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Claudet & Houghton was founded in 1834 by George Houghton and Antoine Claudet, and subsequently underwent several mergers that resulted in numerous name changes.

- The company was known as George Houghton & Son (1867-1892), then as George Houghton & Sons until 1903, and then George Houghton & Sons Ltd.
- When the company merged with Holmes Bros., A.C. Jackson, Spratt Bros. and Joseph Levi & Co. in 1904, the business became Houghton’s Ltd.

- In 1915, after establishing a partnership with W. Butcher & Sons Ltd., the company traded as Houghton – Butcher Manufacturing Co. Ltd. until 1926, when the name was changed to Houghton – Butcher (Great Britain) Ltd.

- In 1930 the business was renamed again, this time as Ensign, after their most successful line of cameras. Interestingly, the Ensign name derived from the 'N' sign logo.
- After a later merger with Elliot & Sons Ltd. in 1945 the company became Barnet Ensign Ltd.
- After another merger with Ross, the company became Barnet Ensign Ross Ltd. in 1948.
- Finally, in 1954 the name was changed for the last time, to Ross – Ensign Ltd. The company discontinued the manufacture of cameras, and was dissolved, in 1961.

Houghton film sizes description can be found at the earlyphotography site.

Houghton cameras:
A.A. Verifying camera  PhotoInfo
Aerial Camera  PhotoInfo
Aerial G 28  Info
Ariel  Info
Autolet  Info
Automatic Magazine Camera  PhotoInfo
British Ensign (Flat Back Ensign)  InfoCollection
Briton  PhotoInfo
Carbine Box No.3  Info
Coronet  Info
Daguerreotype Tropical Sliding Box  PhotoInfo
Dalo  PhotoInfo
Duo-Ensign 2 1/4 B (box, colored)  Info
Duo-Ensign 2 1/4 B (box)  Info
Empress  PhotoInfo
Ensign (Pocket Ensign, Regular Ensign)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign 2 1/2 (box, brown)  Info
Ensign 2 1/2 (box)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign 2 1/4 A (box, brown)  Info
Ensign 2 1/4 A (box)  InfoCollection
Ensign 2 1/4 B (box, brown)  Info
Ensign 2 1/4 B (box, red)  Info
Ensign 2 1/4 B (box)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign 2 1/4 B RR (box, brown)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign 3 1/2 (box)  Info
Ensign 3 1/4 (box)  InfoCollection
Ensign All Distance (box, black)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ensign All Distance (box, colored)  Info
Ensign All Distance Pocket No.1 (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign All Distance Pocket No.1 (colored)  Info
Ensign All Distance Pocket No.2 (black)  Info
Ensign All Distance Twenty (box, 1920s)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign All Distance Twenty (box, 1936)  Info
Ensign Auto Kinecam 16  Info
Ensign Auto Kinecam 16B  Info
Ensign Autorange 16-20  Info
Ensign Autorange 20  Info
Ensign Autorange 220  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Autorange 820  PhotoInfoComments
Ensign Autospeed  PhotoInfo
Ensign Cadet  PhotoInfo
Ensign Cameo  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Cameo Luxus  Info
Ensign Cameo Stereo  PhotoInfo
Ensign Carbine  PhotoInfoManual
Ensign Carbine Tropen (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Ensign Cinematograph  PhotoInfo
Ensign Cinematograph Tropen (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Ensign Clubman  Info
Ensign Commando  PhotoInfo
Ensign Commando (military)  Info
Ensign Cupid  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign de Luxe  PhotoInfo
Ensign Deluxe Reflex  Info
Ensign Double 8  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Duo (box, colored)  Info
Ensign Duo (box)  Info
Ensign E20 (box, colored)  Info
Ensign E20 (box)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign E26 (box)  Info
Ensign E29 (box, colored)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign E29 (box)  Info
Ensign E29 Duo (box)  Info
Ensign E29 Portrait (box)  InfoCollection
Ensign Focal Plane  Info
Ensign Focal Plane Rollfilm Reflex  PhotoInfo
Ensign Focal Plane Rollfilm Reflex Tropical  PhotoInfo
Ensign Folding Reflex  PhotoInfo
Ensign Ful-Vue  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Ful-Vue (box)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Ful-Vue (II, black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Ful-Vue (II, colored)  Info
Ensign Ful-Vue Super  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Fulvueflex (Synchroflash)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Greyhound  Info
Ensign J-B (Junior Box)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Ensign Kinecam 4  Info
Ensign Kinecam 6  Info
Ensign Ladies Bag Camera  PhotoInfo
Ensign Mascot A3  Info
Ensign Mascot D3  Info
Ensign Mickey Mouse  PhotoInfo
Ensign Midget 22  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Midget 33  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ensign Midget 55  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ensign Midget Silver Jubilee (S33)  Info
Ensign Midget Silver Jubilee (S55)  PhotoInfo
Ensign Model D  Info
Ensign Model V  PhotoInfoManual
Ensign Multex (No.0)  PhotoInfo
Ensign Multex (No.1)  PhotoInfo
Ensign Pocket 20  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ensign Pocket E-20  Info
Ensign Popular Reflex  PhotoInfoManual
Ensign Popular Reflex Tropen (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Ensign Popular Sport (folding)  Info
Ensign Pressman Reflex  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ensign Ranger  PhotoInfo
Ensign Ranger II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ensign Ranger Special  Info
Ensign Reflex  Info
Ensign Roll Film Reflex (2 1/4 B, horizontal)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Roll Film Reflex (2 1/4 B, vertical)  PhotoInfo
Ensign Roll Film Reflex Tropen (Tropical)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Selfix 12-20  PhotoInfoComments
Ensign Selfix 12-20 Special  Info
Ensign Selfix 16-20  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Selfix 20  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ensign Selfix 220  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensign Selfix 320  InfoCollection
Ensign Selfix 420  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ensign Selfix 820  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ensign Selfix 820 Special  PhotoInfo
Ensign Selfix Carbine  PhotoInfo
Ensign Simplex Pocket Model CC  Info
Ensign Special Reflex  PhotoInfo
Ensign Special Reflex Tropen (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
Ensign Speed Film Reflex  PhotoInfo
Ensign Speed Film Reflex Tropen (Tropical)  Info
Ensign Super Kinecam  PhotoInfo
Ensign Super Speed Cameo  Info
Ensign Superbe  PhotoInfo
Ensign Victo  PhotoInfo
Ensignette Junior 2 1/4 B  Info
Ensignette Junior 2A  PhotoInfo
Ensignette Junior 2J  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensignette Ladies Bag Camera (No.1, aluminum)  PhotoInfo
Ensignette No.1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ensignette No.1 (anastigmat, aluminum)  Info
Ensignette No.1 (anastigmat, brass)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensignette No.1 (anastigmat, nickel)  Info
Ensignette No.1 (gilt)  PhotoInfo
Ensignette No.1 (nickel)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensignette No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensignette No.2 (aluminum, rapid rectilinear)  Info
Ensignette No.2 (aluminum)  Info
Ensignette No.2 (anastigmat, nickel)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ensignette No.2 (gilt)  Info
Ensignette No.2 (nickel)  Info
Ensignette No.2 (silver)  Info
Ensignette No.2 De Luxe (anastigmat)  PhotoInfoCollection
Flush Back Ensign  PhotoInfo
Folding Ensign  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Ensign (oblong)  PhotoInfo
Folding Klito  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Klito De Luxe  PhotoInfo
Folding Klito Junior  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Scout No.0  Info
Folding Scout No.1  PhotoInfo
Folding Scout No.2  PhotoInfo
Folding Scout No.3  PhotoInfo
Folding Scout No.4  Info
Folding Scout No.6  Info
Holborn Ilex No.0  Info
Holborn Ilex No.00  PhotoInfo
Holborn Ilex No.000  PhotoInfo
Holborn Ilex No.1  PhotoInfo
Holborn Ilex No.1 P.C.  PhotoInfo
Holborn Ilex No.10  Info
Holborn Ilex No.10a  Info
Holborn Ilex No.10e  Info
Holborn Ilex No.2  Info
Holborn Ilex No.3  PhotoInfo
Holborn Ilex No.3a  PhotoInfo
Holborn Ilex No.3b  Info
Holborn Ilex No.4  Info
Holborn Ilex No.5  PhotoInfo
Holborn Ilex No.5 P.C.  PhotoInfo
Holborn Ilex No.5a  PhotoInfoCollection
Holborn Ilex No.5b  Info
Holborn Ilex No.5c  Info
Holborn Ilex No.6  PhotoInfoCollection
Holborn Ilex No.6a  PhotoInfo
Holborn Ilex No.6e  PhotoInfo
Holborn Ilex No.7  Info
Holborn Ilex No.7a  Info
Holborn Ilex No.8  PhotoInfo
Holborn Ilex No.8a  Info
Holborn Magazine Camera  Info
Holborn Postage Stamp Camera  PhotoInfo
Holborn Reflex No.1  PhotoInfo
Holborn Reflex No.2  Info
Holborn Reflex No.3  PhotoInfo
Holborn Reflex No.3e  Info
King  PhotoInfo
Klito No.0  PhotoInfo
Klito No.00 (A)  Info
Klito No.00 (B)  Info
Klito No.000  Info
Klito No.1  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Klito No.1A  PhotoInfo
Klito No.2  PhotoInfo
Klito No.2A  Info
Klito No.2B  Info
Klito No.2V  Info
Klito No.3  PhotoInfo
Klito No.3A  Info
Klito No.4  Info
Klito No.6  PhotoInfoCollection
Klito No.6V  Info
Klito No.6X  Info
Klito No.7  Info
Klito No.9  PhotoInfo
Klito No.9A  Info
Mascot No.1  PhotoInfo
Mascot No.1A  Info
Mascot No.2  Info
Mascot No.2A  Info
Mascot No.3  PhotoInfo
Mascot No.4  PhotoInfo
May Fair (box)  PhotoInfo
May Fair (folding)  PhotoInfoCollection
Planet  PhotoInfo
Pocket Ensign 2 1/4 B  InfoManual
Pocket Klito  PhotoInfo
Popular Ensignette  Info
Royal Ensign  PhotoInfo
Royal Mail Stereolette  Info
Sanderson Junior  PhotoInfo
Scout (A)  PhotoInfo
Scout (B)  PhotoInfo
Shuttle  PhotoInfo
Smyth's Stereo Hand Camera  PhotoInfo
Snapper  PhotoInfoCollection
Standard Ensign  Info
Stereo Holborn-Ilex 14  PhotoInfo
Stereo Holborn-Ilex 14b  PhotoInfo
Stereo Klito  PhotoInfo
Sylvar  PhotoInfoCollection
Tailboard Camera  PhotoInfo
Ticka Watch  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Ticka Watch Focal Plane  PhotoInfo
Ticka Watch silver  PhotoInfo
Ticka Watch-Face  PhotoInfochart
Triad  PhotoInfo
Tudor  PhotoInfo
Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Prototype  PhotoInfo
Vest Pocket Ensign  PhotoInfoManual
Victo (Triple Victo)  PhotoInfo
Victo Stereo (Triple Victo Stereo)  PhotoInfo
Victo Superbe  PhotoInfoCollection
Victo Tropen (Tropical)  Info
Watch Pocket Carbine  InfoCollection
Watch Pocket Carbine Tropen (Tropical)  Info
Zyno  PhotoInfo

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