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Fuji Shashin Film K. K. (Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1934, and originally produced several kinds of film. Later, in 1944, Fuji Film acquired a lens manufacturer - Enomoto Kogaku Seiki Sisakusho, K. K. (Enomoto Optical Precision Lens Manufacture, Ltd.) – and created a new company, Fuji Shashin Kōki K. K. (Fuji Photo Optical Co., Ltd.). This new company later merged with Fuji Film. The first Fuji Camera, a Fujica Six, was introduced in 1948. Currently Fuji Photo Film is known as Fujifilm".

There is some confusion, since the similar names Fuji Optical Works and Fuji Optische Werk, were used by the German-manufactured Fuji Kogaku Seiki cameras. There is, however, no relation between the Japanese and the German companies.

Fuji Optical cameras:
2QuickSnap Wave  PhotoInfo
Clear Shot  PhotoInfoCollection
Clear Shot Plus  InfoCollection
Clear Shot Super  Info
DL Super Mini Zoom  PhotoInfo
Fotojack  Info
Fotonex 10  PhotoInfo
Fotonex 100  Info
Fotonex 100 E  Info
Fotonex 1000ix MRC (Endeavor / EPION 1000 Titanium)  PhotoInfoCollection
Fotonex 100ix  Info
Fotonex 101ix (Endeavor / EPION)  Info
Fotonex 15  Info
Fotonex 20 Auto  Info
Fotonex 200ix Zoom  PhotoInfoCollection
Fotonex 210ix Zoom  Info
Fotonex 250ix Zoom  Info
Fotonex 260ix Zoom  Info
Fotonex 265ix Zoom (Nexia / EPION265Z)  Info
Fotonex 300 Zoom  PhotoInfoCollection
Fotonex 3000ix Zoom MRC  PhotoInfoCollection
Fotonex 310ix Zoom  Info
Fotonex 3500ix Zoom MRC (Endeavor / EPION Cardman 3500)  Info
Fotonex 4000ix SL  Info
Fotonex 400ix Zoom  Info
Fotonex 400ix Zoom MRC (Endeavor / EPION 400Z)  Info
Fotonex 50  Info
Fotonex 60 AF (Endeavor / Nexia)  Info
Fotonex Tiara ix 1010 MRC (Endeavor / EPION)  Info
Fotorama 800AF  PhotoInfo
Fotorama 800S  PhotoInfo
Fotorama 800X  PhotoInfo
Fotorama 850E  PhotoInfo
Fotorama 880 Hi-Crystal  PhotoInfoCollection
Fotorama 90 ACE  PhotoInfo
Fotorama 91 ACE  PhotoInfo
Fotorama F-10  PhotoInfo
Fotorama F-20S  PhotoInfo
Fotorama F-50S  PhotoInfo
Fotorama F-51S  PhotoInfo
Fotorama F-55V (voice)  PhotoInfoCollection
Fotorama F-60AF  PhotoInfo
Fotorama FP-1  PhotoInfo
Fotorama FP-14  PhotoInfo
Fotorama FP-UL  PhotoInfo
Fotorama Mr. Handy  PhotoInfo
Fotorama Mr. Handy ACE  PhotoInfo
Fotorama Mr. Handy AF  PhotoInfo
Fotorama Mr. Handy MF Date  PhotoInfo
Fotorama MX800  PhotoInfo
Fotorama Robo ACE  PhotoInfo
Fotorama Slim ACE  PhotoInfo
Fuji AX Multi-Program  Info
Fuji Disc 50  Info
Fuji Disc 70  Info
Fuji DL 10  Info
Fuji DL 1000 Zoom  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fuji DL 15  Info
Fuji DL 150  PhotoInfoCollection
Fuji DL 160 Tele  Info
Fuji DL 180 Tele  Info
Fuji DL 190 Zoom  PhotoInfoCollection
Fuji DL 200  PhotoInfoManual
Fuji DL 25  PhotoInfoCollection
Fuji DL 250 Tele  Info
Fuji DL 260 Zoom  Info
Fuji DL 270 Zoom  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fuji DL 270 Zoom Date  Info
Fuji DL 290 Zoom  PhotoInfoManual
Fuji DL 30  PhotoInfo
Fuji DL 300  InfoManual
Fuji DL 312 Zoom  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fuji DL 320 Zoom  Info
Fuji DL 350 Zoom  Info
Fuji DL 400 Tele  InfoManual
Fuji DL 400 Tele Super  PhotoInfo
Fuji DL 50  InfoCollection
Fuji DL 500 Wide Date  Info
Fuji DL 510 P  Info
Fuji DL 550 Zoom Date  Info
Fuji DL 60  Info
Fuji DL 7  InfoManual
Fuji DL 70  PhotoInfo
Fuji DL 8  InfoCollection
Fuji DL 80  PhotoInfo
Fuji DL 800 Zoom  InfoCollection
Fuji DL 900 Zoom  Info
Fuji DL 938 Zoom MR  Info
Fuji DL 95 Super  Info
Fuji DL Super Mini  PhotoInfo
Fuji DL Super Mini Zoom  Info
Fuji FZ 2000 Zoom  InfoCollectionManual
Fuji FZ 3000 Zoom  InfoCollectionComments
Fuji FZ 5  PhotoInfoCollection
Fuji FZ 500 Zoom  Info
Fuji FZ 6 Tele  InfoCollection
Fuji G 617 (Panorama Professional)  PhotoInfo
Fuji GS 645 S (Wide 60)  PhotoInfoManual
Fuji GSW 680 III  Info
Fuji GSW 690 II  PhotoInfochart
Fuji GSW 690 III  InfoManual
Fuji GW 670 II  Info
Fuji GW 670 III  PhotoInfoManual
Fuji GW 680 III  Info
Fuji GW 690 II  PhotoInfoCollection
Fuji GW 690 III  PhotoInfoManual
Fuji GX 617  PhotoInfo
Fuji GX 680  PhotoInfochart
Fuji GX 680 II  Info
Fuji STX-2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fuji TW-3  PhotoInfoCollection
Fuji TW-300  InfoCollectionManual
Fujica 200  Info
Fujica 200F  Info
Fujica 250  PhotoInfo
Fujica 300  PhotoInfo
Fujica 330  Info
Fujica 35 Auto M  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica 35 Automagic  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica 35 EE  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica 35 FS  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica 35 M  Info
Fujica 35 SE  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica 350  InfoCollection
Fujica 350 Flash  PhotoInfo
Fujica 350 Wide  Info
Fujica 350 Z  Info
Fujica 350 Zoom  InfoCollection
Fujica 400  InfoCollection
Fujica 450  Info
Fujica 450 Flash  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica 500  Info
Fujica 600  Info
Fujica 8 T3  PhotoInfo
Fujica Auto 5  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica AX 1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica AX 3  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica AX 5  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica AZ 1  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Fujica Compact 35  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica Compact Deluxe  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica Compact S  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica DL 100  InfoCollectionManual
Fujica DL 20  Info
Fujica Drive  PhotoInfo
Fujica Flash  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica Flash AF  Info
Fujica Flash AF Date  Info
Fujica Flash Date  InfoCollection
Fujica Flash S  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica G 617 (Panorama Professional)  PhotoInfo
Fujica G 690  PhotoInfo
Fujica G 690 BL  PhotoInfo
Fujica GA  InfoCollection
Fujica GE  Info
Fujica GEr  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica GL 690  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica GM 670  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica GP  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica GS 645  PhotoInfoManual
Fujica GS 645 W  PhotoInfo
Fujica GSW 690  Info
Fujica GW 690  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica Half  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica Half 1.9  InfoCollection
Fujica HD 1  Info
Fujica HD-M  PhotoInfoManual
Fujica HD-S  Info
Fujica Marine-8 AX100  Info
Fujica Mini  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica MP  Info
Fujica P1  InfoCollection
Fujica P2  Info
Fujica P300  PhotoInfo
Fujica Rapid-D1  Info
Fujica Rapid-S  InfoCollection
Fujica Rapid-S2  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica Rapid-SF  InfoCollection
Fujica Single-8 P1  InfoCollection
Fujica Six I BS  Info
Fujica Six II BS  PhotoInfo
Fujica Six II CR  Info
Fujica Six II CS  PhotoInfo
Fujica ST 601  Info
Fujica ST 605  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujica ST 605 N  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica ST 701  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica ST 705  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica ST 705W  Info
Fujica ST 801  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica ST 901  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica ST F  InfoCollection
Fujica STX-1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica STX-1N  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica V2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Fujica Z600  PhotoInfo
Fujica Z800  Info
Fujicaflex  Info
Fujicarex  PhotoInfo
Fujicarex II  PhotoInfoCollection
Fujifilm GA 645  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Fujifilm GA 645 i  PhotoInfoManual
Fujifilm GA 645 W  InfoCollection
Fujifilm GA 645 Wi  InfoManual
Fujifilm GA 645 Zi  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Fujifilm GF670  PhotoInfo
Fujifilm GX 680 III  InfoManual
Fujifilm GX 680 III S  PhotoInfoManual
Fujifilm TX-1  PhotoInfo
Fujifilm TX-2  PhotoInfo
Fujifilm X-E1  PhotoInfo
Fujinon FG-135  PhotoInfo
Fujipet  Info
Fujipet EE  PhotoInfo
Fujipet EE (black)  Info
Instax 100  PhotoInfoCollection
Instax 200  PhotoInfoCollection
Instax 210  PhotoInfoCollection
Instax 500  PhotoInfo
Instax Mini 10  PhotoInfo
Instax Mini 20  PhotoInfo
Instax Mini 25  PhotoInfo
Instax Mini 30 i  PhotoInfo
Instax Mini 50  PhotoInfoCollection
Instax Mini 55  PhotoInfo
Instax Mini 7  PhotoInfo
Instax Mini 7S  PhotoInfoCollection
Nexia 20 Auto  PhotoInfoCollection
Nexia 220 IX Z  Info
Nexia 250 IX Z MRC  Info
Nexia 270 IX Z MRC  Info
Nexia 30 Auto  Info
Nexia 3100 IX Z MRC  Info
Nexia 4100 IX Z MRC  PhotoInfo
Nexia 70  Info
Nexia Q1  PhotoInfoCollection
Pet 35  PhotoInfo
Police Academy 6  Info
Quicksnap  PhotoInfoCollection
Quicksnap 12exp Panorama  InfoCollection
Quicksnap 24  InfoCollection
Quicksnap Flash  PhotoInfo
Quicksnap Flash Jeans  PhotoInfo
Quicksnap Flash Limited Edition  Info
Quicksnap Flash Plus 3  Info
Quicksnap Golf  PhotoInfo
Quicksnap Malboro  PhotoInfo
Quicksnap Marine Plus 3  PhotoInfo
Quicksnap Marine Super HG  Info
Quicksnap Panorama  Info
Quicksnap Panorama Plus 3  Info
Quicksnap Plus 3  PhotoInfo
Quicksnap Super 800  Info
Quicksnap Super HR  PhotoInfo
Quicksnap Super HR 100  PhotoInfo
Quicksnap Super Slim Smart  PhotoInfo
Quicksnap Superia X-TRA  PhotoInfo
Rensha Cardia  PhotoInfo
Super Fujica Six M  InfoCollection
Super Fujica-6  Info
Super Slim  PhotoInfo
Winchester  Info

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