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Edward Anthony started his company in 1841. The company name was changed to E. & H.T. Anthony in 1862 to reflect Edward's brother (Henry) contribution. The company was a large manufacturer and distributor of photographic products including cameras. In 1902 the company merged with Scovill & Adams to form Anthony & Scovill company.

Anthony cameras: Years of manufacture:
Apollo c1893  
Ascot Cycle No.1 1899  
Ascot No.25 1899  
Ascot No.29 1899  
Ascot No.30 1899  
Bijou 1885-1895   Photo
Box 1903-1906   Photo
Buckeye c1896  
Champion 1887-1906   Photo
Champion Stereo (5x8) c1887-1906   Photo
Clifton c1898-1906   Photo
Climax Detective Camera c1887-1893   Photo
Climax Imperial c1885-1900s  
Climax Portrait Camera c1888  
Duplex Novelette 1885   Photo
Duplex Novelette Stereo 1885  
Eureka 1889-1901  
Fairy Camera 1884-1901  
Front Focus Novelette Camera 1889-1897  
Gem c1877  
Klauber c1884  
Klondike c1898-1899  
Lilliput Detective Camera c1889   Photo
Manhattan Stereo c1891-1899  
Marlborough Camera c1896-1900   Photo
Normandie 1891-1899   Photo
Novel 1882-1897   Photo
Novelette 1885-1915   Photo
Novelette Stereo 1915  
P.D.Q. c1890   Photo
Phantom 1888-1895   Photo
Satchel Detective Camera c1887-1893  
Schmid's Patent Detective Camera c1883-1890s   Photo
Simplex c1889  
Solograph c1901  
Universal Portrait (Ferrotype) c1872  
Victor c1889-1900   Photo
Victoria Four-Tube c1870-1890  
View Camera 1915   PhotoCollection
Vincent 1890-1893  

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