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Victor Hasselblad AB was established in 1841 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Although their first camera (Aerial HK7) was manufactured in 1940, this was not a mainstream production. The company began manufacturing commercial cameras in 1948, with the introduction of the 1600F.
An excellent timeline for Hasselblad cameras is available on the Hasselblad Historical web-site.
If you are looking for Hasselblad lens prices, check the search page which shows lenses manufactured for Hasselblad.

Hasselblad cameras:
*903 SWC  Photo
1000F  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
1000F 'HK-1' outfit  PhotoInfo
1000F 'Provkamera'  Photo
1600F  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
1600F (first batch)  Photo
1600F Outfit  Photo
2000 FC  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
2000 FC/M  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
2000 FC/M Gold Anniversary  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
2000 FCW  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
2003 FCW  PhotoInfoManual
201 F  PhotoInfochartManual
202 FA  PhotoInfoManual
203 FE  PhotoInfochartManual
203 FE 'Bhumibol'  PhotoInfo
203 FE 'Millennium'  PhotoInfo
205 FCC  PhotoInfo
205 TCC  PhotoInfoManual
500 C  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
500 C 'Clear'  PhotoCollection
500 C 'Clock'  Photo
500 C 'NASA'  PhotoInfo
500 C Cut-Away  Photo
500 C Prototype  Photo
500 C/M  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
500 C/M "Clock"  Photo
500 C/M (25th anniversary)  PhotoInfo
500 C/M (50th anniversary, Classic)  PhotoInfo
500 C/M 'Gold Exclusive' (30th anniversary)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
500 Classic (1990-1992)  PhotoInfo
500 EL  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
500 EL Data Camera HEDC 'Jim Irwin'  PhotoInfo
500 EL Data Space Camera (NASA)  PhotoInfoComments
500 EL Electronic 'Lunar Surface'  PhotoInfochart
500 EL/M  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
500 EL/M '10 Years on the Moon'  PhotoInfochart
500 EL/M '20 Years in Space'  PhotoInfochart
500 EL/M Cut-Away  Photo
500 EL/M Data (Moon)  PhotoInfo
500 ELX  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
501 C  PhotoInfoManual
501 C/M  PhotoInfoManual
503 CW  PhotoInfoCollectionchartCommentsManual
503 CW 'Bhumibol'  Info
503 CW 'Gold Supreme' (50th Anniversary)  PhotoInfochart
503 CW 'Millennium'  PhotoInfo
503 CW Multicolor  Photo
503 CW Ruby Red  Photo
503 CWD  PhotoInfo
503 CX  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
503 CX 'Golden Blue' (50th Anniversary)  PhotoInfochart
503 CX Outfit  Photo
503 CXi  PhotoInfo
553 ELS Space  PhotoInfo
553 ELX  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
553 ELX '25 Years on the Moon'  Photo
555 ELD  PhotoInfoManual
903 SWC  PhotoInfochartManual
ArcBody  PhotoInfoManual
ArcBody Prototype  Photo
Flexbody  Photo
Flexbody Prototype  Photo
HK7 (Ross)  PhotoInfochart
IDAC 38 M  PhotoInfo
MK-70  PhotoInfochart
MK-80  PhotoInfo
MKWE  PhotoInfo
Super Wide A (SWA or SW)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Super Wide C (SWC)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Super Wide C 'Space Camera' (Lunar Surface)  PhotoInfo
Super Wide C E (SWC-E)  PhotoInfo
Super Wide C Underwater (SWC)  PhotoInfo
Super Wide C/M Super(SWC/M)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Svea camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Svenska Express  PhotoInfoCollection
Xpan Hasselblad  PhotoInfochartManual
Xpan II (2003)  PhotoInfo

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