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The company was formed in c1936 as a Optochrom-sha. During its lifetime it was used several company names for manufacturing and selling cameras:
Before war:
c1937-1943: Kigawa (manufacturer)
c1936-1941: Optochrom (sales)
c1941-1942: Nichiei Shōkai (sales)
c1942-1944: Kikō (sales)
After war:
c1946-1950: Shin
c1950-1952: Kigawa
c1952-1953: Carl
In 1953 the company ceased its operations.

Kigawa cameras: Years of manufacture:
Baby Chrome c1936-1937  
Carl-6 c1952-1953  
Gotex c1941-1945   PhotoCollection
Graceflex c1951-1952  
Kiko Semi c1940  
Kulex c1948  
Orionflex c1950s  
Poppy c1948  
Poppy Six II c1946  
Rectaflex (Model 1) c1951  
Semi Sixteenth c1939  
Tsubasa Arawashi c1939-1940   Photo
Tsubasa Chrome c1937   PhotoCollection
Tsubasa Semi c1952   Photo
Tsubasa Semi Chrome (Model B) c1939  
Tsubasa Spring c1934  
Tsubasa Super Semi c1938-1941  
Tsubashi Kiko III c1941   Photo
Tubasaflex (Tsubasaflex) c1951  
Tubasaflex Junior c1951   PhotoCollection

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