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Minox is the brand name of a spy camera; Minox GmbH is the company which began producing the cameras after WWII. The Minox camera was designed by Walter Zapp in 1936, and initially was produced by VEF in Riga. Later, in 1948, the manufacturing process was re- established in West Germany, and the Minox GmbH company was created. In 1996, Leica acquired Minox, but in 2001 Minox split off from Leica and became an independent company once more.

Minox cameras:
Leica IIIf (miniature)  Photo
Minox 110 S  Photo
Minox 110 S transparent  Photo
Minox 35 AF 
Minox 35 AL  Photo
Minox 35 EL  PhotoCollectionManual
Minox 35 GL  PhotoCollectionManual
Minox 35 GL Plexiglas  Photo
Minox 35 GSE  Collection
Minox 35 GT  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Minox 35 GT 'Golf'  Photo
Minox 35 GT Decade Edition  Photo
Minox 35 GT Display  Photo
Minox 35 GT-E  Photo
Minox 35 GT-X 
Minox 35 M.D.C Gold  PhotoInfochart
Minox 35 M.D.C.  Photo
Minox 35 MB  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minox 35 MB Service Camera  Photo
Minox 35 ML  PhotoCollection
Minox 35 ML (Gold button) 
Minox 35 PE  PhotoCollectionManual
Minox 35 PL  PhotoCollectionManual
Minox 35 Touring  Photo
Minox 35 Touring No.0000 
Minox A  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Minox A 'Cigarette Lighter'  PhotoCollection
Minox A Cut-Away  Photo
Minox A Dummy  Photo
Minox A Gold  PhotoInfochart
Minox A Gold Set  PhotoInfo
Minox A Pre-production 
Minox AF 90 DX  Photo
Minox AF Mini 
Minox AX  Photo
Minox AX (bright) 
Minox AX black  Photo
Minox AX Exklusiv  PhotoInfo
Minox AX Gold (50 Years Minox)  PhotoInfochart
Minox AX Limited Edition  Photo
Minox B  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Minox B black  PhotoCollectionchartManual
Minox B gold  PhotoManual
Minox BL  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Minox BL black  PhotoInfoCollection
Minox BL gold 
Minox C  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Minox C 'Bund' (Bundeswehr)  Photo
Minox C Black  PhotoCollectionchartManual
Minox CD 112 black 
Minox CD 112 silver 
Minox CD 140 
Minox CD 140 Date 
Minox CD 25 
Minox CD 29 black 
Minox CD 29 silver 
Minox CD 70 
Minox CLX Explosion  Photo
Minox CLX Special Edition  PhotoComments
Minox EC  PhotoCollectionManual
Minox EC Club-Edition  PhotoInfo
Minox EC Gravur Porsche Cup 82 
Minox EC Plexiglas 
Minox ECX  PhotoManual
Minox GTE  Photo
Minox GTE Stereo  PhotoInfo
Minox II (A II) 
Minox III (A III) gold  PhotoInfo
Minox III (AIII)  Manual
Minox IIIa (A III) 
Minox IIIs (A III, black)  PhotoInfoManual
Minox IIIs (A III, chrome)  PhotoCollection
Minox IIIs (A III, gold)  Photo
Minox Lighter 
Minox LX  PhotoInfochartManual
Minox LX '100 Jahre Walter Zapp'  PhotoInfo
Minox LX (black)  PhotoCollection
Minox LX Aviator Set  PhotoInfo
Minox LX Display  Photo
Minox LX Display (explosion)  Photo
Minox LX Edition 2000 black/gold  Photo
Minox LX Gold  Photo
Minox LX Gold (Selection)  PhotoInfochart
Minox LX Platin  Photochart
Minox LX Pre-series  Photo
Minox LX Sterling  Photo
Minox MX  PhotoCollectionManual
Minox TI-246-2  PhotoInfo
Minox TLX  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minox TLX '100 Jahre Walter Zapp'  PhotoInfo
Presentation Case (Minox 35)  Photo
Presentation Case (Minox A and B)  Photo
Presentation Case (Minox A)  Photo

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