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CanonCanon T70

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1984. 35mm SLR camera. Canon's second T-series camera. Large LCD panel.

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Canon: Canon T70 camera

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by minitw » Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:28 pm

I bought this camera for only $22 on 08/30/2012. It came with a 50mm 1.8 aperture lens and half of the case. It's been used, but it's very clean. No major dings. Shutter sounds good.

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by bill339 » Wed Dec 14, 2016 2:49 pm

The Canon T70 was a 35mm FD-mount single-lens reflex camera introduced in April 1984 as the second in Canon's T series. The T70 started with the concepts explored in 1983's T50, took them further, and applied them to a more sophisticated camera. While the Program AE-only T50 was intended as a beginner's camera, the T70 gave the photographer a lot more control over the camera's operation while keeping the T-series philosophy of simplicity in control and operation intact. All film transport on the T70 was powered—loading, advance and rewind. The continuous shooting rate, at 0.7 frames per second, was slower than rival motor drives, but the drive was nonetheless faster than most people could manually wind. To load the camera, the photographer simply had to pull the film leader out to an orange mark and close the back—the camera did the rest, loading the leader onto the spool, and advancing to the first frame automatically. All powered camera functions drew on two AA batteries in the grip. A built-in lithium battery (BR-1225 or CR-1220) was used to store user settings; the batteries lasted for about five years, and had to be replaced by a technician, since replacing them required partial dismantling of the camera body. The T70 used an LCD mounted on the top of the right-hand side of the camera as a major component of its user interface. Two buttons above the display labelled 'UP' and 'DOWN' adjusted the selected parameter and the results were shown on the LCD. Buttons on the left-hand top of the camera selected the parameter to be modified. The T70 included two different through-the-lens metering methods; both used a silicon photocell housed above the viewfinder eyepiece. Center-weighted average metering was the standard metering method, averaging over the whole frame with a slight preference towards the center of the frame, where the main subject is most likely to be. With strongly backlit scenes, or ones where the subject is spotlit against a dark background, center-weighted averaging produces underexposure or overexposure, respectively. For such situations, the T70 also supported selective area metering, which metered only the center 11% of the frame. The metering mode was selected by a sliding switch on the top left-hand side of the camera (from the photographer's perspective). This switch also selected self-timer mode and had a Lock position. (Most of the Info above is from Wikipedia)

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