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The Wirgin company was founded in 1920, and manufactured their first camera in 1927. In 1938, the Nazis forced the factory into a merger with the Adox company. After the war one of the founding brothers, Heinrich Wirgin, re-created the company in Germany. In 1962 Wirgin bought Franka-Werke. Although the company was closed in 1968, one of their 35mm cameras continued to exist as a prototype of the Rollei 35.

Wirgin cameras:
Alka 16  PhotoInfo
Argonaut  Info
Argonaut Sport  Info
Asso  Info
Astraflex 1000  Info
Astraflex 1000 LM  Info
Auta  PhotoInfoCollection
Baky  PhotoInfo
Challey Special  Info
Duxo 35  Info
Ediflex  Info
Edina  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Edinex  PhotoInfoCollection
Edinex (II)  PhotoInfoCollection
Edinex 120  Info
Edinex I  PhotoInfoCollection
Edinex III  PhotoInfo
Edinex III-S  Info
Edixa 125  PhotoInfoCollection
Edixa 125 L  Info
Edixa 16  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Edixa 16 FR  Info
Edixa 16 M  Info
Edixa 16 MB  PhotoInfoCollection
Edixa 16 U  PhotoInfo
Edixa 16-S  Info
Edixa 2 MTL  Info
Edixa 250 L  Info
Edixa 250 S  Info
Edixa 250 SL  Info
Edixa 500  Info
Edixa 500 LK  Info
Edixa 6x6  Info
Edixa 750  Info
Edixa C 3000  Info
Edixa C-500  Info
Edixa CX 5  Info
Edixa Electronica  PhotoInfochart
Edixa Electronica TL  PhotoInfoComments
Edixa Eximat C3000  Info
Edixa Eximat TTL  Info
Edixa Flex (1958)  PhotoInfo
Edixa Flex (1963)  PhotoInfoCollection
Edixa Flex (1964)  PhotoInfo
Edixa Flex AL  Info
Edixa Flex B  Info
Edixa Flex Model 750  Info
Edixa I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Edixa I-L  Info
Edixa I-LM  Info
Edixa II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Edixa II-L  PhotoInfoCollection
Edixa Junior TTL  Info
Edixa K C-500  Info
Edixa Kadett  InfoCollection
Edixa Lux  Info
Edixa Mat CdS  PhotoInfoCollection
Edixa Mat CdS Mod K  Info
Edixa Mat Flex  Info
Edixa Mat Kadett  PhotoInfoCollection
Edixa Mat Reflex B  Info
Edixa Mat Reflex C  Info
Edixa Mat Reflex C Mod. 2000  Info
Edixa Mat Reflex D  PhotoInfoCollection
Edixa Mat Reflex LZ  Info
Edixa Mat Reflex Mod. B  PhotoInfoCollection
Edixa Mat Reflex Mod. B-L  Info
Edixa Mat Reflex Mod. C  PhotoInfo
Edixa Mat Reflex Mod. C-2000  Info
Edixa Mat Reflex Mod. C-L  InfoCollection
Edixa Mat Reflex Mod. D  Info
Edixa Mat Reflex Mod. D-L  PhotoInfo
Edixa Mat Reflex Mod. S  Info
Edixa Mat Reflex Mod. S-L  PhotoInfo
Edixa Mat Reflex Mod. S/L-C  Info
Edixa Mat Reflex S  Info
Edixa Mat Reflex Suisse-LC  Info
Edixa Mat Reflex-2000 Mod. C-L  Info
Edixa Prismaflex  Info
Edixa Prismaflex 1000  PhotoInfo
Edixa Prismaflex 750  Info
Edixa Prismaflex CDS  Info
Edixa Prismaflex LTL  Info
Edixa Prismaflex TTL  Info
Edixa Prismaflex TTL Model K  PhotoInfo
Edixa Prismarex TTL  Info
Edixa Prismat  PhotoInfo
Edixa Prismat 750  Info
Edixa Prismat CdS  Info
Edixa Prismat LTL  Info
Edixa Prismat TL  Info
Edixa Prismat TTL  Info
Edixa Record  Info
Edixa Record L  Info
Edixa Reflex  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Edixa Reflex A  Info
Edixa Reflex B  PhotoInfoCollection
Edixa Reflex B-V  Info
Edixa Reflex B-V 1000  Info
Edixa Reflex Ba  PhotoInfo
Edixa Reflex Ba 1000  Info
Edixa Reflex C  Info
Edixa Reflex Ca  Info
Edixa Reflex Ca 1000  Info
Edixa Reflex D  PhotoInfo
Edixa Reflex Da  Info
Edixa Reflex S-V  Info
Edixa Rex B  Info
Edixa Rex CdS  Info
Edixa Rex D  PhotoInfo
Edixa Rex TTL  Info
Edixa Rexaflex  Info
Edixa Standard  Info
Edixa Standard V  Info
Edixa Stereo I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Edixa Stereo Ia  Info
Edixa Stereo II  Info
Edixa Stereo IIa  PhotoInfo
Edixa Stereo III  PhotoInfo
Edixa Stereo IIIa  PhotoInfo
Edixa TL  Info
Edixet 125  Info
Edixet 125 L  Info
Edixet 300  PhotoInfo
Edixet Electronic  Info
Electro Auta  Info
Franka 16  PhotoInfo
Gewir  InfoCollection
Gewirette  PhotoInfoCollection
Gewiroll  Info
Klein-Edinex  Info
Komet  PhotoInfo
Metadux  Info
Midget Candid  Info
Midget Marvel  Info
Norfolk Miniature  Info
Philos  Info
Presto  Info
Presto (dual format)  Info
Presto (optical finder)  Info
Prinzflex E  InfoCollection
Reporter  Info
Rofika  Info
Spidex A  Info
Spidex B  Info
Sport  Info
Standy  Info
Supreme  Info
Supreme De Luxe  Info
Universa Edixamat CD  Info
Vauxhall  Info
Victoria  Info
Westex Four-Five  Info
Westex Junior  Info
Wirgin  Info
Wirgin 19E  Info
Wirgin Deluxe (Model 11)  Info
Wirgin Deluxe (Model 45)  PhotoInfo
Wirgin Deluxe (Model 51)  Info
Wirgin Folding  Info
Wirgin Folding (Rollfilm)  Info
Wirgin Junior  InfoManual
Wirgin Reflex (Craftex)  Info
Wirgin Reflex (Eho)  PhotoInfo
Wirgin Reflex (Richter)  PhotoInfoCollection
Wirgin Stereo  PhotoInfoCollection
Wirginex  Info

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