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Olympus Corporation was established in 1919 by Takeshi Yamashita in Tokyo, Japan. The first Olympus camera, the 'Semi-Olympus I', was introduced in 1936. Originally the company was known as Takachiho Seisakusho, but it has undergone several name changes since. In 1942 it became Takachiho Optical, then in 1949 Olympus Optical, and finally in 2003 Olympus Corporation.

Olympus cameras:
Chrome Six I  PhotoInfoManual
Chrome Six II  PhotoInfoManual
Chrome Six IIIa  PhotoInfo
Chrome Six IIIb  Info
Chrome Six IV  Info
Chrome Six RI-a  Info
Chrome Six RI-b  Info
Chrome Six RII-a  PhotoInfo
Chrome Six RII-b  PhotoInfo
Chrome Six V  Info
Ecru  PhotoInfo
Infinity  InfoCollection
Infinity Junior  PhotoInfo
Infinity Stylus Zoom DLX  PhotoInfoCollection
Mju I Limited  PhotoInfo
Mju I Zoom 70  InfoCollection
Mju II Champagne-Gold (CG)  InfoCollection
Mju II Zoom 80 black  PhotoInfoCollection
Mju II Zoom 80 pearl-gold  PhotoInfoCollection
Mju l  PhotoInfoCollection
Mju ll  PhotoInfoCollection
Mju Zoom 105  InfoCollection
Mju Zoom 105 QD  Info
Mju Zoom 115  PhotoInfoCollection
Mju Zoom 140  InfoCollection
Mju Zoom 70 Deluxe  PhotoInfoCollection
Mju Zoom Panorama  PhotoCollection
Mju Zoom Wide 80  PhotoInfoCollection
Newpic 100  Info
Newpic AF200  PhotoInfo
Newpic XB  PhotoInfoCollection
Newpic XB AF  PhotoInfo
Newpic Zoom 60  Info
Newpic Zoom 600  PhotoInfoManual
Newpic Zoom 90  InfoCollection
O-Product  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Olympus 35 DC  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus 35 EC  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus 35 EC2  PhotoInfo
Olympus 35 ECR  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus 35 ED  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus 35 I  PhotoInfo
Olympus 35 II  Info
Olympus 35 III  PhotoInfo
Olympus 35 IV  Info
Olympus 35 IVa  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus 35 IVb  PhotoInfo
Olympus 35 K  Info
Olympus 35 LC  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus 35 LE  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus 35 RC  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus 35 RD  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus 35 S  PhotoInfo
Olympus 35 S Electro-Set  Info
Olympus 35 S II  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus 35 SC  Info
Olympus 35 SP  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus 35 SPn  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus 35 UC  InfoCollection
Olympus 35 Va  Info
Olympus 35 Vb  Info
Olympus 35 Wide E  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Olympus 35 Wide I  PhotoInfo
Olympus 35 Wide II  Info
Olympus 35 Wide S (Super)  Info
Olympus Accura Zoom 105  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus Ace  PhotoInfo
Olympus Ace E  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus Ace E (black)  Photo
Olympus AF 1  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus AF 10 XB  Info
Olympus AF-10  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus AF-10 Mini  InfoCollection
Olympus AF-10 Super  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus AF-10 Twin  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus AF1 Mini  InfoCollection
Olympus AF1 Super  InfoCollection
Olympus AF1 Twin  InfoCollection
Olympus AFL Quickflash  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus AFL-T  Info
Olympus AM-100  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus Auto  PhotoInfo
Olympus Auto (black)  Photo
Olympus Auto B  Info
Olympus Auto Eye  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus Auto Eye II  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus AZ-1 Zoom  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus AZ-100 Zoom  Info
Olympus AZ-200 SuperZoom  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus AZ-210 SuperZoom  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus AZ-220 Wide-Zoom  Info
Olympus AZ-230 SuperZoom  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus AZ-300 SuperZoom  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus AZ-300 SuperZoom (transparent)  Photo
Olympus AZ-330 SuperZoom  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus AZ-4 Zoom  Info
Olympus Centurion  Info
Olympus Centurion S  InfoCollection
Olympus E-3  PhotoInfo
Olympus Flex A (2.8)  PhotoInfo
Olympus Flex A (3.5)  PhotoInfo
Olympus Flex All  Info
Olympus Flex BI  PhotoInfo
Olympus Flex BII  Info
Olympus FTL  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Olympus i-Zoom 60  Info
Olympus i-Zoom 75  PhotoInfo
Olympus IS-100  InfoCollection
Olympus IS-100 S  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus IS-1000  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus IS-200  Info
Olympus IS-2000  PhotoInfoManual
Olympus IS-300  InfoCollection
Olympus IS-3000  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus LT Zoom 105  PhotoInfo
Olympus LT-1  PhotoInfo
Olympus M-1  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus O-Product  PhotoInfo
Olympus OM-1  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Olympus OM-1 (black)  PhotoCollection
Olympus OM-1 MD  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus OM-1 n  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Olympus OM-10  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus OM-10 FC  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus OM-10 Quartz  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus OM-101  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus OM-2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus OM-2 'Japan Camera Show'  Photo
Olympus OM-2 (black)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus OM-2 N  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus OM-2 N (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus OM-2 S (KS-99E)  PhotoInfo
Olympus OM-2 SP  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus OM-20  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus OM-3  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus OM-3 Ti  PhotoInfo
Olympus OM-30  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus OM-4  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus OM-4 T  PhotoInfo
Olympus OM-4 Ti  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus OM-4 Ti black  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus OM-40  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus OM-707 AF  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus OM-F  InfoManual
Olympus OM-G  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus OM-PC  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus Pen  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Olympus Pen D  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus Pen D2  PhotoInfoManual
Olympus Pen D3  PhotoInfo
Olympus Pen D3 EL  PhotoInfo
Olympus Pen EE  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus Pen EE-2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus Pen EE-3  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus Pen EE-EL  InfoCollection
Olympus Pen EED  PhotoInfoManual
Olympus Pen EES  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus Pen EES-2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus Pen EES-EL  Info
Olympus Pen EF  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus Pen EM  PhotoInfo
Olympus Pen F  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Olympus Pen F Endoscope Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus Pen F Microscope Camera  Info
Olympus Pen FT  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Olympus Pen FT black  PhotoInfochartManual
Olympus Pen FT endoscope Camera  Photo
Olympus Pen FT microscope Camera  Info
Olympus Pen FV  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus Pen FV (black)  Photo
Olympus Pen Rapid-EED  Info
Olympus Pen Rapid-EES  Info
Olympus Pen S 2.8  InfoCollectionManual
Olympus Pen S 3.5  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus Pen W (Wide)  Info
Olympus PM 6  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus S  Photo
Olympus Six I  PhotoInfo
Olympus Standard  Info
Olympus XA  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Olympus XA-1  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus XA-2  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus XA-3  PhotoInfoCollection
Olympus XA-4 Macro  PhotoInfoCollection
Quickmatic 600  PhotoInfoCollection
Quickmatic EEM  PhotoInfoCollection
Quickmatic EES  PhotoInfoCollection
Semi Olympus I  Info
Semi Olympus II  PhotoInfoCollection
Stylus Epic  PhotoCollection
Supertrip  Info
Superzoom 105  InfoCollection
Superzoom 105 R  PhotoCollection
Superzoom 110  PhotoInfoCollection
Superzoom 115  Info
Superzoom 120  InfoCollection
Superzoom 140 S  InfoCollection
Superzoom 70  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Superzoom 700 BF  PhotoInfoCollection
Superzoom 700 XB  InfoCollection
Superzoom 80 G  PhotoInfo
Superzoom 80 Wide  InfoCollectionManual
Superzoom 800  InfoCollection
Superzoom 800 S  PhotoInfoCollection
Trip 100  PhotoInfoCollection
Trip 200  PhotoInfo
Trip 201  Photo
Trip 300  InfoCollection
Trip 35 (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Trip 35 (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Trip 35 (gold)  PhotoInfo
Trip AF  InfoCollection
Trip AF 20  Info
Trip AF 30  Info
Trip AF MD  PhotoInfoCollection
Trip AF S-2  Info
Trip AF Super  PhotoCollection
Trip Junior  PhotoInfoCollection
Trip MD2  PhotoInfo
Trip MD3  PhotoInfoCollection
Trip Panorama  Info
Trip XB3  InfoCollection

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