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Fuji Kōgaku Kikai Seisakusho was a Japanese company based in Tokyo, which manufactured cameras from 1936 to 1944. Since 1939 it has been known as Fuji Kōgaku Kōgyō K.K. (Fuji Optical Industries Co. Ltd.).

Please note that this company is not related to Fujifilm.

Fuji Kogaku Seiki cameras: Years of manufacture:
Baby Balnet c1947  
Baby Balnet (folding viewfinder) c1940s  
Baby Lyra 1941   Photo
Bakyna c1935  
Comex 1940s-1950s  
Dianette 1936  
Lyra (I) c1936-1940  
Lyra (II) c1952  
Lyra Six c1937  
Lyra Six F c1939-1942   Photo
Lyra Six II c1937   Photo
Lyra Six III c1939  
Lyra Six J c1939-1942  
Lyraflex c1941   Collection
Lyraflex F c1941   PhotoCollection
Lyraflex J c1941   PhotoCollection
Lyrax c1939  
Lyrax F c1940  
Pionette 1935  
Semi Lyra (I) 1936  
Semi Lyra (II) 1937  
Semi Lyra F 1940  

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