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The company history began in 1928, when the Nichi-Doku Shashinki Shoten ("Japanese-German Photo Pompany") was founded. The first camera manufactured by this company was the "Nifcalette" (NIFCA being an acronym for Nippon Foto Cameras). The company name changed several times: in 1931 it became Molta; in 1937 it became Chiyoda; and in 1962 it was changed again to Minolta. In 2004 Minolta merged with Konica, forming the Konica-Minolta company, which discontinued camera production in 2006.

Minolta cameras:
Arcadia (Molta)  PhotoInfo
Auto Minolta (type 0)  Info
Auto Minolta (type 1)  PhotoInfo
Auto Minolta (type 2)  Info
Auto Minolta (type 3)  Info
Autopress Minolta  PhotoInfo
Baby Minolta (1)  PhotoInfo
Baby Minolta (2)  PhotoInfo
Baby Minolta (3)  PhotoInfo
Baby Minolta (4)  PhotoInfo
Courreges AC 101  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Courreges AC 301  PhotoInfo
Dynax 2xi  PhotoInfoManual
Dynax 3000i  PhotoInfo
Dynax 300si  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Dynax 303si  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 3L  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 3xi  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 404si  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 404si Date  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 5  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 5 xi  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 500 si (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 500 si (silver)  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 5000i  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 500si super  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 505si  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 505si Super  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 60  PhotoInfo
Dynax 600si Classic  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 7000i  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 700si  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 7xi  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 8000i  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 8000i Prestige  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 800si  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 9  PhotoInfo
Dynax 9 Ti  PhotoInfoCollection
Dynax 9xi  PhotoInfo
Dynax SP xi  PhotoInfoCollection
Eaton  Info
ER  Info
Freedom 35R-FF  Photo
Freedom R-AF  PhotoInfo
Freedom Sightseer  Info
Happy (Molta)  PhotoInfo
Happy S (Molta)  PhotoInfo
Hi-matic  PhotoInfoCollection
Hi-matic 11  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Hi-matic 5  PhotoInfoCollection
Hi-matic 7  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Hi-matic 7 S  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Hi-matic 7 S II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Hi-matic 9  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Hi-matic AF  PhotoInfoCollection
Hi-matic AF 2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Hi-matic AF2-M  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Hi-matic C  PhotoInfoCollection
Hi-matic D  Info
Hi-matic E  PhotoInfoCollection
Hi-matic E (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Hi-matic F  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Hi-matic FP  PhotoInfoCollection
Hi-matic G  PhotoInfoCollection
Hi-matic G2  PhotoInfoCollection
Hi-matic GF  InfoCollection
Hi-matic S  PhotoInfoCollection
Hi-matic S2  PhotoInfo
Hi-matic SD  Info
Instant PRO  PhotoInfoCollection
Konan 16 Stereo (Chiyoda Kogaku)  Info
Konan-16 (Chiyoda Kogaku)  InfoCollectionComments
Konan-16 Automat (Chiyoda Kogaku)  PhotoInfoManual
Luftbild camera (Aerial)  Info
Maxxum (Transparent)  Photo
Maxxum 3000i  PhotoCollectionManual
Maxxum 3xi  PhotoCollection
Maxxum 5000  PhotoCollection
Maxxum 7000  PhotoCollection
Maxxum 7000i  PhotoCollection
Memo  PhotoInfo
Memory Maker  Info
Miniflex  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Minolta  Info
Minolta 110 Mark II  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta 110 Zoom SLR  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta 16 (black)  InfoManual
Minolta 16 (blue)  InfoManual
Minolta 16 (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta 16 (gold, red, green)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta 16 (silver)  InfoCollectionManual
Minolta 16 Automat  Info
Minolta 16 EE I  InfoManual
Minolta 16 EE II  InfoCollectionManual
Minolta 16 II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta 16 MG  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta 16 MG (gold)  PhotoInfo
Minolta 16 MG Kit  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta 16 MG-S  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta 16 P  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta 16 PS  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta 16 QT  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta 24 Rapid  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta 35 (first Model, original)  PhotoInfo
Minolta 35 Model B  PhotoInfo
Minolta 35 Model C  InfoCollection
Minolta 35 Model D  Info
Minolta 35 Model E  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta 35 Model F  PhotoInfo
Minolta 35 Model II  PhotoInfochart
Minolta 35 Model II (type 2)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Minolta 35 Model IIB  PhotoInfo
Minolta 5000 AF  InfoCollection
Minolta 7000 AF  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta 7000 AF Gold  PhotoInfo
Minolta 9000 AF  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta A  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta A2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta A2 LT  Info
Minolta A3  Info
Minolta A5 (shutter 1-1000)  Collection
Minolta A5 (shutter 1-500)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta AF 101R  PhotoInfoManual
Minolta AF C  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta AF DL  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta AF E  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta AF E II  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta AF S  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta AF SP  Info
Minolta AF Sv  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta AF T  Info
Minolta AF Tele 60  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta AF Tele Super  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta AF Z  PhotoInfo
Minolta AF Zoom 65  Info
Minolta AF Zoom 90  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta AL  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta AL 2  Info
Minolta AL E  Info
Minolta AL F  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta AL S  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Minolta Auto Semi  Info
Minolta Auto Wide  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Autocord  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Autocord CdS-I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta Autocord CdS-II  Info
Minolta Autocord CdS-III  InfoManual
Minolta Autocord L  InfoManual
Minolta Autocord LMX  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Autocord M  Manual
Minolta Autocord RA  PhotoInfo
Minolta Autocord RG  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Automat  PhotoInfo
Minolta Autopak 200  Info
Minolta Autopak 230  PhotoInfo
Minolta Autopak 250  Info
Minolta Autopak 270  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Autopak 400X  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Autopak 450E  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Minolta Autopak 460TX  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Autopak 50  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Autopak 500  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Autopak 500 (transparent)  Photo
Minolta Autopak 550  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Autopak 600X  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Autopak 70  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Autopak 700  InfoCollection
Minolta Autopak 800  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Best I (Vest)  PhotoInfoComments
Minolta Best II (Vest)  PhotoInfo
Minolta Best III (Vest)  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta CLE  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Minolta CLE (gold)  PhotoInfo
Minolta Disc-5  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Disc-7  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Electro-Shot  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta ER  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta F 10  Info
Minolta F 10 BF  Info
Minolta F 20R  PhotoInfoManual
Minolta FS 35  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta FS 35 Big Finder  PhotoInfo
Minolta FS-E  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta FS-E II  PhotoInfo
Minolta FS-E III  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Minolta Maxxum 7000 AF  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta Prod 20 S  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Minolta Six  PhotoInfo
Minolta SR-1 black  PhotoInfoManual
Minolta SR-1 chrome  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta SR-1 S  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta SR-101  Info
Minolta SR-2  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta SR-3  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta SR-505  Info
Minolta SR-7  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta SR-M  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta SRT Super  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta SRT-100  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta SRT-100b  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta SRT-100X  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta SRT-101  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta SRT-101b  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta SRT-102  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta SRT-200  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta SRT-201  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta SRT-202  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta SRT-303  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Minolta SRT-303B  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta SRT-MC  PhotoInfo
Minolta SRT-MC II  InfoCollectionManual
Minolta SRT-SC  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta SRT-SC II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta Super A  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta TC-1  PhotoInfo
Minolta V2  PhotoInfo
Minolta V3  Info
Minolta X-1  PhotoInfoManual
Minolta X-1 Motor  Info
Minolta X-300  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta X-300 S  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta X-370  PhotoCollection
Minolta X-370 N  PhotoInfoManual
Minolta X-370 S  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta X-500  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta X-570  PhotoCollection
Minolta X-600  Info
Minolta X-700  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta X-7A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta XD 'Japan Camera Show'  Photo
Minolta XD (Minolta XD11)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta XD black '50th Anniversary'  PhotoInfo
Minolta XD OT-20  Photo
Minolta XD-5  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta XD-7  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta XD-S  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta XE  Info
Minolta XE-1 (black)  PhotoInfoManual
Minolta XE-1 (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta XE-1 (gold)  Photo
Minolta XE-5  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Minolta XE-7  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta XG-1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta XG-2  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta XG-7  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta XG-9  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta XG-A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta XG-E  InfoCollection
Minolta XG-M  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta XG-S  InfoCollection
Minolta XG-SE  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta XK  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Minolta XK Motor  InfoCollection
Minolta XL 225  Photo
Minolta XL 601  PhotoInfoCollection
Minolta XM  PhotoInfo
Minolta XM Motor  PhotoInfo
Minoltacord  PhotoInfoCollection
Minoltacord Automat  Info
Minoltaflex  PhotoInfoManual
Minoltaflex II  PhotoInfoCollection
Minoltaflex IIB  Info
Minoltaflex III  Info
Minoltina AL-S  PhotoInfoManual
Minoltina P  PhotoInfoCollection
Minoltina S  PhotoInfoCollection
Nifca-Dox  Info
Nifca-Klapp  Info
Nifca-Sport  Info
Nifcarette (Nifcalette) Models A  Info
Nifcarette (Nifcalette) Models B  PhotoInfo
Nifcarette (Nifcalette) Models D  Info
Panorama Zoom 28  Info
Panorama Zoom 28 QD  Info
Pocketpak 401  Info
Repo  PhotoInfoCollection
Repo S  Info
Revue 16  Info
Revue 16 KB  Info
Riva 105  Collection
Riva 35  Info
Riva 35 ST  Info
Riva 35c 
Riva 70c 
Riva 90c 
Riva AF35  InfoCollection
Riva AF35 C  Info
Riva AF35 EX  InfoCollection
Riva GT  InfoCollection
Riva Mini  InfoCollection
Riva Mini Zoom 105EX  Info
Riva Panorama  Info
Riva Pico  Info
Riva Twin 28  InfoCollection
Riva Zoom 105 EX  InfoCollection
Riva Zoom 105i  PhotoInfoCollection
Riva Zoom 105i Date  PhotoInfo
Riva Zoom 115  PhotoInfoCollection
Riva Zoom 115 EX  Info
Riva Zoom 125 EX  InfoCollection
Riva Zoom 125 EX Date  Info
Riva Zoom 130  PhotoInfoCollection
Riva Zoom 135 EX  PhotoInfoCollection
Riva Zoom 140  Info
Riva Zoom 140 EX  PhotoInfoManual
Riva Zoom 150  PhotoInfo
Riva Zoom 150 QD  Info
Riva Zoom 160  Info
Riva Zoom 70  PhotoInfo
Riva Zoom 70 c  Collection
Riva Zoom 70 EX  PhotoInfoCollection
Riva Zoom 70 W  Info
Riva Zoom 75 W  PhotoInfoCollection
Riva Zoom 90  Info
Riva Zoom 90 c  Info
Riva Zoom 90 Date  Info
Riva Zoom 90 EX  Info
Riva Zoom Pico  PhotoInfoCollection
Semi Minolta Auto  Info
Semi Minolta I  PhotoInfo
Semi Minolta II  PhotoInfo
Semi Minolta IIIA  PhotoInfo
Semi Minolta IIIB  PhotoInfo
Semi Minolta IIIC  PhotoInfo
Semi Minolta P  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Sirius (Molta)  PhotoInfo
Sky  Info
Sonocon 16  PhotoInfo
Sonocon MB-ZA  Info
Uniomat I  PhotoInfoCollection
Uniomat II  PhotoInfoCollection
Uniomat III  InfoCollection
Vectis 10  Info
Vectis 20  Info
Vectis 200  Info
Vectis 2000  PhotoInfoCollection
Vectis 25  PhotoInfo
Vectis 260  PhotoInfoCollection
Vectis 30  PhotoInfoCollection
Vectis 300  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vectis 300 L  PhotoInfo
Vectis 40  InfoCollection
Vectis GX 1  PhotoInfoCollection
Vectis GX 2  PhotoInfo
Vectis GX 3  Info
Vectis GX 4  InfoCollection
Vectis S-1  PhotoInfoCollection
Vectis S-100  PhotoInfo
Vectis UC  Info
Vectis Weathermatic  PhotoInfoCollection
Weathermatic 35 DL (Dual)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Weathermatic A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual

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