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ICA (Internationale Camera Ag) was established in 1909 as a result of the merger of four companies: Hüttig AG, Kamerawerk Dr. Krügener, Wünsche AG and Carl Zeiss Palmos AG. In 1926, ICA became a part of the Zeiss Ikon company.

ICA cameras:
Aerial Camera  PhotoInfo
Alpha (6x6)  PhotoInfoCollection
Alpha (9x12)  Info
Amateur-Apparate  Info
Atelier Universal (Studio Camera)  Info
Atelierkamera (Studio Camera)  Info
Atom (50, vertical)  PhotoInfo
Atom (51, vertical)  PhotoInfo
Atom (53, horizontal)  PhotoInfochartComments
Aviso (1)  PhotoInfo
Aviso (4)  PhotoInfo
Bebe (40)  PhotoInfo
Bebe (41)  PhotoInfo
Bosco 2  Info
Briefmarken (Stamp Camera)  PhotoInfo
Cameo Stereo  Info
Corrida  InfoComments
Cupido (6x9, plate)  PhotoInfo
Cupido (9x12, plate)  Info
Cupido (horizontal, rollfilm)  Info
Cupido (vertical, rollfilm)  PhotoInfo
Delta (208)  PhotoInfo
Delta (76)  PhotoInfo
Dreiverschluss Stereo-Panorama (690/691)  PhotoInfo
Elegant  Info
Excelsior  Info
Favorit (265)  Info
Favorit (265) Tropical  PhotoInfo
Favorit (266) Tropical  PhotoInfo
Favorit (335)  PhotoInfoCollection
Favorit (425)  InfoComments
Favorit Stereo  Info
Fulgur  Info
Halloh (505/506)  Info
Halloh (510/511)  PhotoInfoCollection
Halloh (570)  PhotoInfoCollection
Halloh-Nixe (556/557)  Info
Hekla (168)  Info
Hochtourist  Info
Icar (180)  PhotoInfo
Icarette (4x6.5)  Info
Icarette (6.5x11)  PhotoInfoCollection
Icarette (6x6)  PhotoInfo
Icarette (6x9)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ideal (10x15)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ideal (13x18)  PhotoInfo
Ideal (6.5x9)  PhotoInfo
Ideal (9x12, 1909)  PhotoInfo
Ideal (9x12, 1912)  PhotoInfo
Ideal Stereo (6x13, 651)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ideal Stereo (9x18, 650)  PhotoInfoComments
Ikarus (250/251)  Info
Ikarus Stereo (630)  Info
Ingo (395)  Info
Jul (400)  Info
Jul Stereo (402)  Info
Juwel (Universal Juwel)  PhotoInfo
Kinamo (540/K)  PhotoInfo
Kinamo 35mm  PhotoInfo
Klapp Stereo-Palmos (695 - 9x12)  Info
Klapp-Palmos (255)  PhotoInfo
Klimax Lukos II  PhotoInfo
Kolux Senior 3 AC  PhotoInfo
Kosmopolit (818/819)  Info
Lloyd (535/575)  PhotoInfo
Lloyd (585)  Info
Lloyd Stereo (660/675)  PhotoInfo
Lloyd Stereo Panorama (670)  PhotoInfo
Lloyd-Cupido (540)  Info
Lloyd-Cupido (560)  PhotoInfoCollection
Lola (135)  Info
Lola (136)  PhotoInfo
Lola (511)  Info
Maximar (107)  InfoComments
Maximar (207)  PhotoInfoCollection
Maximar Stereo (207)  Info
Minimal (235)  PhotoInfo
Minimum Palmos (10x15, 457)  PhotoInfoCollection
Minimum Palmos (4.5x6, 450/453)  PhotoInfo
Minimum Palmos (6x9/6.5x9, 454)  PhotoInfo
Minimum Palmos (8x10.5, 455)  Info
Minimum Palmos (9x12, 456)  PhotoInfoCollection
Minimum Palmos Stereo (693 - 6x13)  PhotoInfo
Minimum Palmos Stereo (696 - 9x18)  Info
Nelson (225)  Info
Nelson (226)  InfoCollectionComments
Niklas (109)  PhotoInfo
Niklas (205)  Info
Niklas (365)  Info
Nixe (Nixe I, 555, 8x10.5)  Info
Nixe (Nixe II, 565, 9x12)  PhotoInfo
Nixe (Nixe III, 595, 9x14)  PhotoInfoCollection
Nixe-Universal (560)  Info
Onix (37)  Info
Onix (38)  Info
Orix (209)  PhotoInfo
Orix (308)  PhotoInfo
Perfect  PhotoInfo
Photometer  Info
Plaskop (45x107)  PhotoInfo
Plaskop (6x13)  PhotoInfo
Polygraph  Info
Polyscop (603 - 45x107)  PhotoInfo
Polyscop (605,606,607 - 45x107)  PhotoInfoCollection
Polyscop (608 - 45x107)  PhotoInfo
Polyscop (609 - 6x13)  PhotoInfo
Press-Camera  Info
Raupp-Camera (830)  Info
Raupp-Camera (831)  Info
Reflex (3x4)  PhotoInfo
Reflex (748, 6x9, Künstler)  PhotoInfoCollection
Reflex (749, 9x9, Künstler)  Info
Reflex (749, 9x9, Tudor)   Info
Reflex (750, 9x12, Künstler)  Info
Reflex (751, 8x10.5, Künstler)  Info
Reflex (752, 10x15, Künstler)  Info
Reflex (753, 13x18, Künstler)  Info
Reflex (754, 6.5x9)  Photo
Reflex (755, 9x12, Künstler Klapp, Mengel)  PhotoInfo
Reflex (755, 9x12, Künstler Klapp)  PhotoInfo
Reflex (756, 9x12, Tudor)  PhotoInfo
Reflex (757, 10x15, Künstler Klapp)  Info
Reflex (758, 10x15, Tudor)  PhotoInfo
Reicka (strut-folding)  PhotoInfo
Reicka Stereo (680)  PhotoInfo
Reicka Stereo Panorama (685)  PhotoInfo
Rekord (460)  PhotoInfo
Rekord (465)  Info
Rekord Reporter  Info
Rekord Stereo (705)  Info
Rekord Stereo Panorama (710)  PhotoInfo
Schülerapparat (Student Camera)  Info
Sirene  PhotoInfoCollection
Stativkamera  Info
Stereo (strut-folding, prototype)  PhotoInfo
Stereofix (604)  PhotoInfo
Stereolette (610)  PhotoInfo
Stereolette (611)  PhotoInfo
Stereolette Cupido (620)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Teddy  Info
Toska (13x18)  Info
Toska (215 - 9x12)  PhotoInfo
Toska (330/350 - 10x15)  PhotoInfo
Toska Stereo (680)  Info
Travel (856 - 13x18)  PhotoInfo
Trilby  PhotoInfoCollection
Triplex (410)  PhotoInfo
Triplex Stereo (700)  Info
Trix  PhotoInfo
Trona  PhotoInfo
Tropica (285 - 9x12)  PhotoInfo
Tropica (345 - 10x15)  PhotoInfo
Tropica (435 - 13x18)  Info
Tropica Stereo (10x15)  PhotoInfo
Universal Palmos (275)  PhotoInfo
Universal Palmos (445)  Info
Universal-Stereo Palmos (698)  Info
Universalkinamo (5439)  Info
Victrix (48)  PhotoInfoCollection
Victrix (49)  PhotoInfo
Volta (105)  InfoCollection
Volta (106)  PhotoInfoCollection
Volta (125)  PhotoInfo
Volta (146)  PhotoInfoCollection
Volta (295)  PhotoInfo
Volta (355)  Info
Volta Stereo (640)  Info
Volta Stereo (641)  Info

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