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Check the Approximate Timeline of Zeiss History for additional information on how Zeiss cameras are listed on this web-site. This page includes only 'VEB Carl Zeiss Jena' cameras.

Zeiss, Carl VEB cameras: Years of manufacture:
Jenaflex AC1 electronic 1986-1989   PhotoManual
Jenaflex AM1 electronic 1985-1988   PhotoManual
Werra (1954) c1954  
Werra (1955) 1955   PhotoCollection
Werra 'Optik Saalfeld' c1954   Photo
Werra 1 1955-1956   PhotoCollectionCommentsManual
Werra 1A 1957-1960   PhotoCollection
Werra 1B 1957-1962   PhotoCollectionComments
Werra 1C 1961-1964   PhotoCollection
Werra 1E 1961-1966   PhotoCollection
Werra 2 (black) 1957-1962   CollectionManual
Werra 2 (olive) 1957  
Werra 2E 1961-1966   PhotoCollection
Werra 3 (black) 1961-1966   Collection
Werra 3 (olive) 1957-1962   CollectionManual
Werra 3E 1961-1966   PhotoCollection
Werra 4 1958-1964   PhotoManual
Werra 5 1960-1961   PhotoCollectionManual
Werra E Microscope Camera 1964-1968  
Werra Endoskope Camera 1964-1968  
Werra microscope Camera 1964-1968   PhotoCollection
Werra Oszilloskop camera 1964-1968  
Werra Supermat 1963  
Werra Tandem c1960s   Photo
Werramat 1961-1964   PhotoCollection
Werramat E 1965-1968  
Werramat Super 1963  
Werramatic 1961-1964   PhotoCollection
Werramatic Cut-away 1961-1964  
Werramatic E 1965-1968   PhotoCollection

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