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Check the Approximate Timeline of Zeiss History for additional information on how Zeiss cameras are listed on this web-site. This page includes only 'Zeiss Ikon AG' cameras. Also you may want to check Zeiss Ikon sizes classification. If you are looking for Carl Zeiss lens prices, check the Carl Zeiss Lens Price Guide or Carl Zeiss Jena Lens Price Guide.

Zeiss Ikon cameras:
Baldur Box 51  PhotoInfo
Baldur Box 51/2  PhotoInfoCollection
Balilla Box  PhotoInfoCollection
Bebe (342)  PhotoInfo
Bebe (342/3)  PhotoInfoCollection
Bebe (40/2)  PhotoInfo
Bebe (41/2)  Info
Bob 510  PhotoInfo
Bob 510/2  PhotoInfoCollection
Bob IV  Info
Bob V  Info
Bobette I (549)  PhotoInfo
Bobette I (549) (Tessar)  Photo
Bobette II (548)  PhotoInfo
Box Contessa 17N  Info
Box Contessa 38  Info
Box Tengor (6x9)  PhotoCollection
Box Tengor 54  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Box Tengor 54/14  Info
Box Tengor 54/15  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Box Tengor 54/18 (Baby Box)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Box Tengor 54/2  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Box Tengor 55/2  PhotoInfoCollection
Box Tengor 56/2  PhotoInfoCollection
Box Tengor 756  PhotoInfoCollection
Box Tengor 760  Info
Box Tengor II 55/2  PhotoInfoCollection
Box Tengor II 56/2 
Citoskop 315  PhotoInfo
Citoskop 671/1  Info
Cocarette 5x7.5 cm  PhotoInfo
Cocarette 6x9 cm 514/2  PhotoInfoCollection
Cocarette 6x9 cm 517/2  PhotoInfo
Cocarette 6x9 cm Model 209 - 519/2  PhotoInfoCollection
Cocarette 8x10.5 cm  PhotoInfo
Cocarette Luxus 213  PhotoInfo
Cocarette Luxus I 521/2  PhotoInfo
Cocarette Luxus II 521/15  PhotoInfo
Cocarette Luxus III 522/17  PhotoInfo
Colora (10.0623)  InfoCollectionManual
Colora (10.0629)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Colora F (10.0641)  InfoCollectionManual
Contaflex (TLR)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Contaflex (TLR) 'For China'  Photo
Contaflex 126 (10.1102) (black)  PhotoInfoManual
Contaflex 126 (10.1102) (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contaflex Alpha (10.1241)  PhotoInfoComments
Contaflex Beta (10.1251)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contaflex I 861/24  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contaflex II 862/24  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contaflex III 863/24  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contaflex IV 864/24  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contaflex Prima (10.1291)  PhotoInfoCollection
Contaflex PROTOTYPE 
Contaflex Rapid (10.1261)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contaflex S (BW) (Bundeswehr)  PhotoInfo
Contaflex S Automatic (10.1273-BL) (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Contaflex S Automatic (10.1273-BL) (chrome)  PhotoInfo
Contaflex Super (10.1262)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contaflex Super (10.1271)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contaflex Super B (10.1272)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contaflex Super BC (10.1273)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Contarex Bullseye 'Explosion'  Photo
Contarex Electronic (Super Electronic) (10.2800)  PhotoInfochart
Contarex Electronic (Super Electronic) (10.2800) black  Photochart
Contarex I (Demo) 
Contarex I 'Bullauge Bullseye' (10.2401)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Contarex I 'Bullauge Bullseye' (10.2401) black  PhotoInfoManual
Contarex Microscope Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Contarex Professional (10.2700)  PhotoInfochart
Contarex Special (10.2500)  PhotoInfochart
Contarex Super (10.2600) (black)  PhotoInfochartManual
Contarex Super (10.2600) (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Contax I (demo)  Photo
Contax I a  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Contax I a (dummy)  Photo
Contax I b  PhotoInfochart
Contax I c  PhotoInfochart
Contax I c (China)  Photo
Contax I c (dummy)  Photo
Contax I d  PhotoInfochart
Contax I e  PhotoInfochart
Contax I e (China)  PhotoInfo
Contax I e (outfit)  PhotoInfo
Contax I f  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Contax I f (China)  PhotoInfo
Contax II 'Kripo M.Ostrau' (Police)  PhotoInfo
Contax II (543/24)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Contax II (Allemagne S.I.)  PhotoInfo
Contax II (for China)  Photo
Contax II (Geheime Staatspolizei)  PhotoInfo
Contax II (Jena Contax, pre-Kiev, double s/n)  Photo
Contax II (Jena Contax)  PhotoInfochart
Contax II (Jena Ivory Creme)  PhotoInfo
Contax II 'Kripo Troppau' (Police)  PhotoInfo
Contax II Marine  PhotoInfo
Contax II Rifle  PhotoInfo
Contax IIa (563/24)  PhotoInfochart
Contax IIa (563/24) 'Zeiss Ikon'  PhotoInfoCollection
Contax IIa Type 2 (Color Dial)  PhotoInfoCollection
Contax III (544/24)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Contax III (544/24) outfit case  Photo
Contax III (Jena Contax)  PhotoCollection
Contax III German Navy (Kriegsmarine)  PhotoInfo
Contax IIIa  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Contax IIIa Stereotar  PhotoInfo
Contessa 35 (533/24) Compur Rapid  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Contessa 35 (533/24) Synchro Compur  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Contessa 35 (533/24) Synchro Compur, Gray  PhotoInfo
Contessa 35 (533/24) Tessar 50mm  PhotoInfoCollection
Contessa L (10.0616)  PhotoInfo
Contessa LBE (10.0639)  PhotoInfo
Contessa LK (10.0637)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Contessa LKE (10.0638)  PhotoInfoCollection
Contessa S 310  PhotoInfo
Contessa S 310 'Leihkamera'  Photo
Contessa S 312  PhotoInfo
Contessa SLK  PhotoInfo
Contessamat  PhotoInfo
Contessamat SBE (10.0652)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contessamat SE (10.0654)  PhotoInfoCollection
Contessamat STE (10.0656)  PhotoInfo
Contessamatic  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contessamatic E (10.0645)  PhotoInfoManual
Contina (10.0626)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Contina I (524/24)  Info
Contina Ia (526/24)  PhotoInfoCollection
Contina Ib (526/24)  PhotoInfoCollection
Contina Ic (10.0603)  PhotoInfo
Contina II (527/24)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contina II folding (524/24)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contina IIa (527/24)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contina III (529/24)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contina III Microscope Camera  PhotoInfo
Contina J (10.0604)  PhotoInfo
Contina L (10.0605)  PhotoInfoCollection
Contina LK (10.0637)  PhotoInfoCollection
Contina-matic (Contina Ic)  Info
Contina-matic II (529/24)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Contina-matic III (529/24)  PhotoInfoManual
Continette (10.0625)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Deckrullo Baby  PhotoInfo
Deckrullo Nettel  PhotoInfo
Deckrullo Nettel Tropen (Tropical)  PhotoInfoComments
Deckrullo Stereo Tropical  Photo
Donata (227/3)  PhotoInfo
Donata (227/7)  PhotoInfo
Donata (68/1)  PhotoInfoCollection
Duchessa  PhotoInfo
Duplo  Photo
Duroll  Info
Elegant Field Camera  Info
Era Box  PhotoInfoCollection
Era Box (52/2)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ergo 301  PhotoInfo
Ermanox 858  PhotoInfo
Ermanox 858/11  Info
Ermanox 858/3  PhotoInfo
Ermanox 858/7  Info
Ermanox 858/9  Info
Ermanox Reflex  PhotoInfo
Ernette  Info
Erni 27  PhotoInfo
Erni 27/3  PhotoInfo
Erni Stereo  Info
Favorit 265  Info
Favorit 265/11  Info
Favorit 265/7  PhotoInfo
Favorit 265/9  Info
Favorit Tropen 266/1 (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Favorit Tropen 266/7 (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Favorit Tropen 266/9 (Tropical)  Info
Halloh 505  Info
Halloh 505/1  Info
Halloh 506/1  PhotoInfo
Hochtourist 820  Info
Hochtourist 820/11  Info
Hochtourist 821/11  Info
Hochtourist 823  Info
Hologon Ultrawide (10.0659)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Icarette 500  Photo
Icarette 500/1  InfoCollection
Icarette 500/12  Info
Icarette 500/15  Info
Icarette 500/16  Info
Icarette 500/2  PhotoInfoCollection
Icarette 512/15  PhotoInfo
Icarette 551/2  PhotoInfo
Icarex 35  PhotoInfoCollection
Icarex 35 (BM)  PhotoInfo
Icarex 35 (TM) (10.2200)  PhotoInfo
Icarex 35 CS  PhotoInfoCollection
Icarex 35 CS Pro  PhotoInfoComments
Icarex 35 S (10.3300)  PhotoInfoCollection
Icarex 35 S (BM)  PhotoInfoComments
Icarex 35 S Pro  PhotoInfo
Icarex 35 S TM (10.3600)  PhotoInfoManual
Icarex 35 S TM Pro  PhotoInfo
Ideal 225  PhotoInfo
Ideal 250/11  PhotoInfo
Ideal 250/3  PhotoInfo
Ideal 250/7  PhotoInfoCollection
Ideal 250/9  Info
Ikoflex (850/16)  Photo
Ikoflex (850/16) 'Coffe can' (earlier model)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikoflex (850/16) 'Coffe can' (later model)  PhotoInfo
Ikoflex Favorit (887/16)  PhotoInfo
Ikoflex I  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikoflex Ia (845/16)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ikoflex Ia (854/16)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Ikoflex Ib  PhotoInfo
Ikoflex Ic (886/16)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Ikoflex Id 
Ikoflex II (851/16)  PhotoInfoManual
Ikoflex II (852/16)  Photo
Ikoflex IIa (852/16)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ikoflex IIa (855/16)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Ikoflex III (853/16)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Ikomat (520/18)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikomat D (520/15)  PhotoInfo
Ikomatic A (10.0552)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikomatic CF  PhotoInfo
Ikomatic F (10.0551)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonette 35 (500/24)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonette 504/12  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonette 504/18  Info
Ikonette Prototype  Photo
Ikonta 35 (522/24)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ikonta 520 (Ikonta A)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonta 520/14  PhotoInfo
Ikonta 520/15 (Ikonta D)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonta 520/16 (Ikonta B)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonta 520/18 (for China)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonta 520/2 (Ikonta C)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonta 521 (Ikonta A, horizontal)  PhotoInfo
Ikonta 521 (Ikonta A, vertical)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonta 521/16 (Ikonta B)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonta 521/2 (Ikonta C)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonta 523/16 (Ikonta B)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonta 523/2 (Ikonta C)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonta 524/16 (Ikonta M)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonta 524/2 (Ikonta C)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ikonta 530/15 (Ikonta D)  PhotoInfo
Ikonta 530/2 (Ikonta C)  PhotoInfo
Juwel 275/11 (Universal)  PhotoInfo
Juwel 275/7 (Universal)  Info
Juwel Tropen 275/11 (Tropical) 
Kinamo (No. 25)  PhotoInfo
Kino A  Photo
Kolibri 523/18  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Kolibri 523/18 Night Biotar  PhotoInfo
Kosmopolit 818/11  Info
Kosmopolit 818/20  Info
KS-10  Photo
Liliput 361 (4.5x6)  Info
Liliput 370 (6.5x9)  PhotoInfo
Lloyd 500/17  Info
Lloyd 510/1  Info
Maximar 107/1  InfoCollection
Maximar 207/1  PhotoInfo
Maximar 207/3  PhotoInfoCollection
Maximar 207/7  PhotoInfoCollection
Maximar 207/9  PhotoInfo
Maximar grey 
MBK 1000B (Aerial, Lichtbildmaschinengewehr)  PhotoInfo
Miroflex A 859/3  PhotoInfoCollection
Miroflex B (Luxus)  PhotoInfo
Miroflex B 859/7  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Moviflex G S8 electronic/synchro  PhotoCollection
Moviflex MS8 Electronic  Photo
Moviflex Super  Photo
Movikon 16 (5495)  PhotoInfochart
Movikon 8  PhotoInfoCollection
Movikon 8 (vertical)  Photo
Movikon 8B  PhotoInfoCollection
Movikon K16  PhotoInfo
Movikon K8 (5501 N)  PhotoInfo
Movinette 8 (horizontal)  PhotoInfoCollection
Movinette 8B (horizontal)  PhotoInfoCollection
Nettar 510  PhotoInfo
Nettar 515  PhotoInfoCollection
Nettar 515/16  PhotoInfoCollection
Nettar 515/2  PhotoInfoCollection
Nettar 516  InfoCollection
Nettar 516/2  PhotoInfoCollection
Nettar 517/16  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Nettar 518/16 'Signal Nettar'  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Nettar 518/2  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Nettar 523/16  PhotoInfoCollection
Nettar S 515/2  InfoCollection
Nettax 513/16 (6x6)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Nettax 538/24  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Nettax 538/24 'China'  PhotoInfo
Nettel 870/11  PhotoInfo
Nettel 870/12  PhotoInfo
Nettel 870/3  Info
Nettel 870/7  Info
Nettel 870/9  PhotoInfo
Nettel Tropen 871/11 (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Nettel Tropen 871/7 (Tropical)  Photo
Nettel Tropen 871/9 (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Niklas 109  PhotoInfo
Niklas 205  Info
Niklas 385  Info
Nixe 551/1  Info
Nixe 551/17  PhotoInfo
Nixe 551/6  PhotoInfoCollection
Nixe 595/1  Photo
Onito  PhotoInfo
Orix  Info
Perfekt 834  Info
Perfekt 835  Info
Perfekt 836  Info
Perfekt 837  Info
Piccolette (201) (545/12)  PhotoInfoCollection
Piccolette LUXUS (546/12)  PhotoInfo
Plaskop 602/1  Info
Plaskop 603/1  Info
Plaskop 603/4  PhotoInfo
Plaskop 604/4  Info
Polyskop (45x107)  PhotoInfo
Polyskop (6x13)  PhotoInfo
Raupp Camera 863/11  Info
Rollco 244  Info
Rollco 264  Info
S310 (10.0351)  PhotoInfoCollection
S310 (10.0351) 'Leihkamera'  Photo
S312 (10.0354)  PhotoInfo
Simplex 112/7  PhotoInfo
Simplex 511/2  PhotoInfoCollection
Simplex Ernoflex 853  PhotoInfo
Simplex Ernoflex 853/3  PhotoInfoCollection
Simplex Ernoflex 853/7  Info
Sirene 135  PhotoInfoCollection
SL 706 (10.3700)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Sonnet 303  PhotoInfo
Sonnet 303 Tropen (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Stereax  PhotoInfo
Stereo-Ideal 650  Info
Stereo-Ideal 651  PhotoInfo
Stereo-Nettel  PhotoInfo
Stereo-Nettel Tropen 614/9 (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Stereolette Cupido 611  Info
Stereolette Cupido 620  Photo
Steroco No.612/1  Info
Suevia  PhotoInfo
Super Ikomat 530/16  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Ikonta (A) 530  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Super Ikonta (A) 530 'China'  PhotoInfo
Super Ikonta (A) 531  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Super Ikonta (B) 530/16  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Super Ikonta (B) 532/16  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Super Ikonta (B) Super-Six 530/16  PhotoInfo
Super Ikonta (BX) 533/16  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Super Ikonta (C) 530/2  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Super Ikonta (C) 530/2 (For China)  PhotoInfo
Super Ikonta (C) 531/2  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Super Ikonta (D) 530/15  PhotoInfochart
Super Ikonta II 531  Info
Super Ikonta II 531/2  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Ikonta II 532/16  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Super Ikonta II 533/16  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Ikonta III 531/16  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Super Ikonta IV 534/16  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Super Ikonta Prototype  Photo
Super Nettel I (536/24)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Super Nettel II (537/24)  PhotoInfochart
Symbolica I (10.0614)  PhotoInfoCollection
Symbolica II (10.6035)  PhotoInfoCollection
Taxo 122/3  Info
Taxo 122/7  PhotoInfoCollection
Taxo 126/7  PhotoInfo
Tenax (folding)  PhotoInfo
Tenax Automatic (10.0651)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Tenax I (570/27)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Tenax II (580/27)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Tenax II (580/27) 'German NAVY'  PhotoInfo
Tenax II (580/27) outfit  PhotoInfo
Tenax II (580/27) prototype  PhotoInfo
Tenax X-Ray  PhotoInfo
Tengoflex 85/16  PhotoInfochart
Tengoflex 86 
Tengor 780 
Tessco No.76/1  Info
Toska 400  Info
Trona 210, 212, 214  PhotoInfo
Trona 210/1  PhotoInfoCollection
Tropen Adoro 230/3 (Tropical)  PhotoInfochart
Tropen Adoro 230/5 (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Tropen Adoro 230/7 (Tropical)  PhotoInfoCollection
Tropen Adoro 230/9 (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Tropen Favorit 266/1 (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Tropica (285)  PhotoInfo
Unette (550)  PhotoInfo
Victrix 49 (Victrix 101)  PhotoInfo
Volta 146  Info
Volta 146/7  PhotoInfoCollection
Volta 235  Info
Volta 256  Info

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