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Fotofex Kameras company was established in November 1927 in Berlin, Germany by Fritz Kaftanski. Company products were aimed to the general public, Fotofex was manufacturing low-cost cameras and accessories.
In September 1934 a new company was founded, the Sida GmbH, which produced Sida and Turf cameras. In October 1936 Fritz moved to Czechoslovakia taking the production of Sida and Fex cameras and creating a new Sida company. Products from German and Czech companies are listed under Sida.
The very detailed history of Fritz endeavors can be found at

Fotofex-Kaftanski cameras: Years of manufacture:
Errtee c1928-1929  
Foto Fix c1928  
Fotofex (box) c1928-1935  
Minifex 1932   PhotoCollectionchart
Minifex MG 1939  
Visor-Fex c1931   Photo

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