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Established as S├╝ddeutsches Camerawerk K├Ârner & Mayer in 1902, the company changed its name to Camerawerk Sontheim in 1904, and then, in 1908-1909 to Nettel Camerawerk, which became part of Contessa-Nettel in 1919.

Nettel cameras: Years of manufacture:
Argus (Spy Camera) 1909-1913   PhotoComments
Cewes 1903   Photo
Deckrullo Nettel 1909-1919   PhotoCollection
Deckrullo Nettel Tropen (Tropical) 1910-1919   Photo
Deckrullo Stereo Nettel 1910-1919  
Deckrullo Stereo Nettel Tropen (Tropical) 1910-1919   Photo
Duplak c1911  
Kibitz 1905  
Koerma c1903  
Multo-Nettel c1907   Photo
Nettel 1909-1919   Photo
Nettel (w/double extension) 1909-1919   Photo
Ortho Stereo-Nettel c1903-1910s  
Piccolette c1914-1919  
Reflex c1913   Photo
Rolltak 1911  
Sonnet 1908-1919  
Sonnet Tropen (Tropical) 1908-1919   PhotoComments
Sonnet Tropen (Tropical) (4.5x6) 1908-1919   Photo
Stereax (45x107mm) c1909-1919   Photo
Stereax (6x13cm) c1909-1919  
Stereax Tropen (Tropical) c1910-1914  
Stereo-Kibitz 1907-1912  
Stereo-Nettel 1910  
Tettix 1914  
Unitak c1911  

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