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Voigtländer was established in 1756 in Vienna, Austria. In 1965, the company merged with the Zeiss Ikon company and its camera production continued until 1972. Voigtländer was then sold, first to Rollei, then to Plusfoto, and finally to the Ringfoto company, which sub-licensed the trademark to Cosina. Unfortunately, after 250 years of history, this camera manufacturer is practically gone. If you are looking for Voigtländer lens prices, check the Voigtländer Lens Price Guide.

Voigtländer cameras:
Alpin  PhotoInfochart
Alpin Rapid (prototype)  PhotoInfoCollection
Alpin Reflex  PhotoInfo
Alpin Stereo-Panorama  PhotoInfo
Astro Stereflectoskop  Info
Avus  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Beatrix  Info
Bergheil 10x15  PhotoInfo
Bergheil 4.5x6 (Baby)  PhotoInfochartComments
Bergheil 4.5x6 (Baby) Deluxe  PhotoInfochart
Bergheil 6.5x9  PhotoInfo
Bergheil 6.5x9 green  PhotoInfochart
Bergheil 9x12  PhotoInfoCollection
Bergheil 9x12 (oversized body)  PhotoInfo
Bergheil 9x12 (w/focal plane shutter)  PhotoInfo
Bergheil 9x12 green  PhotoInfochart
Bessa  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Bessa 46 Baby Bessa  PhotoInfoCollection
Bessa 466  InfoComments
Bessa 66 Baby Bessa  PhotoInfoCollection
Bessa I  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Bessa II  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Bessa II 'three crowns'  PhotoInfo
Bessa II Apo-Lanthar  PhotoInfochart
Bessa II Ultragon  PhotoInfo
Bessa III  Photo
Bessa L (black)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Bessa L (black) '100 Years Heliar'  PhotoInfo
Bessa L (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Bessa R  PhotoInfoCollection
Bessa R2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Bessa R2 A  PhotoInfoManual
Bessa R2 C  PhotoInfo
Bessa R2 M  PhotoInfoManual
Bessa R2 S  PhotoInfoCollection
Bessa R2 S 'NHS'  PhotoInfo
Bessa R3 A  PhotoInfoManual
Bessa R3 M  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Bessa R4 A  PhotoInfo
Bessa R4 M  Info
Bessa Rangefinder (RF, E-Messer)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Bessa T "101 years" (grey)  PhotoInfo
Bessa T (black)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Bessa T (chrome)  PhotoInfoManual
Bessa T '101 years' (black)  PhotoInfo
Bessa T '101 years' (blue)  PhotoInfo
Bessa T '101 years' (olive)  PhotoInfo
Bessamatic  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Bessamatic CS  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Bessamatic Deluxe  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Bessamatic M  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Bessy AF  Info
Bessy AF Mini  Info
Bessy AF-P  PhotoInfo
Bessy AF-P Date  Info
Bessy AK  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Bessy AS  InfoManual
Bessy Automatic  Info
Bessy Electronic  Info
Bessy Electronic II  InfoCollection
Bessy FF  Info
Bessy FF Mini  Info
Bessy K  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Bessy S  PhotoInfoManual
Bijou Voigtlander  PhotoInfo
Box Voigtlander  PhotoInfoCollection
Brillant (sheet metal)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Brillant AF  Info
Brillant Bakelite  PhotoInfoCollection
Brillant V6  PhotoInfoCollection
Brillant V6 (Heliar)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brillant with Focusing plate  Info
Brunsviga  Info
CLS  Info
Comfort AF  Info
Daguerreotype (Metallcamera, miniature display)  Photo
Daguerreotype (Metallcamera, replica)  PhotoInfochartComments
Daguerreotype (Metallcamera)  Info
Dynamatic I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Dynamatic II  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Dynamatic Mini AF  Info
Dynamatic Prototype  Photo
Dynarkamera  Info
Film camera I  Info
Film camera II  PhotoInfo
Film camera III  Info
Flexomatic  Info
Heliar camera I  Info
Heliar camera II  PhotoInfo
Heliar Reflex  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Ifbaflex M 102  Info
Inos I  PhotoInfoCollection
Inos II  PhotoInfoCollection
JubiIar  PhotoInfoCollection
Klappkamera-Stereo (Folding Camera)  Info
Metall-Flach-camera (slim)  Info
Metall-Klappkamera (Folding Camera)  PhotoInfo
Monorail  PhotoInfo
Nirvana  Info
Perkeo (3x4, Heliar)  Photo
Perkeo (3x4)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Perkeo E  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Perkeo I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Perkeo I (prototype)  Photo
Perkeo II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Perkeo IIIe  PhotoInfoCollection
Petito  Info
Phokina I  Info
Phokina II  Info
Phokina III  PhotoInfo
Phokina IV  Info
Prominent  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Prominent 6x9  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Prominent 6x9 'Turbo-shutter'  PhotoInfo
Prominent II  PhotoInfochartManual
Reisekamera (10x12)  Photo
Reisekamera Model A (Field Camera)  Info
Reisekamera Model B (Field Camera)  Info
Reisekamera Model C (Field Camera)  Info
Reisekamera Tropical (Field Camera)  Photo
RollFilm Camera  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Saator Registrier-kamera (Sight Recorder)  Info
Scheren-camera (scissors)  PhotoInfo
Spiegelreflex camera (Mirror Reflex, 1916)  PhotoInfo
Spiegelreflex camera (Mirror Reflex)  PhotoInfo
Spiegelreflex-Stereocamera (Mirror Reflex)  PhotoInfoComments
Spreizenkamera (Expendable)  Photo
Stereflektoskop 4.5x10.7  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Stereflektoskop 6x13  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Stereopanorama Metal Camera  Info
Stereophotoskop (1904, 45x107)  PhotoInfo
Stereophotoskop (1904)  PhotoInfo
Stereophotoskop (1908)  PhotoInfo
Stereophotoskop (1923)  Info
Stereophotoskop (1928)  Photo
Stereoskop  Info
Studiocamera  PhotoInfo
Super Brillant AF  Info
Superb  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Superb Prototype  Photo
Tailboard Camera  PhotoInfo
Telestativ-camera  Info
Tourist  Info
Ultramatic  PhotoInfoManual
Ultramatic AF-E  Info
Ultramatic CS  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Universal Salon-Apparat D  Info
VAG  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
VF 101 (black)  PhotoInfoManual
VF 101 (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
VF 102  Info
VF 135  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
VF 35F  PhotoInfo
Vida  Info
Virtus  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Virtus APS  Info
Virtus Z2  Info
Virtus Z3  Info
Vitessa (Type 125)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Vitessa (Type 125) Dummy  Photo
Vitessa (Type 132)  PhotoInfochart
Vitessa (Type 133)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Vitessa (Type 134) (Vitessa N)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Vitessa (Type 136) (Vitessa T)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Vitessa (Type 140) (Vitessa L)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Vitessa 1000 SR  Info
Vitessa 126 CS  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitessa 126 Electronic  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitessa 126 S  Info
Vitessa 126 S Electronic  PhotoInfo
Vitessa 500 AE  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vitessa 500 AE 'Jacaranda-wood' (Palisander)  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitessa 500 AE Electronic  PhotoInfo
Vitessa 500 L  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitessa 500 S  InfoCollection
Vitessa 500 SE  Info
Vitessa 500 SE Electronic  Info
Vitessa AF  Info
Vitessa FM  Info
Vitessa FM II  Info
Vito  PhotoInfoCollection
Vito (post 1980)  PhotoInfoCollection
Vito 110  Info
Vito 110 OD  Info
Vito 112  Info
Vito 112 OD  Info
Vito 145 OD  Info
Vito 28-90 OD  Info
Vito 60  Info
Vito 70  Info
Vito 70 C  Info
Vito 70 G OD  Info
Vito 70 OD  Info
Vito AF  Info
Vito Automatic  PhotoInfoCollection
Vito Automatic I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vito Automatic II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vito Automatic R  PhotoInfoCollection
Vito B  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Vito B II  Info
Vito B Prototype 
Vito BL  PhotoInfoCollection
Vito BL II  Info
Vito BR  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vito C  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vito C (post 1980)  PhotoInfoCollection
Vito C-AF  Info
Vito CD  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vito CD Special  Info
Vito CE 35 (post 1980)  Info
Vito CL  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vito CLR  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vito CLR special  Info
Vito CS  InfoCollection
Vito CS (post 1980)  PhotoInfo
Vito CSR  PhotoInfoCollection
Vito FM  Info
Vito II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vito IIa  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vito III  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Vito III Prototype  Photo
Vito LS special  Info
Vito Prototype  PhotoInfo
Vito special  Info
Vito TF  Info
Vitoflex E  PhotoInfo
Vitolux 115 OD  Info
Vitolux Comfort AF  Info
Vitomatic 105  Info
Vitomatic 140  Info
Vitomatic AF Zoom  Info
Vitomatic I  InfoCollection
Vitomatic I CS  Info
Vitomatic Ia  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitomatic Ib  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitomatic II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vitomatic II '50th Anniversary' 
Vitomatic II CS  PhotoInfo
Vitomatic IIa  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vitomatic IIa Ultron  PhotoInfochart
Vitomatic IIb  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitomatic III CS  PhotoInfo
Vitomatic IIIa  Info
Vitomatic IIIb  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitoret  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vitoret 110  InfoCollection
Vitoret 110 EL  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitoret AF  Info
Vitoret Colora F  InfoCollection
Vitoret D  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitoret D Rapid  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vitoret DR  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vitoret F  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vitoret L  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitoret LR  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitoret M  Info
Vitoret R  Info
Vitoret S  Info
Vitrona  PhotoInfoCollection
Vitrona AF  Info
Voigtlander Studio  Info
VSL 1 BM Singapore  PhotoInfoManual
VSL 1 Gold  PhotoInfo
VSL 1 pre-series  Photo
VSL 1 TM  PhotoInfoCollection
VSL 1 TM (red)  PhotoInfo
VSL 1 TM black Singapore  PhotoInfoCollection
VSL 2 Automatic  PhotoInfo
VSL 2 CX Automatic  Info
VSL 3E  PhotoInfoCollectionManual

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