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Mamiya was founded in 1940. The first camera the company produced was the original Mamiya Six, a folding compact rangefinder. Currently Mamiya manufactures hi-end medium-format cameras as well as digital backs. An excellent resource about Mamiya cameras can be found at the web-site by Ron Herron. Also, you may find an almost complete Mamiya timeline here (Japanese only). If you are looking for Mamiya lens prices, check the Mamiya Lens Price Guide.

Mamiya cameras:
Auto Metra  PhotoInfo
Auto Metra II  PhotoInfo
Camex-Six  PhotoInfo
Crown  PhotoInfo
Elca  PhotoInfo
Family  PhotoInfoCollection
Junior  Info
Korvette  Info
Mamiya 135  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya 135 AF  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya 135 EE  PhotoCollection
Mamiya 135 EF  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya 16  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 16 (black)  Info
Mamiya 16 (Police)  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 16 (Type II)  Info
Mamiya 16 Automatic  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Mamiya 16 Deluxe  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 16 EE  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 16 EE Deluxe  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 16 Super  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya 16 Super II  Info
Mamiya 16 Super III  PhotoInfoManual
Mamiya 23 Deluxe  Info
Mamiya 23 Press  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya 23 Standard  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya 35 D  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 35 EE 11  Manual
Mamiya 35 I  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 35 II  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 35 II Deluxe  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 35 III  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 35 M Time Memory  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya 35 M3  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 35 Magazine  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya 35 S  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 35 S2  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 35 Wide  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 35 Wide E  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 4B  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya 528 AL  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya 6 (1989)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Mamiya 6 MF (1989)  PhotoInfo
Mamiya 7  PhotoInfoManual
Mamiya 7 II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya Auto Deluxe  PhotoInfo
Mamiya Auto Deluxe 2  PhotoInfo
Mamiya Auto Lux 35  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya Automatic 35 EEF  PhotoInfo
Mamiya CP  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya DSX 1000  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya DSX 1000 B  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya DSX 500  PhotoInfo
Mamiya EE Merit  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya EE Super Merit  PhotoInfo
Mamiya G (8mm)  PhotoCollection
Mamiya M  PhotoInfo
Mamiya M 645  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya M 645 1000S  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Mamiya M 645 1000S 'Jubilee'  PhotoInfo
Mamiya M 645 AF  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya M 645 AFD  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya M 645 E  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya M 645 Junior  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya M 645 Pro  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya M 645 Pro TL  CollectionManual
Mamiya M 645 Super  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Mamiya M 645 SV  InfoManual
Mamiya MSX 1000  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya MSX 500  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya NC 1000  PhotoInfoManual
Mamiya NC 1000 S  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya Press G  PhotoInfo
Mamiya Press S  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya RB 67  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya RB 67 gold 
Mamiya RB 67 Pro S  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Mamiya RB 67 Pro S Gold  PhotoInfochart
Mamiya RB 67 Pro SD  PhotoManual
Mamiya RB 67 Pro SD Gold  PhotoInfo
Mamiya RZ 67 Pro  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Mamiya RZ 67 Pro body  PhotoInfoManual
Mamiya RZ 67 Pro GL  Info
Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Mamiya Sekor 1000 DTL  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya Sekor 1000 TL  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya Sekor 2000 DTL  PhotoInfo
Mamiya Sekor 500 DTL  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya Sekor 500 TL  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya Sekor 528 AL  PhotoInfo
Mamiya Sekor 528 TL  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya Sekor Auto X1000  PhotoInfoManual
Mamiya Sekor Auto XTL  PhotoInfoManual
Mamiya Sekor CWP  PhotoInfoManual
Mamiya Sekor DSX 1000  PhotoInfoManual
Mamiya Sekor DSX 500  InfoManual
Mamiya Sekor MSX 1000  PhotoInfo
Mamiya Sekor MSX 500  PhotoInfo
Mamiya Six I  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya Six Ia  Info
Mamiya Six II  Info
Mamiya Six III  PhotoInfo
Mamiya Super 23  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya U  PhotoInfoManual
Mamiya U Autofocus  PhotoInfo
Mamiya Universal Press  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya ZE  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya ZE Quarz  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya ZE-2 Quarz  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya ZE-X  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya ZM Quarz  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiya-6 Automat  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiya-6 Automat 2  PhotoInfo
Mamiya-6 IV  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Mamiya-6 IVB  PhotoInfo
Mamiya-6 IVS  PhotoInfo
Mamiya-6 K  PhotoInfo
Mamiya-6 K II  PhotoInfo
Mamiya-6 P  PhotoInfo
Mamiya-6 V  PhotoInfo
Mamiyaflex Automat A  PhotoInfo
Mamiyaflex Automat A II  PhotoInfo
Mamiyaflex Automat A III  PhotoInfo
Mamiyaflex Automat B  PhotoInfo
Mamiyaflex Automat B II  PhotoInfo
Mamiyaflex C  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Mamiyaflex C2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiyaflex C22  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiyaflex C220  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiyaflex C220 F  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiyaflex C3  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiyaflex C33  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiyaflex C330  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiyaflex C330 F  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiyaflex C330 S  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mamiyaflex I  PhotoInfoManual
Mamiyaflex II  PhotoInfoCollection
Mamiyaflex Junior  PhotoInfo
Mamiyaflex PF  PhotoInfo
Mammy  PhotoInfo
Metra (1958)  PhotoInfo
Metra (1959)  PhotoInfo
Metramatic  Info
Mirageflex 1000 S  PhotoInfo
Myrapid  PhotoInfo
Pistol-Camera  PhotoInfo
Prismat NP  PhotoInfo
Prismat PH  PhotoInfo
Prismat V-90  Info
Prismat WP  PhotoInfo
Pro-Matic  Info
Rank Mamiya  PhotoInfoCollection
Rapid Omega 200 (KE-58)  PhotoInfo
Reflexa  Info
Ruby  PhotoInfo
Ruby Standard  PhotoInfoCollection
Saturn  Info
Sketch  PhotoInfo
Super Deluxe I  InfoCollectionManual
Super Deluxe II  PhotoInfo

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