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Bronica Camera Co. was established in 1956 by Zenzaburo Yoshino, who had his own camera store, but decided to create a new line of cameras. In 1962 the company name was changed to Zenza Bronika Industrial Co. The company was acquired by the lens manufacturer Tamron in 1998. Last Bronica camera was manufactured in in 2005.

Zenza cameras: Years of manufacture:
Bronica C 1965   Photo
Bronica C2 1965  
Bronica D 1958   Photo
Bronica EC 1972   PhotoCollectionManualRarity index
Bronica EC-TL 1975   PhotoCollectionManual
Bronica EC-TL II 1978  
Bronica ETR 1976   PhotoCollectionManual
Bronica ETRC 1978   PhotoCollectionManual
Bronica ETRS 1979   PhotoCollection
Bronica ETRS 'Clubman' 1980  
Bronica ETRS '20th Anniversary' c1979   Photo
Bronica ETRS Safari (SF) 1982-1988   Photo
Bronica ETRSi 1988   PhotoCollectionManual
Bronica GS-1 1983   PhotoCollectionManualRarity index
Bronica RF645 2000-2005   Photo
Bronica S 1961   PhotoCollectionManual
Bronica S (TTL meter) 1961   Photo
Bronica S2 1965   PhotoCollectionManual
Bronica S2A 1969-1971   PhotoCollection
Bronica SQ 1980   PhotoManual
Bronica SQ Gold 1980   Photo
Bronica SQ-A 1982   PhotoCollectionchartManual
Bronica SQ-Ai 1983   PhotoCollectionManualRarity index
Bronica SQ-AM 1983   PhotoManual
Bronica SQ-B 1996   Photo
Bronica Z 1958  

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