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In 1880 William H. Walker founded the Wm. H. Walker and Company business, which was bought by W. F. Carlton in 1883 and renamed the Rochester Optical Company. In 1899 four other companies joined with Rochester Optical: the Rochester Camera and Supply Company (by H. B. Carlton, brother of W. F. Carlton); the Ray Camera Company; the Monroe Camera Company; and the Western Camera Manufacturing Company of Chicago. In 1903 the Rochester company was bought by Kodak Eastman, but continued to manufacture its line of cameras as the Rochester Optical Division of Kodak until 1921.

Rochester Optical cameras:
American Challenge (swivel bed)  PhotoInfo
American Challenge (wooden bed) 
Commodore  Photo
Cyclone Junior  Collection
Cyclone Magazine Box (No.2-5)  Photo
Cyclone Senior  Photo
Cyko Reko  Photo
Empire State View  PhotoInfo
Empire State View (11x14in) 
Handy Box 
Long Focus Premo  Photo
New Model Improved  Photo
New Model View  Photo
Peerless View  Photo
Pocket Cyko No.1 
Pocket Premo  Photo
Pony Premo A  Photo
Pony Premo A-E  PhotoCollection
Pony Premo D  Photo
Pony Premo No. 3B  Photo
Pony Premo No.1 
Pony Premo No.2 
Pony Premo No.3  PhotoCollection
Pony Premo No.4  Photo
Pony Premo No.5  PhotoCollection
Pony Premo No.6  PhotoCollection
Pony Premo No.7 
Pony Premo SR  Photo
Premier Box  Photo
Premier Detective Box 
Premier Folding  Photo
Premo  PhotoCollection
Premo A  Photo
Premo B  PhotoCollection
Premo Box 
Premo Folding Camera  PhotoCollectionComments
Premo Folding Film Camera No.1  Collection
Premo Folding Film Camera No.2 
Premo Folding Film Camera No.3 
Premo Reflecting Camera  Photo
Premo Senior 
Premo Stereo 
Reversible Back Premo  Photo
Rochester Camera 
Rochester Stereo 
Universal  Photo

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