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The Linhof company, which was established in 1887 in Munich, Germany, still produces premium camera models.

Linhof cameras:
Aerial Aero 220 (NASA)  PhotoInfo
Aero-Press  PhotoInfo
Aero-Press 'Bundeswehr'  PhotoInfo
Aero-Technika  PhotoInfoCollection
Aero-Technika (18x24)  Info
Aero-Technika (box)  Info
Aero-Technika 45  PhotoInfo
Aero-Technika 45 EL  Info
Aerotronica 69  PhotoInfo
Amata  Info
Baby Linhof  Info
Coco  Info
Color  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Electric 70  Info
Kardan  Info
Kardan Bi-System  PhotoInfo
Kardan Color  PhotoInfoCollection
Kardan Color 45 S  PhotoInfoCollection
Kardan E  PhotoInfoCollection
Kardan GT  Info
Kardan GTI  Info
Kardan LT  Info
Kardan Master GTL  PhotoInfo
Kardan Master L  Info
Kardan Master TL  PhotoInfo
Kardan Standard  PhotoInfo
Kardan Super Color  Info
Kardan TE  Info
Kardan TE-L  Info
Linhof (folding, 1903)  Info
Linhof (folding, 1906)  PhotoInfo
Linhof 220  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Linhof 220 PL  Info
Linhof 220 RS  Info
Linhof M 679  PhotoInfo
Linhof Präzisionskamera (13x18)  PhotoInfo
Linhof Präzisionskamera (4.5x6)  PhotoInfo
Linhof Präzisionskamera (horizontal)  Info
Linhof Präzisionskamera (model 1934)  Info
Linhof Präzisionskamera (square)  PhotoInfo
Linhof Präzisionskamera (vertical)  Info
Master Technika  PhotoInfo
Master Technika (Special)  PhotoInfo
Master Technika '50 Years'  PhotoInfo
Master Technika '50 Years' Gold  PhotoInfo
Master Technika 2000  Info
Metrika 45  Info
Press 70  Info
Quadrophot  Info
Standard  PhotoInfo
Standard 'Luftwaffeneigentum'  PhotoInfo
Standard Press  Info
Stereo Panorama  PhotoInfo
Stereo Panorama (6x13)  Info
Studio Camera 70  InfoCollection
Super Technika III (6x9, no RF)  Info
Super Technika III (6x9)  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Technika IV  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Super Technika IV Green  PhotoInfo
Super Technika V  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Technar 45  PhotoInfo
Technika  PhotoInfo
Technika (13x18)  PhotoInfo
Technika (18x24)  PhotoInfo
Technika 'Luftwaffeneigentum'  PhotoInfo
Technika 70  PhotoInfoCommentsManual
Technika Flex  Info
Technika II  PhotoInfoComments
Technika III  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Technika IV  PhotoInfo
Technika Medizin  Info
Technika Press 23  PhotoInfo
Technika V  PhotoInfo
Technikardan  PhotoInfo
Technikardan Panorama  PhotoInfo
Technikardan S  PhotoInfo
Technorama (6x17)  PhotoInfochart
Technorama 612 PC  Info
Technorama 612 PC II  PhotoInfo
Technorama 612 PC III  Info
Technorama 617 S  PhotoInfo
Technorama 617 S III  Info
Technorama 617 S III (Jubilee)  PhotoInfo
Universal  PhotoInfoComments
Weitwinkel 65 (Wide Angle)  PhotoInfo

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