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The company history began in 1887, when the Folmer & Schwing Manufacturing Company was founded. It was acquired by George Eastman in 1905. In compliance to the Sherman Antitrust Act, in 1921 the Kodak company was forced to split and sell Folmer & Schwing-Century Division with Grafiex, Graphic and Century brands; the Premo factory and a Premo brand; Artura, Seed, Stanley and Standard brands. Unfortunately no buyers were to be found. As a result, the new Folmer Graflex Corporation was created in 1928. This company was renamed to Graflex in 1945. On October 1, 1951 Graflex acquired Ciro Cameras Inc. After several changes of ownership: first General Precision Equipment Corp., then Singer Corporation, the Graflex company was dissolved in 1973.
A lot of information about Graflex history and cameras can be found at and Bruce Thomas Collection.

Graflex cameras:
Aircraft K 20  PhotoInfoCollection
Aircraft K 5  PhotoInfo
Anniversary Speed Graphic  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Auto Graflex (3x4)  PhotoInfoManual
Auto Graflex (4x5)  PhotoInfoCollection
Auto Graflex (5x7)  PhotoInfo
Auto Graflex Junior  PhotoInfoCollection
Century 35  PhotoInfoManual
Century 35 A  PhotoInfoManual
Century 35 N  Info
Century 35 NE  PhotoInfo
Century Graphic  PhotoInfoCollection
Century Universal  Info
Ciro 35  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Combat Graphic  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Compact Graflex  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Crown Graphic  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Crown Graphic Special  InfoCollection
Crown View  InfoComments
Deceptive Angle Graphic  Info
Finger Print Camera (Inspectograph)  PhotoInfoCollection
Graflex  Info
Graflex 22  PhotoCollectionManual
Graflex 22 (Model 200)  PhotoInfoCollection
Graflex 22 (Model 400)  PhotoInfoCollection
Graflex No.1A  PhotoInfoCollection
Graflex No.3A  PhotoInfoCollection
Graflex Series B  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Graphic 35  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Graphic 35 Electric  PhotoInfo
Graphic 35 Jet  PhotoInfo
Graphic No.0  PhotoInfoCollection
Graphic Senior  Info
Graphic View (Monorail)  PhotoInfoCollection
Graphic View II (Monorail)  PhotoInfo
Home Portrait  PhotoInfo
KE-12  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
KE-4 (1) 70mm Combat Camera  PhotoInfo
KS-6 (set)  PhotoInfo
Miniature Speed Graphic  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
National Graflex  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Naturalist Graflex  PhotoInfo
Norita  PhotoInfoManual
Pacemaker Crown Graphic  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pacemaker Speed Graphic  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
PH-47-H  PhotoInfo
PH-47-J  PhotoInfo
Photorecord  PhotoInfoCollection
PM-47-E  PhotoInfo
PM-47-F  PhotoInfo
Press Graflex  PhotoInfo
Reversible Back Cycle Graphic  PhotoInfo
Reversible Back Cycle Graphic Special  Info
Reversible Back Graflex  Info
Revolving Back (RB) Auto Graflex  PhotoInfoManual
Revolving Back (RB) Cycle Graphic  PhotoInfo
Revolving Back (RB) Graflex Junior  InfoCollection
Revolving Back (RB) Graflex Series B  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Revolving Back (RB) Graflex Series C  PhotoInfo
Revolving Back (RB) Graflex Series D  PhotoInfoManual
Revolving Back (RB) Super Graflex Series D  PhotoInfo
Revolving Back (RB) Tele Graflex  PhotoInfoCollection
Speed Graphic  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Speed Graphic C-6 (military)  PhotoInfoCollection
Stereo Auto Graflex  PhotoInfo
Stereo Graflex  InfoManual
Stereo Graphic (35)  PhotoInfoCollection
Stereoscopic Graphic  Info
Super Graphic  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Super Speed Graphic  PhotoInfoManual
Tourist Graflex  PhotoInfo
XL Military  PhotoInfo
XL Standard  PhotoInfo
XL SW  PhotoInfo

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