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The Ihagee (IHG - Industrie und Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.) company was founded in 1912 in Dresden, Germany, but was Dutch-owned. The first camera manufactured by Ihagee was the Photorex, released in 1912. In 1951, Ihagee was merged into VEB Pentacon.

Ihagee cameras:
AMA 420  Info
Astraflex 55  InfoComments
Auto Ultrix Junior 4860  InfoCollection
Auto Ultrix Westentaschen 2850 (Vest Pocket Camera)  PhotoInfoManual
Auto Ultrix Westentaschen 4850 (Vest Pocket Camera)  PhotoInfoManual
Auto Ultrix Zweiformat 2860 (Double-format)  PhotoInfoCollection
Auto Ultrix Zweiformat 3860 (Double-format)  InfoCollection
Auto-Photoklapp (2220)  Info
Corona 2030  Info
Corona 2035  Info
Corona 2045  Info
Corona 2046  Info
Derby  InfoCollection
Duplex  PhotoInfoCollection
Elbaflex (175)  InfoManual
Elbaflex VX 1000  PhotoInfoCollection
Elbaflex VX 500  InfoCollection
Elbaflex X 1000  PhotoInfo
Exa  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Exa 500  PhotoInfoCollection
Exa I  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Exa Ia  PhotoInfoCollection
Exa Ia 'Canada Police'  Info
Exa Ia 'Pentacon Tower'  Info
Exa Ib  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Exa Ib (half-frame)  PhotoInfo
Exa Ib black  PhotoInfoManual
Exa Ib Post  PhotoInfo
Exa Ic  PhotoInfoCollection
Exa II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Exa IIa  PhotoInfoCollection
Exa IIb  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Exa Varex  Info
Exakta 100  Info
Exakta 110 EF  PhotoInfo
Exakta 500  PhotoInfo
Exakta 66 (horizontal) (1933)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Exakta 66 (vertical) (1948)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Exakta 770  Info
Exakta 870  Info
Exakta 900  Info
Exakta A (Original) black  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Exakta A chrome  PhotoInfoComments
Exakta B black  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Exakta B chrome  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Exakta BF  Info
Exakta BF-AF  Info
Exakta C  PhotoInfo
Exakta Chico AF  Info
Exakta Diamant (prototype)  PhotoInfoComments
Exakta Hit  PhotoInfo
Exakta II  PhotoInfo
Exakta Junior  PhotoInfo
Exakta Junior (1st type)  PhotoInfo
Exakta Junior black  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Exakta Macro 70 AF  Info
Exakta Mini  Info
Exakta Mini AF  Info
Exakta Nova 400  Info
Exakta Nova 410 AF  Info
Exakta Nova 700 AF  Info
Exakta RTL 1000  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Exakta Super Zoom 1200 AF  Info
Exakta Top  PhotoInfo
Exakta Top AF  Info
Exakta V (Varex)  PhotoInfoCollection
Exakta VX (Varex VX) (Varex X)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
Exakta VX 100  Info
Exakta VX 1000  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Exakta VX 1000 Luxus  Info
Exakta VX 200  PhotoInfo
Exakta VX 500  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Exakta VX 500 (chrome base plate)  PhotoInfo
Exakta VX IIa (colored)  InfoManual
Exakta VX IIa (Exakta Varex IIa)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Exakta VX IIa (stereo outfit)  PhotoInfoComments
Exakta VX IIb (Varex IIb)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Exakta VX IIb (Varex IIb) Luxus  Info
Exakta Zoom 110 AF  Info
Exakta Zoom 520  Info
Exakta Zoom 70  Info
Exakta Zoom 70 Date  Info
Exakta Zoom 701 AF  PhotoInfo
Kine Exacta I (square viewfinder) (after war edition)  PhotoInfoCollection
Kine Exacta I (square viewfinder) (before war edition)  PhotoInfoCollection
Kine Exakta I 'Kriegsmarine' (German Navy)  PhotoInfo
Kine Exakta I (after war edition)  Info
Kine Exakta I (round viewfinder) (before war edition)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Kine Exakta I (square viewfinder) (before war edition)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Kine Exakta II (1949)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Mikrobie  Info
Neugold Tropen 910 (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Neugold Tropen 920 (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Neugold Tropen 930 (Tropical)  Info
Neusilber Tropen (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Night-camera (Nachtkamera)  PhotoInfo
Night-Exakta  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Night-reflex (Nachtreflex)  PhotoInfo
Parvola (Klein-Ultrix) 1350 (4x6.5cm)  PhotoInfoCollection
Parvola (Klein-Ultrix) 1450 (3x4cm)  PhotoInfoCollection
Parvola Zweiformat 1550 (2-format)  Info
Patent Duplex 710  PhotoInfoCollection
Patent Duplex 720  Info
Patent Duplex 730  Info
Patent Duplex 740  Info
Patent Klapp Reflex  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Patent Klapp Reflex Tropen (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Photoklapp Stereo-Automat  Info
Photoknips (Nr. 100, Model A)  Info
Photoknips (Nr. 200, Model B)  Info
Photoknips No.1  PhotoInfo
Photoknips No.2  PhotoInfo
Photorex  PhotoInfoCollection
Pionier  Info
Pionier Automat  Info
Plan-Paff Reflex 10  Info
Plan-Paff Reflex 3  PhotoInfoCollection
Plan-Paff Reflex 4  PhotoInfo
Plan-Paff Reflex 7  Info
Plan-Paff Reflex 9  PhotoInfo
Republic Full-View  Info
Roll-Paff Reflex Luxus  PhotoInfo
Roll-Paff-Reflex No.20  PhotoInfo
Roll-Paff-Reflex No.21  PhotoInfo
Roll-Paff-Reflex No.21H  PhotoInfoCollection
Serien-Reflex 2110  PhotoInfo
Serien-Reflex 2113  Info
Serien-Reflex 2120  Info
Serien-Reflex Tropen 2120 (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Sport 1810  Info
Sport 1820  Info
Sport 1830  Info
Sport-Roll-Film-camera  Info
Stereo-Automat (Nr. 1715)  Info
Ultrix Duplex No.1560  Info
Ultrix No.1460  PhotoInfo
Ultrix No.1470  Info
Ultrix No.1475  Info
Ultrix No.1485  Info
Ultrix No.1490  Info
Ultrix No.2960  Info
Ultrix Simplex 1360  PhotoInfoCollection
Ultrix Simplex 1360 Luxus  Info
Ultrix Simplex 1370  Info
Ultrix Stereo No.1690  PhotoInfo
Ultrix-Automat (Nr. 1250)  Info
Universal  Info
Venus 610  PhotoInfo
Victor 510  Info
Victor 520  PhotoInfoCollection
Victor 530  InfoCollection
Zweiverschluss Duplex (1010, 6.5x9, f2.9)  Photo
Zweiverschluss Duplex (1010, 6.5x9)  PhotoInfoCollection
Zweiverschluss Duplex (1020, 9x12)  PhotoInfoCollection
Zweiverschluss Duplex (1030, 10x15)  PhotoInfo

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