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Most of the Sears cameras were branded under the names Seroco or Tower. Sears did not manufacture cameras of its own, but sold those made by other companies, including the Conley Company, which was acquired by Sears in 1910, and which manufactured cameras exclusively for Sears. In 1924 Sears also bought the Seneca Camera company. Shortly after, around 1927, Sears ceased camera production by these companies, and sold their camera assets to the United Camera Company. However, until around 1967 Sears continued to sell cameras manufactured by others.

Sears Roebuck cameras:
Auto 35 
Auto 35 RF  Photo
Auto 35 TL  Photo
Conley Panoramic Camera 
Delmar  Photo
Marvel S-16  Photo
Marvel S-20  Photo
Marvel-flex  PhotoCollection
Plate Camera 
Sears 126 Easy Load  Collection
Sears 32 B 
Sears 65  Photo
Sears Easy Load 700-RF 
Sears Easy Load FC 600  Collection
Sears KS II Super  PhotoCollectionManual
Sears KS Super  PhotoManual
Sears KS-1000  Manual
Sears KS-2  PhotoCollectionManual
Sears KSX  PhotoCollectionManual
Sears KSX Super  PhotoManual
Sears RF-7  Photo
Sears SL-11  PhotoManual
Sears Tele 210 
Sears TLS  PhotoManual
Sears TLS (1000 MX, MXB)  PhotoCollectionManual
Sears TLS (500 MX)  PhotoCollection
Sears TLS (Auto 500)  PhotoManual
Seroco  Photo
Seroco Junior  PhotoCollection
Seroco Magazine 
Seroco Premo 
Seroco Stereo 
Seroco View Camera  Collection
Tower (Futura) 
Tower 10 A  Photo
Tower 10 B  PhotoCollection
Tower 120  PhotoCollectionManual
Tower 120 Flash  Photo
Tower 127 EF 
Tower 16  Photo
Tower 18 A 
Tower 18 B  Manual
Tower 19  Photo
Tower 20 b  Photo
Tower 3 
Tower 3 S 
Tower 32 A 
Tower 32 B 
Tower 33 
Tower 34 
Tower 34 Box 
Tower 35  PhotoInfo
Tower 37  Photo
Tower 39 Automatic 35  PhotoCollection
Tower 41  PhotoCollection
Tower 44  Photo
Tower 45  Photo
Tower 46  Photo
Tower 50  Photo
Tower 50 Rollfilm  Manual
Tower 51  PhotoComments
Tower 51 Rollfilm  PhotoManual
Tower 52 
Tower 53 
Tower 55  Photo
Tower 55B 
Tower 57  Photo
Tower 57A  PhotoCollection
Tower 97 
Tower Automatic 127 
Tower Bonita 
Tower Camflash 127  PhotoCollectionComments
Tower Camflash II  Collection
Tower Companion 
Tower Five 
Tower Flash 120  PhotoCollection
Tower Flash 120 Deluxe 
Tower Flash 120 Model 7  Photo
Tower Flash 120 Model 8  Photo
Tower Foldex 20  PhotoCollectionComments
Tower Hide Away 
Tower Junior  PhotoCollection
Tower Model 5 
Tower Model 8  PhotoCollection
Tower No.1 Box  PhotoCollection
Tower No.5 
Tower One-Twenty Flash  PhotoCollection
Tower Phantom  PhotoCollection
Tower Pixie  Collection
Tower Pixie II 
Tower Reflex  PhotoCollection
Tower Reflex 30 (Photina Reflex IIIb)  PhotoCollection
Tower Reflex I (Bolta)  PhotoInfoCollection
Tower Reflex II 
Tower Reflex III  Manual
Tower Reflex Ising  PhotoCollection
Tower Reflex Model 64  PhotoCollection
Tower Reflex Model 65 
Tower Skipper 
Tower Snappy  Photo
Tower Stereo  PhotoInfo
Tower Stereo Model 83 
Trumpf Reflex 
Trumpfreflex  PhotoCollection

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