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Founded in Japan in 1930, the original company name was Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory. Its first commercial camera, the 'Hansa Canon' featuring Nikkor lenses, was introduced in 1936. The company name was changed to 'Canon' on August 10, 1937. An excellent timeline of film cameras can be found at the Canon Camera Museum web-site.
If you are looking for Canon lens prices, check the Canon Lens Price Guide.

Canon cameras:
Aqua Snappy (AS-6 / Acty)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Auto Zoom 1014 Electronic  PhotoCollection
Auto Zoom 814  PhotoCollection
Autoboy Jet (Williams Formula One)  Info
Autoboy Luna XL  Info
Autoboy Super Quartz Date (AF35ML QD)  InfoCollection
Canodate E  PhotoInfoCollection
Canodate E-N  Info
Canomatic C-30  Info
Canomatic M70  PhotoInfo
Canon 11  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon 110 E  PhotoInfo
Canon 110 ED  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon 110 ED 20  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon 514 XL  PhotoCollection
Canon 518 Zoom  PhotoCollection
Canon 7 (black with 0.95 50mm lens)  PhotoInfo
Canon 7 (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon 7 (Chrome with 0.95 50mm lens)  PhotoInfochart
Canon 7 (Chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Canon 7 Bell & Howell  PhotoInfoManual
Canon 7S (black)  PhotoInfo
Canon 7S (Chrome, with 0.95 50mm lens)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Canon 7S (Chrome)  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon 7SZ  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon 814 X-S  PhotoCollection
Canon 814 XL Electronic  PhotoInfo
Canon A-1  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Canon A-1 'Japan Camera Show'  Photo
Canon A35 Datelux  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon A35 F  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon AE-1  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Canon AE-1 Cutaway  PhotoInfo
Canon AE-1 program  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Canon AF 310 XL  InfoCollection
Canon AF 32 (Prima Junior AF)  InfoCollection
Canon AL-1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon AL-1 (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon AT-1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon Autoboy A XL  Info
Canon AV-1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon CX-35  Info
Canon CX-60  PhotoInfo
Canon Datematic  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon EF  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon EF-M  InfoCollectionManual
Canon EX Auto  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon EX Auto Gold  PhotoInfo
Canon EX Auto QL  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon EX-EE QL  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon F-1  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Canon F-1 'U.S. NAVY'  PhotoInfo
Canon F-1 (dummy)  Photo
Canon F-1 50th  PhotoInfo
Canon F-1 High-Speed  PhotoInfo
Canon F-1 olive (ODF-1, military)  PhotoInfo
Canon F-1 Olympics 'Lake Placid'  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon F-1 Olympics 'Montreal'  PhotoInfo
Canon F-1N  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Canon F-1N AE  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Canon F-1N Gold  PhotoInfo
Canon F-1N High-Speed  Photo
Canon F-1N Olympics 'Los Angeles 1984'  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon F-A  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon F-Rb  PhotoInfo
Canon FP  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon FP Bell & Howell  PhotoInfo
Canon FT Cutaway  Photo
Canon FT QL  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Canon FTb Cutaway  Photo
Canon FTb QL  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Canon FTbn QL  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon FX  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon Hansa (Original)  PhotoInfochart
Canon IIA  Info
Canon IIAF  Info
Canon IIB  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Canon IIC  PhotoInfo
Canon IID  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon IID (black)  PhotoInfo
Canon IID1  PhotoInfo
Canon IID2  PhotoInfo
Canon IIF  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon IIF2  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon III  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon IIIA  PhotoInfoManual
Canon IIIA Signal Corps  PhotoInfo
Canon IIS  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon IIS2  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon IV  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon IVF  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon IVM 1950 (Skinner)  PhotoInfo
Canon IVS  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon IVSB  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Canon IVSB (black)  PhotoInfo
Canon IVSB2  PhotoInfochart
Canon J (Seiki Kogaku)  PhotoInfo
Canon J-II (Seiki Kogaku)  PhotoInfo
Canon JS  PhotoInfo
Canon L1 'Navy'  Photo
Canon L1 black  PhotoInfo
Canon L1 chrome  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon L2 (LII) black  Info
Canon L2 (LII) chrome  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon L2 (LII) chrome (Japanese Navy)  PhotoInfo
Canon L3  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon LA 10  Info
Canon LA 20  Info
Canon MC  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon MC 10  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon ML  PhotoInfo
Canon NK Hansa  Info
Canon NS (Seiki Kogaku)  PhotoInfo
Canon P 'Eagle'  PhotoInfo
Canon P black  PhotoInfoManual
Canon P chrome  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Canon RC 760  PhotoInfo
Canon S (Imperial Navy)  PhotoInfo
Canon S-I  PhotoInfo
Canon S-II (Canon)  PhotoCollection
Canon S-II (Seiki Kogaku)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Canon T50 (Canon T5)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Canon T60  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon T70  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Canon T70 (US Navy)  PhotoInfoComments
Canon T80  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon T90  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Canon T90 Transparent  Photo
Canon TL QL  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon TLb  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon TLb QL  Info
Canon TX  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canon VI-L black  Photo
Canon VI-L Chrome  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon VI-T black  PhotoInfo
Canon VI-T Chrome  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon VL  PhotoInfo
Canon VL-2  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon VL-2 (black)  PhotoInfo
Canon VT  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Canon VT black  Photo
Canon VT de Luxe (black)  PhotoInfoManual
Canon VT de Luxe (Chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Canon VT de Luxe M  PhotoInfoCollection
Canon VT de Luxe Z  Info
Canon X Ray  Photo
Canonet  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canonet 28 (1968)  PhotoInfoCollection
Canonet 28 (1971)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canonet A 35 F  PhotoInfo
Canonet G III QL17  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canonet G III QL19  PhotoInfoCollection
Canonet Junior  PhotoInfoCollection
Canonet QL 17  PhotoInfoCollection
Canonet QL 17 L  PhotoInfo
Canonet QL 17 N  PhotoInfo
Canonet QL 19  PhotoInfoCollection
Canonet QL 19 E  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Canonet QL 19 N  PhotoInfoCollection
Canonet QL 25  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canonet S  PhotoInfoCollection
Canonex  PhotoInfo
Canonflex  PhotoInfoCollection
Canonflex R 2000  PhotoInfoCollection
Canonflex RM  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Canonflex RM (Bell&Howell)  PhotoInfo
Canonflex RM (black)  Photo
Canonflex RP black  PhotoInfo
Canonflex RP chrome  PhotoInfoCollection
CanoSound 514 XL-S  InfoCollection
Cine Canonet 8  PhotoInfoCollection
Cine Zoom 512  Info
Datematic  PhotoInfoCollection
Demi  PhotoInfoCollection
Demi (Ladies Model) red  PhotoInfoCollection
Demi C  PhotoInfoCollection
Demi EE 17  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Demi EE 28 Chrome  PhotoInfoCollection
Demi EE 28 red  Info
Demi EE 28 white  Info
Demi II  Info
Demi Rapid  Info
Demi S  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Dial 35 I  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Dial 35 II  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Dial Rapid  PhotoInfo
Digital Ixus 65 'Diamond Edition'  PhotoInfo
Elph (Ixus / IXY)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Elph (Ixus / IXY) Limited Kit (gold)  PhotoInfoCollection
Elph 10 (Ixus FF25 / IXY 10)  Info
Elph 10AF (Ixus AF-S / IXY 20)  InfoManual
Elph 2 (Ixus II / IXY 320)  PhotoInfoCollection
Elph 260 Z (Z60 IX / IXY 25)  InfoManual
Elph 370Z (Ixus Z70 / IXY 330)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Elph 490Z (Ixus Z90 / IXY G)  PhotoInfoCollection
Elph Jr. (Ixus L-1 / IXY 310)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Elph LT (Ixus M-1 / IXY 210)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Elph LT270 (Ixus Z65 / IXY 230)  Photo
Elph Sport (Ixus X-1 / IXY D5)  PhotoInfoCollection
EOS 1  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
EOS 1 HS  PhotoInfoCollection
EOS 1 N  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
EOS 1 N RS  Photo
EOS 1 RS  PhotoManual
EOS 1 V  PhotoInfoCollection
EOS 10 (EOS 10S / EOS 10 QD)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 10 (EOS 10S) Commemorative Kit (metallic-gray)  PhotoInfo
EOS 100 (EOS 100 QD / EOS ELAN)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 100 QD Panorama  Info
EOS 1000 (EOS Rebel)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 1000 QD-P (Panorama)  Info
EOS 1000F (EOS Rebel S)  PhotoInfoCollection
EOS 1000F QD (EOS 1000 QD)  PhotoInfo
EOS 1000FN (EOS 1000 S / EOS Rebel SII) QD  PhotoInfoCollection
EOS 1000N (EOS Rebel II)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 3  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 30 (EOS 33 / EOS 7 / EOS 7E)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 300 (EOS Rebel 2000 / EOS Kiss III)  PhotoInfoCollection
EOS 3000 (EOS 88)  PhotoInfoCollection
EOS 3000N (EOS Rebel XS N / Canon EOS 66)  PhotoInfoCollection
EOS 3000V (EOS Rebel K2 / EOS Kiss Lite)  PhotoInfoCollection
EOS 300V (EOS Rebel Ti / EOS Kiss 5)  PhotoInfoCollection
EOS 5 (EOS 5 QD / EOS A2 / EOS A2E)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 50 (EOS 50E / EOS 55 / EOS ELAN II / EOS ELAN IIE)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 500 (EOS Rebel XS / EOS Kiss)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 500 N (EOS Rebel G / EOS New Kiss)  PhotoInfoCollection
EOS 5000 (EOS 888)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 600 (EOS 630 / EOS 630 QD)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 620  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 650  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 650 Transparent  PhotoInfo
EOS 700 (EOS 700 QD)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 750  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS 750 QD  InfoManual
EOS 850  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS D2000  PhotoInfo
EOS IX (EOS IX E)  PhotoInfoCollection
EOS IX Lite (EOS IX 7 / EOS IX 50)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS Rebel X  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
EOS RT  PhotoInfoManual
Ixus 240 'Limited Edition'  Photo
Ixus AF  PhotoInfo
Ixus Concept  PhotoInfo
Ixus FF  PhotoInfo
IXY GE  Info
Kwanon  Photo
Motor Zoom 8EEE  PhotoCollection
New Snappy EL (Prima Junior DX / CB32 QD)  Info
New Sure Shot (AF35M II / Autoboy 2)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
New Sure Shot (AF35M II / Autoboy 2) QD  InfoCollectionManual
New Sure Shot (Prima Twin / Autoboy WT28)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
New Sure Shot (Prima Twin / Autoboy WT28) Date  InfoCollection
Pellix (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Pellix (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollection
Pellix QL  PhotoInfoCollection
Photura (Epoca / Autoboy Jet)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Photura 135 (Caption Epoca 135 / Caption Jet 135)  InfoCollectionManual
Prima Super 28V (Autoboy Luna)  PhotoInfoCollection
Scoopic 16 MS  PhotoInfo
Scoopic 16M  Photo
Snappy 20  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Snappy 20 'Los Angeles 84'  PhotoInfoComments
Snappy 50  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Snappy AF  Info
Snappy CX (Prima Junior EX)  Info
Snappy EL (Prima Junior / CB35M)  PhotoInfoCollection
Snappy EZ (Prima Junior / CB35)  InfoCollection
Snappy LX (Prima BF / BF35)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Snappy LX (Prima BF-7 / BF35 QDN) Date  Info
Snappy LX II (Prima BF-8 / BF35D) Date  PhotoInfo
Snappy Q (Sketchbook)  InfoCollection
Snappy QT (Prima BF 80) Date  PhotoInfoCollection
Snappy S (S-30FF)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Snappy V (Prima Junior HI)  Info
Sprint (AF35J / Autoboy Lite)  PhotoInfoCollection
Sprint (AF35J / Autoboy Lite) Quartz Date  Info
Super Sure Shot (AF35ML / Autoboy Super)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot (AF35M / Autoboy)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot 105 Zoom (Prima Super 105 / Autoboy Luna 105)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot 60 Zoom (Prima Zoom Shot / Autoboy Juno)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot 70 Zoom (Prima Zoom 70F / Autoboy Luna 35)  PhotoInfoCollection
Sure Shot 80 Tele (Prima BF Twin / Autoboy BF 80)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot 80u (Prima Zoom 80u / Autoboy N80)  PhotoInfoCollection
Sure Shot A-1 (Prima AS-1 / Autoboy D5)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot A-1 (Prima AS-1 / Autoboy D5) Date  Info
Sure Shot Ace (Prima Shot / Autoboy Prisma)  InfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot Ace (Prima Shot / Autoboy Prisma) Date  PhotoInfoCollection
Sure Shot Caption Zoom (Prima Auto Zoom / New Autoboy)  Info
Sure Shot Classic 120 (Prima Super 120 / Autoboy 120)  PhotoInfoCollection
Sure Shot Delsol (Prima Sol / Autoboy SE)  PhotoInfo
Sure Shot Joy (Prima 4 / Autoboy Lite 2)  InfoCollection
Sure Shot Joy (Prima 4 / Autoboy Lite 2) Date  Info
Sure Shot M (Prima Mini / Autoboy F)  InfoManual
Sure Shot Max (Prima 5 / Autoboy Mini)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot Max (Prima 5 / Autoboy Mini) Date  PhotoInfoCollection
Sure Shot Mega (Prima / Autoboy) Zoom 105  PhotoInfoCollection
Sure Shot Mega (Prima / Autoboy) Zoom 76  Info
Sure Shot Multi Tele (Prima Tele / Autoboy Tele 6)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot Owl (Prima AF-7)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot Owl (Prima AF-8) Date  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot Sleek (Prima Mini II / Autoboy F XL)  Info
Sure Shot Supreme (Top Shot / Autoboy 3)  InfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot Supreme (Top Shot / Autoboy 3) QD (Quartz Date)  PhotoInfoCollection
Sure Shot Tele (Top Twin / Autoboy Tele)  InfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot Tele (Top Twin / Autoboy Tele) QD (Quartz Date)  InfoCollection
Sure Shot Tele Max (Prima Twin S / Autoboy Mini T)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot WP-1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot Z115 (Prima Zoom Super 115 / Autoboy S)  PhotoInfoCollection
Sure Shot Z115 Panorama (Prima Super 115N / Autoboy S XL)  InfoCollection
Sure Shot Z135 (Prima Super 135 / Autoboy S II)  PhotoInfoCollection
Sure Shot Z135 Caption (Prima Super 135N / Autoboy S II XL)  InfoCollection
Sure Shot Z70W (Prima Super 28)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot Z70W (Prima Super 28N) (gold, silver)  InfoCollection
Sure Shot Z85 (Prima Super 85 / Autoboy J)  Info
Sure Shot Zoom (Prima Zoom / Autoboy Zoom)  Info
Sure Shot Zoom 85 (Prima Zoom 85 / Autoboy Luna 85) Date  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot Zoom Max (Prima Zoom Mini / Autoboy A)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot Zoom XL (Prima Zoom F / Autoboy Zoom Super)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sure Shot Zoom XL (Prima Zoom F / Autoboy Zoom Super) Date  Info
X-Ray Canon 35  Info
X-Ray Canon 6x6  PhotoInfo
X-Ray Canon Seiki  Info

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