlash 1030  Info
EverFlash 1040  PhotoInfoCollection
EverFlash 1050  Info
EverFlash 20  PhotoInfoCollection
EverFlash 30  PhotoInfoCollection
EverFlash 309 ES (Tele)  Info
EverFlash 310M  Info
EverFlash 3570  Info
EverFlash 3580  Info
EverFlash 40  PhotoInfoCollection
EverFlash AF1  PhotoInfo
EverFlash AF2  PhotoInfoCollection
EverFlash Fun Shooter 2  InfoCollection
EverFlash Fun Shooter 30  PhotoInfo
EverFlash Fun Shooter 70  Info
EverFlash XR 106  Info
EverFlash XR 108  PhotoInfoCollection
EverFlash XR 207  Info
EverFlash XR 306  Info
EverFlash XR 308  PhotoInfoCollection
EverFlash XR 408  Info
EverFlash XR 608 Zoom  Info
Flash Sweep 125  Info
K 1020 Reflex (SLR)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
K 24 Capri  Info
K 25 Capri  PhotoInfoCollection
K 27 Capri  Info
K 28 Capri  Info
K 30 Capri  Info
K-10  Info
K-10 Horizon  Info
K-12  Info
K-14  Info
K-20 (Twenty)  Info
K-21  Info
K-22  InfoCollection
K-26  PhotoInfo
K-27G  Info
K-29 Pathfinder  PhotoInfoCollection
K-32  Info
K-33  Info
K-33Z  PhotoInfo
K-35  Info
K-36  PhotoInfoCollection
K-38  InfoCollection
K-4  PhotoInfoCollection
K-40  Info
K-40 (Riviera)  Info
K-41 (Bel Air)  PhotoInfo
K-42 (Bel Air)  PhotoInfoCollection
K-430  Info
K-45  Info
K-45 (Riviera)  Info
K-48  PhotoInfo
K-4c  PhotoInfoCollection
K-5  PhotoInfo
K-50 (Mayfair)  Info
K-51 (Executive)  Info
K-55 (Mayfair)  Info
K-56 (Executive)  Info
K-609  Info
K-610  Info
K-612  Info
K-614  Info
K-615  Info
K-616  Info
K-620  Info
K-622  Info
K-623  Info
K-625  Info
K-7 (Zoom)  PhotoInfo
K-700  Info
K-710H  Info
K-714H  Info
K-714H (Vista Zoom)  Info
K-715P  Info
K-716P  Info
K-771  Info
K-773  Info
K-773L (Americana)  Info
K-774  Info
K-774L  Info
K-776  Info
K-776L (Regal)  InfoCollection
K-7D (Zoom, Deluxe)  Info
K-8  PhotoInfoCollection
K-808  Info
K-810  Info
K-811 (Zoom Reflex)  Info
K-825  Info
K-828  Info
K-851  Info
K-852  Info
K-8c  Info
KA-1  PhotoInfo
KA-1A  Info
KA-1C  Info
KA-1D  Info
KA-3  Info
KA-K  Info
Message Camera 470PM  PhotoInfo
Model C  Info
Pocket EverFlash 105  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket EverFlash 106  PhotoInfo
Pocket EverFlash 110  Info
Pocket EverFlash 120  PhotoInfo
Pocket EverFlash 130  Info
Pocket EverFlash 140  Info
Pocket EverFlash 305  Info
Pocket EverFlash 310  Info
Pocket EverFlash 405  Info
Pocket EverFlash 410  Info
Pocket EverFlash 710  Info
Pocket-Matic 10  PhotoInfo
Pocket-Matic 101  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket-Matic 20  Info
Pocket-Matic 202  Info
Pocket-Matic 303  Info
Pocket-Matic 404  Info
Regency  PhotoInfo
Wizard XF 1000  PhotoInfoCollection
Wizard XF 1500  PhotoInfoCollection
XL 100  Info
XL 200  InfoCollection
XL 204  Info
XL 300  Info
XL 500  Info
XL 727  Info
XR 33  Info
XR 44  Info
Zoom 66  Info

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