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The Kuribayashi company was founded in 1907 in Tokyo, Japan, althought it didn't begin producing cameras until 1919, when the Speed Reflex was first introduced. Early cameras were labeled with the "First" brand name, while later ones carried the "Petri"brand name. In 1962, the company changed its name name to Petri brand name. In 1977, Petri unfortunately went bankrupt, and the Petri name was sold to Cosina.

Kuribayashi (Petri) cameras:
Auto Semi First  PhotoInfo
Baby Semi First  Info
BB Baby Semi First  PhotoInfo
First Center  Info
First Etui  Info
First Hand  Info
First Hand (New Camera)  Info
First Reflex  Info
First Reflex 2  Info
First Roll  PhotoInfo
First Roll Deluxe  PhotoInfo
First Six  PhotoInfo
First Speed Pocket  Info
Karoron  PhotoInfoCollection
Karoron S  Info
Karoron SII  Info
Kokka Hand  Info
Kokka Hand (new)  PhotoInfo
Kuri  PhotoInfo
Lo Ruby  Info
Mikuni  PhotoInfo
Petri 1.8 Color Corrected  Info
Petri 1.9 Color Corrected  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri 110 EF  Info
Petri 2.8 Color Corrected  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri 200 (110 Pocket)  PhotoInfo
Petri 35  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri 35 AF-F  Info
Petri 35 E  PhotoInfoCollection
Petri 35 EF  Info
Petri 35 MX  Info
Petri 35 RE  Info
Petri 35 X  Info
Petri 7  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Petri 7 S  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri 7 S II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri Auto Rapid  Info
Petri Automat  PhotoInfo
Petri Blue Magic Scope  Info
Petri CF-35  Info
Petri Color 35  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri Color 35 E  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri Compact  Info
Petri Compact 17  PhotoInfo
Petri Compact E  PhotoInfoManual
Petri Computor 35  PhotoInfoCollection
Petri Computor II  PhotoInfo
Petri Computor III  Info
Petri EBN  PhotoInfo
Petri ES Auto  PhotoInfoCollection
Petri F2  Info
Petri FA-1  PhotoInfoManual
Petri Flex 7  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri Flex V  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri FT  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri FT 1000  InfoCollectionManual
Petri FT 500  InfoComments
Petri FT EE  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri FT II  InfoCollectionManual
Petri FTE  PhotoInfoManual
Petri FTX  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri Grip Pac 110  Info
Petri GX-1  Info
Petri GX-2  InfoCollection
Petri GX-3  Info
Petri GX-4  Info
Petri Half  Info
Petri Half 7  InfoManual
Petri Hi-Lite  Info
Petri Instant Back  Info
Petri Junior  Info
Petri M 35  Info
Petri MF-1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri MF-10  Info
Petri MF-101  InfoManual
Petri MF-101A  Info
Petri MF-102  InfoManual
Petri MF-103  InfoManual
Petri MF-104  Info
Petri MF-2  PhotoInfoManual
Petri MF-3  InfoManual
Petri MF-4  PhotoInfo
Petri MFT 1000  Info
Petri Micro Compact  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri Penta  PhotoInfoCommentsManual
Petri Penta Junior  Info
Petri Penta V (Automatic)  InfoCollection
Petri Penta V2  PhotoInfoManual
Petri Penta V3 (Petri Flex V3)  PhotoInfo
Petri Penta V6 (Petri Flex V6)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Petri Penta V6 II  PhotoInfoCollection
Petri PF-2  PhotoInfo
Petri Prest  PhotoInfoCollection
Petri Pro 7  Info
Petri Push Pull 110  Info
Petri PX 5  PhotoInfo
Petri PX 5 F  Info
Petri PX 7  PhotoInfo
Petri Racer  PhotoInfoCollection
Petri RE II  Info
Petri RF  PhotoInfoCollection
Petri Semi  PhotoInfo
Petri Semi II  Info
Petri Semi III  Info
Petri Starter  PhotoInfoCollection
Petri Super  Info
Petri Super V  Info
Petri TTL  InfoCollectionManual
Petri TTL-2  PhotoInfo
Petri Zoom 110 2S  Info
Petriflex  Info
Romax Hand Camera  Info
Semi First (A)  PhotoInfo
Semi First (B.B. Deluxe)  Info
Semi First (B.B.)  PhotoInfo
Semi First (B)  Info
Semi First (III)  Info
Semi First (Model U)  InfoCollection
Semi First (Model V)  PhotoInfo
Speed Reflex (1919)  Info
Tokiwa Hand  Info

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