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The company was established in 1885 in London by Louis Gandolfi. In 1928 he transferred the business to his three sons. The company was sold in 1982 to Brian Gould and Sir Kenneth Corfield.

Gandolfi cameras:
Field Camera  PhotoInfo
Hand and Stand Camera  PhotoInfo
Iriant  Info
Portrait Camera  Info
Precision  PhotoInfoCollection
Prison Camera  PhotoInfo
Stereo (2)  PhotoInfo
Stereo Tropical  PhotoInfo
Studio Camera  Info
Tailboard Camera  PhotoInfo
Tourist Camera  Info
Universal  Info
Universal (folding, 3x4)  PhotoInfo
Universal (folding, 4x5)  Info
Universal (folding, 9x12)  PhotoInfo
Universal Stereo  Info
Variant I  PhotoInfo
Variant II  Info
Variant III  Info

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