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ICA (Internationale Camera Ag) was established in 1909 as a result of the merger of four companies: Hüttig AG, Kamerawerk Dr. Krügener, Wünsche AG and Carl Zeiss Palmos AG. In 1926, ICA became a part of the Zeiss Ikon company. Several catalogs and manufacturing dates can be found at the site by Daniel Jiménez Chocrón.

ICA cameras: Years of manufacture:
Aerial Camera c1920   Photo
Alpha (6x6) c1919-1924   PhotoCollection
Alpha (9x12) c1912  
Amateur-Apparate c1914-1915  
Atelier Universal (Studio Camera) c1914-1915  
Atelierkamera (Studio Camera) c1915  
Atom (50, vertical) 1909-1925   Photo
Atom (51, vertical) 1909-1925   Photo
Atom (53, horizontal) 1909-1925   PhotochartComments
Aviso (1) c1909-1925   Photo
Aviso (4) c1914-1925   Photo
Bebe (40) c1911-1925   Photo
Bebe (41) c1911-1925   Photo
Bosco 2 c1925  
Briefmarken (Stamp Camera) c1910   Photo
Cameo Stereo c1912  
Corrida c1910   Comments
Cupido (6x9, plate) c1912-1914   Photo
Cupido (9x12, plate) c1912-1914  
Cupido (horizontal, rollfilm) c1915-1918  
Cupido (vertical, rollfilm) c1915-1918   Photo
Delta (208) c1912   Photo
Delta (76) c1911   Photo
Delta (78) c1911   PhotoCollection
Dreiverschluss Stereo-Panorama (690/691) c1914   Photo
Elegant c1910-1925  
Excelsior c1920  
Favorit (265) c1915-1922  
Favorit (265) Tropical c1915-1922   Photo
Favorit (266) Tropical c1915-1923   Photo
Favorit (335) c1915-1922   PhotoCollection
Favorit (425) c1915-1922   Comments
Favorit Stereo c1908  
Fulgur c1907-1909  
Halloh (505/506) c1912-1926  
Halloh (510/511) c1912-1926   PhotoCollection
Halloh (570) c1912-1926   PhotoCollection
Halloh-Nixe (556/557) c1910  
Hekla (168) c1912-1914  
Hochtourist c1914-1915  
Icar (180) c1913-1926   Photo
Icarette (4x6.5) c1925-1926  
Icarette (6.5x11) c1912-1919   PhotoCollection
Icarette (6x6) c1912-1920s   Photo
Icarette (6x9) c1912-1926   PhotoCollection
Ideal (10x15) c1912   PhotoCollection
Ideal (13x18) c1912   Photo
Ideal (6.5x9) c1909-1925   Photo
Ideal (9x12, 1909) c1909-1912   Photo
Ideal (9x12, 1912) c1912-1924   Photo
Ideal Stereo (6x13, 651) c1910   PhotoCollection
Ideal Stereo (9x18, 650) c1914-1926   PhotoComments
Ikarus (250/251) c1911-1914  
Ikarus Stereo (630) c1911-1914  
Ingo (395) c1914-1925  
Jul (400) c1910-1920s  
Jul Stereo (402) c1915  
Juwel (Universal Juwel) c1909-1926   Photo
Kinamo (540/K) c1921-1924   Photo
Kinamo 35mm c1924   Photo
Klapp Stereo-Palmos (695 - 9x12) c1911-1926   Photo
Klapp-Palmos (255) c1912   Photo
Klimax Lukos II c1913   Photo
Kolux Senior 3 AC c1924-1925   Photo
Kosmopolit (818/819) c1915  
Lloyd (535/575) c1910-1912   Photo
Lloyd (585) c1910-1920  
Lloyd Stereo (660/675) c1910   Photo
Lloyd Stereo Panorama (670) c1914   Photo
Lloyd-Cupido (540) c1912-1925  
Lloyd-Cupido (560) c1912-1925   PhotoCollection
Lola (135) c1912-1914  
Lola (136) c1912-1915   Photo
Lola (511) c1922  
Maximar (107) c1926   Comments
Maximar (207) c1914-1926   PhotoCollection
Maximar Stereo (207) c1910  
Minimal (235) c1912-1914   Photo
Minimum Palmos (10x15, 457) 1909-1920s   PhotoCollection
Minimum Palmos (4.5x6, 450/453) c1924-1926   Photo
Minimum Palmos (6x9/6.5x9, 454) c1909-1926   Photo
Minimum Palmos (8x10.5, 455) c1910-1926  
Minimum Palmos (9x12, 456) 1913-1920s   PhotoCollection
Minimum Palmos Stereo (693 - 6x13) c1924-1926   Photo
Minimum Palmos Stereo (696 - 9x18) c1910-1926  
Nelson (225) c1915  
Nelson (226) c1915   CollectionComments
Niklas (109) c1909-1926   Photo
Niklas (205) c1920-1926  
Niklas (365) c1925  
Nixe (Nixe I, 555, 8x10.5) 1909-1926  
Nixe (Nixe II, 565, 9x12) 1914   Photo
Nixe (Nixe III, 595, 9x14) 1914-1926   PhotoCollection
Nixe-Universal (560) c1909  
Onix (37) c1925  
Onix (38) c1925  
Orix (209) 1924-1925   Photo
Orix (308) 1914   Photo
Perfect 1910-1915   Photo
Photometer c1920  
Plaskop (45x107) c1925   Photo
Plaskop (6x13) c1925   Photo
Polygraph c1910  
Polyscop (603 - 45x107) c1912-1925   Photo
Polyscop (605,606,607 - 45x107) c1912-1920   PhotoCollection
Polyscop (608 - 45x107) c1912-1920   Photo
Polyscop (609 - 6x13) c1911-1926   Photo
Press-Camera c1914-1926  
Raupp-Camera (830) c1910-1915  
Raupp-Camera (831) c1910-1915  
Reflex (3x4) c1909   Photo
Reflex (748, 6x9, Künstler) c1914-1926   PhotoCollection
Reflex (749, 9x9, Künstler) c1914-1926  
Reflex (749, 9x9, Tudor)  c1914-1926  
Reflex (750, 9x12, Künstler) c1914-1926  
Reflex (751, 8x10.5, Künstler) c1914-1926  
Reflex (752, 10x15, Künstler) c1914-1926  
Reflex (753, 13x18, Künstler) c1914-1926  
Reflex (754, 6.5x9) c1914-1926   Photo
Reflex (755, 9x12, Künstler Klapp, Mengel) c1924   Photo
Reflex (755, 9x12, Künstler Klapp) c1915   Photo
Reflex (756, 9x12, Tudor) c1914-1926   Photo
Reflex (757, 10x15, Künstler Klapp) c1915  
Reflex (758, 10x15, Tudor) c1914-1926   Photo
Reicka (strut-folding) c1910   Photo
Reicka Stereo (680) c1910-1925   Photo
Reicka Stereo Panorama (685) c1912   Photo
Rekord (460) c1912   Photo
Rekord (465) c1912  
Rekord Reporter c1912  
Rekord Stereo (705) c1914-1915  
Rekord Stereo Panorama (710) c1914-1915   Photo
Schülerapparat (Student Camera) c1910-1923  
Sirene c1914-1926   PhotoCollection
Stativkamera c1914-1915  
Stereo (strut-folding, prototype) c1915   Photo
Stereofix (604) c1915-1919   Photo
Stereolette (610) c1912-1926   Photo
Stereolette (611) c1912-1926   Photo
Stereolette Cupido (620) c1912-1926   PhotoCollectionchart
Teddy c1914-1922  
Toska (13x18) c1912  
Toska (215 - 9x12) c1910-1926   Photo
Toska (330/350 - 10x15) c1912-1926   Photo
Toska Stereo (680) c1912-1920s   Photo
Travel (856 - 13x18) c1910-1915   Photo
Trilby c1912   Photo
Triplex (410) c1912-1914   Photo
Triplex Stereo (700) c1912-1915  
Trix c1910-1920   Photo
Trona c1912-1926   Photo
Tropica (285 - 9x12) c1912-1926   Photo
Tropica (345 - 10x15) c1912-1926   Photo
Tropica (435 - 13x18) c1912-1926  
Tropica Stereo (10x15) c1910   Photo
Universal Palmos (275) c1912   Photo
Universal Palmos (445) c1914  
Universal-Stereo Palmos (698) c1914  
Universalkinamo (5439) c1924  
Victrix (48) c1912-1925   PhotoCollection
Victrix (49) c1925   Photo
Volta (105) c1910-1925   Collection
Volta (106) c1925   PhotoCollection
Volta (125) c1914-1922   Photo
Volta (146) c1914-1926   PhotoCollection
Volta (295) c1912   Photo
Volta (355) c1912  
Volta Stereo (640) c1914  
Volta Stereo (641) c1914  

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